Among Us – Achievement Guide for the Game Without Achievements

Among Us – Achievement Guide for the Game Without Achievements 1 -
Among Us – Achievement Guide for the Game Without Achievements 1 -

Guide for Among Us – Achievement Guide for the Game Without Achievements

Yes. This game doesn’t have achievements.

Yes. It should.

Yes. It should also have Steam cards.

Yes. I made all of the pictures myself. Sorry if they are bad.

Yes. I know that the developers are working on updates.

Yes. These are suggestions that I have made and collected from the Among Us community.

Yes. If you have any more ideas, please comment them down below.

Yes. These are all hypothetical. If you disagree or dislike a suggestion, we can discuss it in the comments.

Yes. Please share this with other fans of Among Us to increase the chances of achievements being added to the game.



The Achievements are split into 6 tiers getting increasingly more difficult the farther you go.

The tiers are:





Task Master Achievements you get from completing all of the tasks in one room or area.

Secret Achievements are hidden from all players until unlocked.

Bronze Achievements

Among Us - Achievement Guide for the Game Without Achievements - Bronze Achievements
What a View – Kill someone on the Balcony.

img 5fa7a08d6d204 wpgameplay com
Twining! – Have the same cosmetic and skin as someone else.

img 5fa7a08f19d8c wpgameplay com
I am the Spy – Be the Imposter

img 5fa7a090acf11 wpgameplay com
Ejected – Vote someone out.

img 5fa7a09232af8 wpgameplay com
It’s Me – Vote for yourself.

img 5fa7a093aef62 wpgameplay com
Over My Dead Body! – Report a dead Crewmate.

img 5fa7a0953937b wpgameplay com
Crewmate – Complete a task.

img 5fa7a096b16a7 wpgameplay com
Specialist – Complete 10 tasks.

img 5fa7a0982e877 wpgameplay com
Sergeant – Complete 25 tasks.

img 5fa7a099b26cd wpgameplay com
Rude Awakening – Get killed in the middle of a task.

img 5fa7a09b42d3d wpgameplay com
That’s Not Nice – Turn Censor Chat On.

img 5fa7a09cc073b wpgameplay com
First Kill – Kill 1 person.

img 5fa7a09e39f83 wpgameplay com
Murderer – kill 5 people.

img 5fa7a09fb6662 wpgameplay com
Asteroids – Destroy 100 Rocks.

img 5fa7a0a137b6d wpgameplay com
Jailtime – Lock three Crewmates in a room.

img 5fa7a0a2d465c wpgameplay com
Looking Fab – Equip a hat.

img 5fa7a090acf11 wpgameplay com
You kinda sus – Convince people to vote off someone unanimously as Imposter.

img 5fa7a0a453d3d wpgameplay com
Vent Crawler – Kill someone after coming out of a vent.

img 5fa7a0a5c3655 wpgameplay com
You dumb crewman – Get voted off after you do a visual task.

img 5fa7a0a73e9f7 wpgameplay com
Emergency Call – Call an Emergency Meeting.

img 5fa7a0a8e7405 wpgameplay com
Coin Flip – Have a tied vote.

img 5fa7a0aa6c7ca wpgameplay com
Evidence Missing – Skip a vote.

img 5fa7a0abd91cb wpgameplay com
I am the captain now – Complete a Navigations task.

img 5fa7a0ad66ab2 wpgameplay com
Somebody Please Get This Man A Gun – Complete a Weapons task.

img 5fa7a0aeee179 wpgameplay com
Get This Man A Shield – Complete a Shields task.

img 5fa7a0b0ae69f wpgameplay com
Give Me the Plant – Complete a Greenhouse task.

img 5fa7a0b2402bf wpgameplay com
Exercise – Walk into every room in one game.

img 5fa7a0b3bc24d wpgameplay com
The I in Team – Be a Crewmate.

img 5fa7a0b5406ee wpgameplay com
Like Father Like Son – Equip the Mini Crewmate pet. (DLC)

Silver Achievements

Among Us - Achievement Guide for the Game Without Achievements - Silver Achievements
Over The Rainbow – Have a full crew with all colors except for black and white.

img 5fa7a0b83ca5b wpgameplay com
Who killed Hannibal? – Report the dead body of a Crewmate you killed.

img 5fa7a0b9b8032 wpgameplay com
All Signs Point – Everyone votes for one Crewmate.

img 5fa7a0bb3bc55 wpgameplay com
From the Grave – Finish your tasks as a ghost.

img 5fa7a0bcb7eb6 wpgameplay com
Saboteur – Sabotage a part of the ship.

img 5fa7a0be3a590 wpgameplay com
Major – Complete 50 tasks.

img 5fa7a0bfabecc wpgameplay com
Commander – Complete 100 tasks.

img 5fa7a0c158fb0 wpgameplay com
Lieutenant – Complete 250 tasks.

img 5fa7a0c32293a wpgameplay com
Hold On A Minute – Get interrupted by a meeting while doing a task.

img 5fa7a0c4a6330 wpgameplay com
Now I can finally rest – Get killed after finishing all of your tasks.

img 5fa7a0c645397 wpgameplay com
Follow up – Call an Emergency Meeting immediately after a skipped vote, Then vote someone off.

img 5fa7a0c7cd32a wpgameplay com
Nevermind – Call an Emergency Meeting and vote to skip.

img 5fa7a0c95a4cb wpgameplay com
Late Bloomer – Be the last to finish all their tasks.

img 5fa7a0cb0f5bd wpgameplay com
Just Doing My Job – As Impostor, Stand in front of 5 different Tasks for at least 5 seconds each.

