A Crewmate’s guide to Among Us

A Crewmate’s guide to Among Us



Hi there. In this guide, you will learn some tips and tricks to becoming a crewmate. This is a guide for crewmates. I will make a more advanced guide soon! please post your tips in the comments and I will do my best to include them.


A Crewmate's guide to Among Us


Gameplay Strats and Tips

These will be a list of strats that I learned by playing Among Us.

1. The buddy system is when you travel with another crewmate that you know isn’t the impostor. If you don’t know here are some hints. if there is 1 impostor don’t walk in groups of 2. If there is 2 impostors don’t walk in groups of 4 or 2. If there is 3 impostors, don’t walk in groups of 6, 4, or 2.

2. The download task is exactly 8.7 seconds. using rounding if somebody is standing at download for more or less than 8 – 10 seconds, they are probably faking their task.

3. I know this sounds obvious but, if somebody is doing visual tasks and there is no indication that they are doing it, then they are faking it. I will put more info in Visual Task Cues.

4. If you see somebody vent, and call an emergency meeting or a body is found, Tell people what you saw. If they say they are in a room that links to the other room you were in by vents, then say that that room links to the room that you saw them vent. Vent maps are in An Imposter’s guide to Among Us linked below.

5. If you see somebody doing a visual task and it indicates that, they are 100% crewmate.

6. If you see somebody doing tasks that take 1 second to do and wait over 4 seconds, they are faking tasks.

7. If you see somebody walking and then stop, then a sabotage takes place and they start up again, they might be impostor.

8. If someone is following you all around the map and they don’t seem like they were going somewhere, question them about it in the next meeting. If he keeps on following you, press the emergency meeting button.

9. If someone is not going to fix a sabotage, question them about it in the next meeting.

10. another thing is, if you see someone at a task, and the progress bar does not go up, they are faking their task.

More updates to come!

Visual Task Cues

Visual tasks are tasks you can see another person doing. I provide a list of visual tasks and their cues.

Empty Garbage/Empty Chute – The Skeld – crewmates will hold down a lever in which you will see all the garbage fly out of the ship. This is called Empty Chute in O2.

Clear Asteroids – The Skeld, Polus – Crewmates will click or tap on asteroids. You will see a big gun outside the room firing.

Submit Scan – The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus – Players will stand on top of a medbay scanner. You will see an animation of a crewmate getting scanned.

Prime Shields – The Skeld – Crewmates will need to click red hexagons until all turn white. The indication that this is finished is the lights outside growing brighter.

Fixing Sabotages

Sabotages help the Impostor by diverting players’ attention, splitting players up, and grouping players together. I will show you a list of all the sabotages the Impostors might use.

O2 – The Skeld, Mira HQ – This sabotage will suck out all the oxygen. Players will need to type a code on 2 different keyboards. If players do not fix this sabotage before the timer goes down, everybody dies and the impostors win.

Reactor/Seismic Stabilizers – The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus This will cause the reactor to overheat. The players need to go on 2 different hand scanners at the same time to fix this. If players do not fix this sabotage before the timer goes down, everybody dies and the impostors win. This is called seismic stabilizers in Polus.

Communications – The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus – This will make the crewmates unaware of what their tasks are until fixed. it also disables security cams, vitals from Polus, admin map, and Mira HQ’s door sensors which track who went where. The comms are fixed by rotating a knob until the wavelength matches the one on the left. On Mira HQ, It is required to use two separate pin pads to fix it.

Lights – Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus – This will lower the vision of the crewmates so they can only see in a very small circle around them. To fix this, crewmates will have to flip switches on a circuit breaker. The Impostor’s sight remains unaffected. you should be on your fullest attention to not get killed.

Doors – The Skeld, Polus – This shuts all doors in a chosen room for 10 seconds, locking people in or out. Impostors can shut down all doors if they wanted. It is because doors, while they are closed, only disable non-door sabotages. In certain or all maps, the door can be unlocked from the outside by flipping switches.


Thank you to MrGames for giving me some ideas. Thank you, for viewing my guide. It was fun making this and I hope you will enjoy my next.

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