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You can find the dev guide here for frequently asked questions.


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Developer's FAQ on "A Hero's Rest".

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Why can't I build a Questboard?

  • To Unlock the Quest board, you will need at least one Workstation. This is explained during the Tutorial.

What are the requirements to make Male & Female Armours

  • No, the buttons were created to preview Armour.

Where's my Inventory?

  • You can access inventory by pressing [4] as default or clicking the Bag icon below the Build buttons. This is explained throughout the Tutorial.

How can I place chairs without using a table

  • Press [F] to enable free placement. This does not apply to chairs. It is possible to do this with all Items in your game.

I can't seem o get enough resources

  • Make sure to collect the wild resources that are scattered about the map.

  • In addition to producing Herbs/Cloth/Leather, you can also use production farms as a source of herbs/cloth/leather in the upgrades menu.

Can't find Trader & Weapon Master

  • The Trader & Weaponmaster always set up camp at the exact same place, often close by the map entrance (.

How can I find out which Quests are taken?

  • Quests will be taken when they disappear by default from the Inventory [4].
  • By default, you can track their Quests by pressing the [5] button. Or, you can open your Hero Manager at top right of your screen. To see their current progress on their Quest, click on the "5" button.

How do I make money?

  • You make money by selling high-quality products in your shops.
  • You can enhance the quality of your food or potions by adding additional ingredients. But be aware that you won't get any profit if this happens.

  • There are shop stands (that look like the Beehive). These stands (can sell products and will often return a good profit per resource.

How can I make sure Heroes are returned from their Quest

  • Heroes may sometimes fail in their Quests but they will persevere through the difficult times and not die. However, they will return demoralized. This can be remedied.
  • High-quality gear will improve the odds of Heroes successfully completing Quests. If desired, you can a*sign Heroes to Challenge Quests.

  • Enhance the morale your Heroes by taking the morale boost potion to the Apothecary.

Low morale has led to the departure of all my Heroes

  • Heroes will be severely demoralized if they are unable find food or CR-worthy quests.
  • Failure to complete a Quest could result in Hero's losing their morale and possibly even death in battle.
  • Giving Heroes high-quality gear will improve their morale. Selling them broken or unreliable equipment & food will only make it worse.

  • Enhance the morale your Heroes by taking the morale boost potion to the Apothecary.

How do I get out from Menus/ Zooming in to a Hero?

  • Press ESC.

How do I unlock locked items from the Build menu

  • Once you build the respective Workstations in the tooltip, grayed and out items in Build menu will be unlocked.


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