American Truck Simulator – Secret Roads to Colorado (Easter Egg)

American Truck Simulator – Secret Roads to Colorado (Easter Egg) 30 -
American Truck Simulator – Secret Roads to Colorado (Easter Egg) 30 -

Guide for American Truck Simulator – Secret Roads to Colorado (Easter Egg)

Secret roads that lead to Colorado from Utah and New Mexico? Try these little easter eggs for yourself!


Just a heads up…

This is my first guide ever, so please bear with me if the formatting is a bit wonky.
Also, I’ve never been to the USA’s western half, so if anything seems wrong, speak up! I’ll be making edits to this now and again.
Thanks, hope you enjoy :}


p.s. hey, extra thanks to those of you who left awards; it means a ton p.p.s dang 2K views, and getting on the featured guides for a few weeks? you all are great

p.p.p.s. Now that Colorado is out, there are many ways to get there! Have fun with the events.


Crossing the Border (Utah-Colorado)


You’ll need the Utah DLC to do this!

In Vernal, UT, start heading over to the truck station near the UT-CO border. It will help to quick-travel to the garage in town if you own it already.

img 5fafa9eba20fc wpgameplay com

Once you’re there, casually slide around the “barrier.” I did this on my first try, and it shouldn’t be hard at all to pull off.
img 5fafa9f7bf9d9 wpgameplay com

img 5fafaa058e01c wpgameplay com

Keep on driving the road for a minute or so, and you’ll reach the border signs. Hello, Dinosaur!
img 5fafaa12f25c3 wpgameplay com

Dinosaur, CO

The town of Dinosaur, CO, can be driven through, and you can even gas up in town! The companies that you can deliver to/from can be seen, but sadly, you can’t make any deliveries yet.
img 5fafaa1fe2030 wpgameplay com

The town itself looks very detailed, and it was nice to explore!
img 5fafaa2d98672 wpgameplay com

img 5fafaa3c1090b wpgameplay com

However, it seems there are lots of tourists coming from New Mexico… In fact, every license plate in town was from NM! I guess CO license plates haven’t been put in-game yet.
img 5fafaa4838792 wpgameplay com

Now you’ll be presented with two options. Continue going eastward, deeper into Colorado, or turn right and head south. Both roads are surprisingly open to you!

The road to Craig, CO

Feel free to continue going straight, even past the second “barrier,” and see the countryside! You’ll pass a couple of farms, but you’ll hit the end of the world before you can actually get to Craig.img 5fafaa54bdb76 wpgameplay com

img 5fafaa61deddf wpgameplay com

Rangely, CO

After seeing that Sarlacc devoured Craig from the Jedi Return, I headed back to Dinosaur and headed southbound.

Sadly, there’s another barrier that actually serves its purpose, and I couldn’t pass it. However, you can take the right turn and head south in the direction of NM, passing Rangely’s town as well. (Shoutout to TheTexanHusky for the info)

img 5fafaa6d36f79 wpgameplay com

img 5fafaa7b3cd14 wpgameplay com

More road awaits you. Driving down it, I just started to think that I would end up in New Mexico after awhile. However, it seems that I was wrong, and I had to quickly hit my brakes before I fell off the edge of the map. img 5fafaa893151b wpgameplay com
img 5fafaa96739eb wpgameplay com

Crossing the Border (New Mexico-Colorado) (Credit to Granite)


And you’ll need the New Mexico DLC as well for this!!

So I didn’t know about this until Granite notified me, so just a shoutout to them.

As before, it’d be best to own a garage. Head west of Farmington, NM, toward the Arizona border. Right before the turn to US-64, there should be another barrier. When I tried going in the sand to bypass the barrier, I got blocked. However, going around the left side worked for me.

img 5fafaaa14ffcb wpgameplay com

img 5fafaaafa1a5e wpgameplay com

Keep driving on the road for a bit to get a good view of some good ol’ rocks.

Hesperus, CO

You’ll come to an intersection soon enough.

img 5fafaac716025 wpgameplay com

img 5fafaad3dc9f5 wpgameplay com

Going on the dirt road to the right will take you around the plateau and soon into a bottomless pit.

Going left will take you to a bottomless pit also, but if you take a quick right from there, you’ll end up at a small gas station on a hill.

Going straight will take you towards Durango and the town of Hesperus itself.
img 5fafaae08a58b wpgameplay com

Monticello, UT

Go left at the three-way intersection, and pass another barrier in Hesperus.
This road will lead you into Utah, and you’ll even see the Stateline Bar & Grill!

img 5fafaaed2bdb8 wpgameplay com

You can also use this route to deliver from UT-NM quicker, instead of going through AZ.

Durango, CO

In Hesperus, take a right and pass the other barrier.

In Granite’s own words, “Don’t expect a smooth ride; there will be floating scenery and other stuff.”
img 5fafaaf853881 wpgameplay com

But you can still get some nice scenery on the road…
img 5fafab04472e1 wpgameplay com

When you reach the road that goes right into Durango, there’s an invisible wall. However, there’s a smaller road you can take to your left, and you can get in that way.
img 5fafab102429b wpgameplay com

img 5fafab1b1d3a9 wpgameplay com

img 5fafab27a3b2b wpgameplay com

Feel free to drive around the city and enjoy the scenery!


Don’t even worry about attempting this part, but have fun with it; if you want to try going out-of-bounds while out-of-bounds.

Take a right from the three-way junction in Hesperus, and take another right before the barrier.
img 5fafab3452385 wpgameplay com

Take a right at the next intersection. You’ll come across a school with the best infrastructure planning I’ve seen yet.

img 5fafab40cc389 wpgameplay com

Just drive right through the wall, and you’ll end up in the football field/track. This got pretty fun to drive around for a whole 30 seconds.
img 5fafab4bc9db6 wpgameplay com

Just thought I’d include that for y’all.


Thanks to the developers for leaving this little easter egg in the game! It was fun to drive around Dinosaur and the surrounding area.
And a huge thanks to you, the reader, for checking out my guide and even giving me tips! It’s great to see community care.
So, Have a good day and keep on trucking! Hopefully, we’ll all be Cruisin’ Colorado soon enough.
img 5fafab56b92f6 wpgameplay com

(P.S. As both editors being John Denver fans, we’d love to see Aspen in-game…)

By Kelpy❂(TN)G

This is all that we can say about American Truck Simulator – Secret Roads to Colorado (Easter Egg) for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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