American Truck Simulator – Tractor Purchasing Guide

American Truck Simulator – Tractor Purchasing Guide 1 -
American Truck Simulator – Tractor Purchasing Guide 1 -

Guide for American Truck Simulator – Tractor Purchasing Guide

In this guide, I’ll go over the different Tractors in the game and show stats for each to help you make an informed decision about what you’re buying.




Buying a tractor

is not an easy decision, which so many models to pick from and more being added over time can be confusing. This guide will help you out by making an informed decision and buying the right tractor for you. I’m going to be as impartial as I can with this guide.


Stat Layout

The way I’m going to lay out the stats is as thus:

TypeCostTare WeightGAWR*Effective Wheelbase(in inches)Fuel Capacity(in Gallons)
DayFree 😀10,45146,000 lbs187″2,400,000

*GAWR is Gross Axle Weight Rating, which is how much load you can put on each set of axles.

I’m not including Engine or Transmission Stats as those can be changed. I may make a different guide on engines in the future.

To determine price of the tractor, I will be using the lowest cost of each type of cab, without modification, from the store. Fuel Capacity will display the range (i.e. 150 – 200) for that chassis, the Tare Weight will be whatever is stock on the tractor.

I will also include some personal notes about how I felt about each tractor at the bottom, so you can have my thoughts on each c:


Tare Weight

The way I’m going to determine Tare Weight is by using the Dev Cam to teleport to the nearest CAT Scale and weighing it like that. I’m including fuel into this as I don’t want to burn through fuel and I’m lazy. However, if someone is willing to help with this endeavor and put proper Tare Weight in the comments, I will gladly include them 😀

Tare Weight will use the stock fuel tank that comes with the tractor, as purchased, from the store.



I may be wrong about some things. This Guide will be changing to reflect changes in game. I would also like to ask for some realm of reasonability here, I can’t instantly figure out this stuff, so if a new truck gets released, give me some time please, chances are that I’m already working on it c:

Peterbilt Motors Company

The Peterbilt Motors Company was founded in 1939 and had been producing Heavy- and Medium-Duty vehicles since. It was bought by the PACCAR company in 1958. Originally calling home in Oakland, California, Peterbilt moved to Denton, Texas in 1986 and produces tractors in Denton, Texas and Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec.

In game we have 2 of the models they produce and sell:


Peterbilt 579
TypeCostTare WeightGAWREffective Wheelbase(in inches)Fuel Capacity(in Gallons)
Day$112,72518,361 lbs46,000 lbs205″150 – 200
Mid$141,080TBD lbs46,000 lbs254″220 – 300
Slpr$169,810TBD lbs46,000 lbs254″220 – 300

Notes: When I started playing, this was one of the two tractors available, and while I personally hadn’t driven the 579 in a few years, when I did drive it regularly, it was a good tractor to drive. I’ll have to give it a good driver again, just to see how it is.


Peterbilt 389
TypeCostTare WeightGAWREffective Wheelbase(in inches)Fuel Capacity(in Gallons)
Day$118,43518,361 lbs46,000 lbs241″150 – 200
Mid$145,945TBD lbs46,000 lbs283″220 – 300
Slpr$171,780TBD lbs46,000 lbs283″220 – 300

Notes: While the 389 is a good looking tractor, I’m not personally a huge fan. I don’t have anything against it; there are a few things I’m just not a huge fan of; those are primarily the location of the indicators on the dash, the dials of the dash (for air n such), and the split window. It’s an otherwise good tractor. This is the fourth tractor added to the game.

Kenworth Trucks Inc.

Kenworth Trucks Inc. (f. Gerlinger Motors) was founded in 1923 in Kirkland, Washington. They produce Heavy- and Medium-Duty vehicles. Bought out wholly by PACCAR in 1945, they are now a sister company to Peterbilt but remain marketplace rivals with them to date. Kenworth produces one of America’s most iconic tractors, the W900, which started production back in 1961 and is one of the tractors that join us in the game, along with the T680.


Kenworth W900
TypeCostTare WeightGAWREffective Wheelbase(in inches)Fuel Capacity(in Gallons)
Day$113,80518,361 lbs46,000 lbs240″150
Mid$149,240TBD lbs46,000 lbs305″220 – 300
Slpr$167,360TBD lbs46,000 lbs305″220 – 300

Notes: The W900 is a working tractor. It got the biggest engine rating at 625hp and boasted the longest wheelbase in the game as well. While I personally wouldn’t recommend the W900 for running Dry Van, it can do it, and well. It is the third tractor added to the game.


Kenworth T680
TypeCostTare WeightGAWREffective Wheelbase(in inches)Fuel Capacity(in Gallons)
Day$116,36518,361 lbs46,000 lbs196″150 – 200
Mid$140,650TBD lbs46,000 lbs251″220 – 300
Slpr$177,760TBD lbs46,000 lbs251″220 – 300

Notes: One of the starting two tractors of the game is the one I drive the most out of all the other tractors. I couldn’t tell you why I love this one so much, though. I guess it boils down to the fact it’s got one of the shortest full-size wheel bases in the game, and when running a 10-speed automatic set to fuel economy, you can get 6.0-6.5 miles to the gal.

