AI War 2 – Unit prefix appendix

AI War 2 – Unit prefix appendix 1 -
AI War 2 – Unit prefix appendix 1 -
A short appendix describing all the prefixes to units, which in general describes their purpose.


Prefix and their mechanics

General Unit Prefixes 
Units often have a sort of prefix to their name (i.e, pike guardian, pike corvette) or weapon (Ballistic doubleshot) that can indicate what their weapon will be effective against. Of course, there may be exceptions. 
Pike: Deals bonus damage to units above a certain hp% and units with 90mm armor or higher. Represented with a red pike. 
Concussion: Deals bonus damage to units with 50mm armor or lower. Represented with a yellow and black bomb. 
MLRS: Deals bonus damage to units below a certain hp% and has lots of shots. Represented with triple rockets. 
Fusion: Attacks ignore a certain % of shields or completely bypa*s shields. 
Grenade: Attack has circular AOE and deal bonus damage against stacked units. Represented with a grenade. Some grenade units also deal bonus damage against thin armoured foes. 
Beam: Attack is AOE in a line. Represented with a green triangle. 
Plasma: Deals bonus damage to force fields and shields. Represented with a red triangle. 
Sabot/Ma*s Driver: Deals bonus damage to units at or above 5tx ma*s. Represented with a meteor. 
Nucleophilic: Deals bonus damage to units with an energy cost of 7,000 or more. Represented with a blue cartoon atom. 
Gravitic: Slows nearby enemies if engine power (GX) is low enough. Represented by a more realistic looking atom. 
Tritium: Deals bonus damage to units with albedo .3 or lower, usually infinite range. Represented with a sniper crosshair 
Ablative: deals bonus damage to units with albedo .7 or higher. 
Parasitic/Tethuida: Weapon zombifies enemy after the enemy is destroyed. Represented with an eye trailing tentacles, or a red insect respectively. 
Spider: Weapon engine stuns target. Represented with a red spider. 
Vampire: Heals itself after dealing damage. Represented with three red fins 
Paralysis: Paralyzes victims. Represented with a yellow clock. 
Metabolizing: Refunds a percentage of metal from the destroyed target. 
Tesla: Has a large AoE explosion radius centered around the unit itself. Some tesla weapons can cause weapon jamming. Other times, it is fortified, taking reduced damage unless the enemy is close by. Represented with an electricity hazard icon with a pink background. 
Ballistic: Deals damage often without bonuses, some ballistic weaponries have a bonus against high armour. 
Sentry/Tachyon: Decloakes enemy units. Represented with a pink eye. 
Interceptor: Deals bonus damage against enemies who move above a certain speed. 
Agravic: Deals bonus damage against enemies with high engine power. 
Countersniper: Deals bonus damage against far away enemies. Bonus scales based on distance between target to the weapon. 
Force field: Unit protects nearby friendlies with its own shield points. Represented with a blue hexagon. 
Shredder: Close range if not melee range with high damage. Represented with a buzzsaw. 
Stealth: Unit is invisible and requires decloaking to find. Represented with a blue eye. 
Raid: Unit has high speed, and high engine power. Sometimes has high albedo, and will be immune to most gravitational and tractoring effects. Represented with a red eye. 
Carrier: Unit spawns drone units. Represented with an aircraft carrier. 
Drone: Unit is a drone that is spawned by a mothership/carrier, self destructs/decays over time when mothership is destroyed or is not present in the same system. 
Ion: Deals bonus damage against enemies with lower technology level (MK level). Bonus scales based on the difference between the two units. Represented as a circle in a yellow triangle. 
Tractor: Projects a tractor beam that drags units with it. Units are held in place, and will be taken along with the tractoring unit if the tractoring unit leaves the system. Units being tractored can deal damage against the tractoring unit regardless of range. Is represented by (what appears to be) a blue ufo abducting something. 
Hydra: Makes miniature copies of itself upon death, amount is dependent on the unit. 

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