Airships: Conquer the Skies – MONSTERS | Part 1

Airships: Conquer the Skies – MONSTERS | Part 1 11 -
Airships: Conquer the Skies – MONSTERS | Part 1 11 -

Guide for Airships: Conquer the Skies – MONSTERS | Part 1

Greetings. Today, I Will Show you What Monster Can Prove as a real Threat, And the Rewards Are For Killing it. (WIP)



Airships: Conquer the Skies - MONSTERS | Part 1 - Brigands

Brigands Are A Small, Minor group of Outlaws. They Mainly Compose Of Tanks, and Sometimes A flying Pill Bomber That Rains Hell On your Ships. If Advised, Deal With Brigands When you Can.

If you Kill the Brigands, you Only Receive 600 Credits, But Prevents Unforeseen Consequences In The Future. They Can Convert Into Pirates And Eventually a Pirate King.

Income Penalty: 10 Credits

Rewards: 400 Credits, Or 600 Credits. Feel Free to Correct Me.

Can Invade Nations: Yes. But They Will Take your Money.


Airships: Conquer the Skies - MONSTERS | Part 1 - Pirates

Pirates Are A Band of… Pirates. They Neglect Their Use For Landships And Proceed to construct Airships. Like an Actual Pirate, They Have Grappling Hood For Each Of Their Men. They Can Board Your Ship, and If they Capture it They Can Use it Against You. Their HQ is Ugraded.

Income Penalty: 20

Can Raid: Yes. They Are Pirates.

Methods Of Removing: Do Not Use a Low Tier Ship. They Will Shred Them Easily. Instead, Use Some Kind Of Ironclad With Some Guards Just in case If They Board that Ship.

Pirate King

Airships: Conquer the Skies - MONSTERS | Part 1 - Pirate King

These Guys Are MAD! They Are the Last Evolution of Pirates, And Can Pose a Real threat Towards Your nation. They Upgraded Their Base SEVERELY, Armed With Cannons As Big As Houses, Along With Flag Ships. They’ve Grown an Addiction For Boarding Thing, But Their Rewards Are Worth It.

Income Penalty: 30

Can Raid: Read Section Title, For God sakes.

Rewards: 6000 Credits, I Believe. Feel Free to Correct.

Methods Of Removal: Like the Pirates, Iron Clads With Some Guards. The Pirate King can Also Accumulate A Pirate Army, So aircraft with Infantry Weapons Such as Hussars, Triplanes, or Biplanes Are Suggested, But With the Threat Of “Deck Guns”, They Are Somewhat Vulnerable.

Mad Scientist

Airships: Conquer the Skies - MONSTERS | Part 1 - Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist. The Mad Scientist Is Interesting, Because They Use Modules And Weapons You won’t have In Conquest. But There Is a Chance To unlock Them If You Defeat These Monstrosities.

Income Penalty: Like, 10-20 Or Something.

Can raid: Yes.

Rewards: 6000 Credits, Flesh Crackers, 600 Research, Or Mech Squids.

Method Of Removal: Ma*s Bomber Spam, Big cannons, And/or Heavy Steel Armor.

Notes: Flesh Crackers Tend to Kill Themselves By Jumping, Causing them To Break Their Bodies. This Will Most Likely Be Patched in The Future.

Bee hive

Airships: Conquer the Skies - MONSTERS | Part 1 - Bee hive

If you Had History With Bees With Your Life, Then I’m sorry. But These Things… They’re A Much Worse Fate. LIKE PIRATES, they can Board you. But Their Sizes Is as Big As Person. They Do not Capture Ships, However. Once Everyone In a Ship is Dispatched, They Move To Another Ship until All the bees Have Died.

Income Penalty: None

Can Raid: No.

Rewards: 6000 Dakka- Err… Credits.

Methods Of Removal: Early In The Game, Hussars May Be Your Best Hope. Hussars Intercept Bee, But Not as Efficiently As Planes. Ma*s Aircraft Is a Prefered Option. Each Beehive Contains 40 Bees. Bring Big Cannons/Weaponry if your Impatient/Doing A Speed run.

Clockwork Wasps

Airships: Conquer the Skies - MONSTERS | Part 1 - Clockwork Wasps

Clockwork Wasps Work like Bees… There’s no Difference Except The Loot.

Income Penalty: 10

Can Raid: No.

Rewards: 10000 Credits, I believe. But 6000 if Not. But Most Certainly Aerial Torpedoes, Or Some Research Points.

Methods of removal: They Are No Different From Bees, So Do The Same Thing you Did To Bees.