Volvo Truck Corp. (Also Mack)

Volvo Truck Corp. is a Swedish(Gothenburg, Sweden[visitable in ETS2]) global truck company that produced its first tractor in 1928. In 2016, Volvo was the second largest Heavy-Duty truck manufacturer in the world. They are the parent company to Mack Trucks as well. They have 2 tractors in the game:


Volvo VNL Series
TypeCostTare WeightGAWREffective Wheelbase(in inches)Fuel Capacity(in Gallons)
300$118,06518,361 lbs46,000 lbs187″150 – 200
730$150,565TBD lbs46,000 lbs247″220 – 300
780$156,250TBD lbs46,000 lbs247″220 – 300

Notes: The Volvo VNL Series is a good tractor; I actually quite like it when driving it. There’s something nice about the VNL that I quite like. It has the shortest wheelbase in the game when you buy the day cab variant, so it’s much more manourverable than the other tractors.


Mack Anthem
TypeCostTare WeightGAWREffective Wheelbase(in inches)Fuel Capacity(in Gallons)
Day$118,03516,242 lbs46,000 lbs197″144 – 186
48″$161,800TBD lbs46,000 lbs227″186 – 234
70″$172,460TBD lbs46,000 lbs246″234 – 284

Notes: The Anthem is a good looking tractor, don’t get me wrong. However, I feel like it was designed for looks over functionality sometimes. It’s difficult to look past the mirrors at an intersection most of the time, and due to personal settings, I can’t seem to get both mirrors in the frame at once, which is mildly annoying. Though for a starter tractor, it’s not that bad, as it’s the lightest of the day cabs stock, also has a smaller fuel capacity.


International Trucks is a subsidiary of Navistar International Corporation (NaviStar). There is a link – for the mess that is their history.
They have 1 tractor in the game:


International Lone Star
TypeCostTare WeightGAWREffective Wheelbase(in inches)Fuel Capacity(in Gallons)
Day$119,60518,291 lbs46,000 lbs254″140 – 200
Mid$168,040TBD lbs46,000 lbs262″240 – 280
Slpr$202,545TBD lbs46,000 lbs273″240 – 280

Notes: This tractor… Oh boy… There’s only really one thing I like about it, and that it uses proper CAD models (in addition to the Mack and Western Star). Other than that, I don’t really like it. It’s a good tractor; I’m just not a huge fan. If you want a good starter tractor with the most horses out the gate, the Lone Star comes out with a 400hp engine from the get-go, but that extra horsepower comes at the cost of fuel. The Lone Star has the smallest fuel tank in the day cab variant, at 140 gallons.

Western Star Truck Sales Inc.

Western Star Truck Sales Inc. is a Portland, Oregon-based Heavy-Duty truck manufacturer and Daimler Trucks North America subsidiary. In 1967, they started as a sub-division of White Motor Company, and in 2000 they were acquired by DaimlerChrysler. They have 1 tractor in the game:


Western Star 49X
TypeCostTare WeightGAWREffective Wheelbase(in inches)Fuel Capacity(in Gallons)
Day$119,70518,36146,000 lbs227″150

Notes: The Western Star is actually a perfect tractor, and I quite like it. I don’t like a couple of things, such as the driver facing camera (even though they don’t work) and how the mirrors are held onto the cab. The one upside to the driver facing camera is that in the morning, it can block out the morning sun if positioned in just the right way (assuming you have god rays on). It is the most expensive Day Cab tractor in the game.

Editors Notes: The 49X is the only tractor with a mid-roof or full cab variants. These will be added as they get released.

What to do if this guide becomes outdated?


Don’t Worry

I will allow people to recreate this guide if one of these conditions are met, whichever occurs first

  1. 2 New Brands or Models of existing brands in game are added,
  2. No less than 15 months have passed since this guide was last updated.

Updates to existing models to include new cabs, engines, etc., will not count towards these conditions.
I also ask that whoever takes the reigns of this project stick to these requests:

  1. The format of this guide is to be kept as is or modified to become better understood
  2. The information provided in the future is kept to a high standard and that critical information is kept impartial (pretty much anything in the table)
  3. Original Notes are to be kept in a section that permits users to view past thoughts on the game’s different tractors. If needed, a guide to be produced to keep these from clogging the main guide.
  4. That these conditions are kept in the event the guide becomes outdated again.
  5. A link is to be provided to the original guide at the beginning of the guide, as well as the text “Allowed to be faithfully updated by admiralmeep”

I would like to see this guide flourish with good information, even if I am no longer there to help support it. I will do my best to keep this up to date as I can, however life sucks and it will eventually take over. I will always give blessing to those who which to take the torch and carry it forwards.

By Alpha

This is all that we can say about American Truck Simulator – Tractor Purchasing Guide for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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