7 Days to Die – (A19.5) Manipulating the Trader’s Secret Stash

7 Days to Die – (A19.5) Manipulating the Trader’s Secret Stash 1 - gameplaylists.com
7 Days to Die – (A19.5) Manipulating the Trader’s Secret Stash 1 - gameplaylists.com
One trick involving the Secret Stash and Better Barter you may not know but could find very useful. Only tested for A19.5.


The Essence of the Trick

Put Intellect at 9/10 (without the Nerdy Gla*ses), unlock Better Barter to 5/5 (with the Gla*ses), and then don and off the gla*ses as necessary to alternate between two different Secret Stashes. 

A Wordy Explanation

Better Barter has the known effect of improving loot quality in the Trader’s Secret Stash; however, this has a less obvious side-effect. Pardon the an*logies because I have not looked in the finer details of how exactly the stash is generated. Every level of Better Barter (that affects Secret Stash quality at least, namely 3, 4, and 5) modifies how the “stash seed” is used to produce the stash contents, which means raising the level of Better Barter will change the contents of the stash. Those more familiar with the game, and bartering in general, probably know how to implement this without further description. 
The crux of my preferred method lies in the use of the Nerdy Gla*ses and about 14 perks points of course. Since the gla*ses raise Intellect by one while worn, only 9 points are necessary in Intellect. I am sure many people are familiar with that aspect. All five points are necessary in Better Barter (well, not really since tier 3 raises stash quality, achieving a similar yet inferior result), so put on the Nerdy Gla*ses for a moment to raise Intellect to 10. At this point, just take your Dukes, your Nerdy Gla*ses, and your esteemed self to the nearest trader. If you open up the Secret Stash once with Gla*ses off and then again with the Gla*ses on, you should see a difference in goods offered (not just prices). The rest of the trader’s merchandise is sadly unaffected. You now have two Secret Stashes, which means two opportunities to find and buy whatever you seek (such as that last volume in whatever book series you are pursuing). 
In theory, Charismatic Nature at 4/4 can be used in conjunction with (or instead of if you have a friend but no gla*ses) the Nerdy Gla*ses since tiers 3, 4, and 5 are the only tiers that affect stash loot quality. Thus, you could choose from among three Secret Stashes’ worth of wares although I consider solo-play options more reliable in general. 

Written by locusofthought

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