Airships: Conquer the Skies - MONSTERS | Part 1 - Cultists

Yes, We got Cultists. If you Don’t Believe In magic, Then That Thought will Hit you Back. Cultists can Evolve Like Pirates. As Such, They Can Evolve To Have a Zombie Kraken.

Income Penalty: None, -60 With Kraken

Can raid: Most Likely Not. Correct me if I’m wrong. There can Also be Cultist Nations.

Rewards: GOLD! 6000 Credits.

Methods Of Removal: Although The Kraken is Defenseless Without The Ability To Swat Aircraft, The Cultists Fort/strong Hold Can Shoot Down Planes, Depending On The Model.


Airships: Conquer the Skies - MONSTERS | Part 1 - DRAGOOOOOOOONS

Dragons. They Were Thought To be part Of Fairy tales,Turns Out They are Real. They Are Swift, And Some What Resilient. Since There Are Plenty Of Dragons In this Game, I will Walk you Through Each Dragon.

Red Dragon: The Traditional Dragon. Breaths Out Fire.

Green Dragon: also Breathes out fire.

White Dragon: You Wouldn’t Believe What This One Does… FIRE!

Grey Dragon: Breathes Out Fir- JUST KIDDING! Spits Acid.

Elder Dragon: A Big Red Dragon. Can Breath Fire, But At a Larger Range. Also, It’s Damn fast.

Income Penalty: 15 Credits if It’s Small Dragons, 60 Credits If It’s An Elder Dragon.

Can Raid: Yes. Then They Kidnap People because Why Not.

Rewards: 20 Credits, 10000 Credits, Dragon Riders, Or Dragon Hide.

Methods of Removal: Ma*s Plane Spam. Bombers can Sometimes Land Bombs On Dragons With Precise Accuracy.

Stone Guardians

Airships: Conquer the Skies - MONSTERS | Part 1 - Stone Guardians

They Look Derpy… But Don’t Let The Deceive you. There Are Five Types Of Guardians.

From Left To Right On The Top Image, There Are The Guardians, Or Tower With Legs.

The Small Guardian On The Very Left Can shoot Powerful Projectiles At your Ships.

The Tall One With the Smaller Eyes Can Shoot Faster, But Deal Less Damage. can Also Shoot Aircraft.

The Middle One Deploys A Ma*sive Ball Of Fire That Moves at the Speed Of Sound.

The One With a Trapezoid Head Unleashes A Small Swarm of Energy Orbs.

The One With a Weird Claw With Wings Can Shoot A Slow, But Devastating Projectile.

There Are 14 Different Guardian Designs.

Income Penalty: None.

Can raid: No.

Rewards: 16000, Ma*sive Stone Wall, Or The Grand Prize, Nothing.

Method Of Removal: The Ones That Can Shoot Orbs At a Fast Rate, Planes Are Sometimes Advised. But Steel Armor Can Resist This Somewhat Easily.

The Middle One Is Devastating. Dealing Ma*sive Damage In One Swipe, It’s Best To Kill That Guardian As Fast As possible. There Is No Method For Destroying That Ma*sive Orb It Projects.

The Guardians With Trapezoid Heads Are Interesting. If you Have Access To Flesh Crackers, The Flesh Crackers Can Eat The Flying Orbs. This Will Most Likely Be Removed. This Will Make The Guardian Defenseless.

The One With A Claw On It’s Head Deploys A Torpedo-Like Projectile. It Is Easy To Dodge, And It Doesn’t Shoot Down Planes.

Note: Destroying A Tiny Fragment Of A Guardian immediately Kills It.

This Map Is A Custom Map. In Actual Conquest, There Are Totems Sticking Out Of The Ground, Making Landship Combat (Mostly a Problem for Tanks And Small Walkers) Difficult.

No, They Do Not Spawn In As Pairs. There’s Always One Guardian.


Airships: Conquer the Skies - MONSTERS | Part 1 - Gargoyles

They Actually Somewhat Resemble Grey Dragons. But They Are Deployed As a Swarm. They Act Like Aircraft, But they Shoot Acid. I’m Not Sure How Many Gargoyles Each Building Deploys, But They Deploy A Load of Them.

Income Penalty: 15 Credits.

Can raid: No.

Rewards: Acid Spitters, 2000 Credits, Or Research Points.

Method Of Removal: DO NOT USE PLANES. ONLY USE PLANES IF YOU WANT TO DISTRACT GARGOYLES. Destroy The Gargoyle Hideout As Fast As Possible. Other Wise, Your Ships Would Be a Puddle Of Acid.

Notes: The Buildings Also Do Not Deploy As Pairs.

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