img 5fa7a0ccb16c6 wpgameplay com
I did this – Stand in front of a task with visual feedback while someone else is doing it.

img 5fa7a0ce6a78f wpgameplay com
Purger – Kill 10 people.

img 5fa7a0cfe0bc1 wpgameplay com
Serial Killer – Kill 25 people.

img 5fa7a0d174d6a wpgameplay com
I’m not locked in here with you… – Lock someone in a room and kill them.

img 5fa7a0d31ced5 wpgameplay com
Betrayal – Vote a fellow Imposter.

img 5fa7a0d4a32d5 wpgameplay com
Lockdown – Close all doors at once.

img 5fa7a0d644ab4 wpgameplay com
Don’t Touch – Kill someone in the range of the Emergency Meeting button.

img 5fa7a0d7d1188 wpgameplay com
Test Subject – Complete all of your given tasks 3 times in Freeplay mode.

img 5fa7a0d952fcc wpgameplay com
Nope! – Fix sabotage in under 10 seconds.

img 5fa7a0daefc5d wpgameplay com
Darn. – Lose as Crewmate to sabotage while being in range to fix the problem.

img 5fa7a0dc83653 wpgameplay com
gOne 2 soon – Win by suffocating everyone. (O2 sabotage)

img 5fa7a0de16ce7 wpgameplay com
Russian Meltdown – Win by exploding everyone. (Reactor sabotage)

img 5fa7a0dfaecd8 wpgameplay com
Miscommunications – Win while the comms relay is still down.

img 5fa7a0e138d68 wpgameplay com
Not So Alone in the Dark – Win while the lights are out.

img 5fa7a0e2bc0a1 wpgameplay com
Vent Tunnler – Kill 6 people after coming out of a vent.

img 5fa7a0e44cf57 wpgameplay com
Lookout – Call 6 Emergency Meetings.

img 5fa7a0e605edb wpgameplay com
Crying Wolf – Call for an Emergency Meeting, skip, then die.

img 5fa7a0e79dac3 wpgameplay com
Disable Shields – Make all the hexagons red in the Activate Shields task.

img 5fa7a0e95a55d wpgameplay com
Spawncamp – Die within 10 seconds of the game starting.

Gold Achievements

Among Us - Achievement Guide for the Game Without Achievements - Gold Achievements
Impasta – Kill someone in the Cafeteria.

img 5fa7a0ec80793 wpgameplay com
Detective – Vote for an Imposter every meeting until they get voted off.

img 5fa7a0edf3366 wpgameplay com
Escapist – As the Imposter, Survive three meetings without getting ejected.

img 5fa7a0ef8a785 wpgameplay com
Captain – Complete 500 tasks.

img 5fa7a0f13e978 wpgameplay com
Colonel – Complete 750 tasks.

img 5fa7a0f2cd2a1 wpgameplay com
Physical Meltdown – (The Skeld) Kill someone in the reactor during a meltdown.

img 5fa7a0f476eb6 wpgameplay com
Early Bird – Be the first to finish all their tasks.

img 5fa7a0f612519 wpgameplay com
Vault Dweller – Hide in the vents for 60 seconds.

img 5fa7a0f79ffd4 wpgameplay com
I Have the High Ground – (Polus) Kill someone on the lava bridge.

img 5fa7a0f92fcad wpgameplay com
Blackout – Sabotage the lights and then immediately kill someone.

img 5fa7a0faced3f wpgameplay com
No Witnesses – Sabotage Communications and then immediately kill someone without being seen.

img 5fa7a0fc5a1df wpgameplay com
Act Natural – After killing at least one Crewmate, Encounter five other players before the body is reported or an Emergency Meeting is called.

img 5fa7a0fddc27a wpgameplay com
Slaughterer – Kill 50 People.

img 5fa7a0ff64f5f wpgameplay com
Weapon of Mass Destruction – Kill 100 people.

img 5fa7a1011c9cd wpgameplay com
Look Ma! No Vents! – Win as an Imposter without using vents.

img 5fa7a102bee54 wpgameplay com
Task Doer – Complete every task possible on a map in Freeplay mode in one go.

img 5fa7a1044589b wpgameplay com
Multi-Colored Murderers – Kill as one of each color as an Imposter.

img 5fa7a105d49ed wpgameplay com
Multi-Colored Helpers – Do a task as one of each color as a Crewmate.

img 5fa7a10776a4a wpgameplay com
Good Guy Impostor – Fix a sabotaged task as an Imposter.

img 5fa7a10930605 wpgameplay com
Vent Traffic – Kill 12 people after coming out of a vent.

img 5fa7a10acb7f1 wpgameplay com
Security Breach – Watch someone vent on cams.

img 5fa7a10c5541b wpgameplay com
One Man Army – Win with 1 Impostor still alive. (any # of Impostors game)

img 5fa7a10dee8cd wpgameplay com
Two’s Company – Win with 2 Impostors still alive. (2-3 Impostor game)

img 5fa7a10f8f19d wpgameplay com
Three’s a Miracle – Win with 3 Impostors still alive. (3 Imposter game)

img 5fa7a11123694 wpgameplay com
Combat Sighter – Call 12 Emergency Meetings.

img 5fa7a112dab9f wpgameplay com
Too Fast – Fail at the Admin Card Swipe 5 times in a row.

img 5fa7a11472f0a wpgameplay com
OOO Baby a Triple – Win by suffocating everyone on each map. (o2 sabotage)

img 5fa7a11608954 wpgameplay com
Triple Tantrum – Win by exploding everyone on each map. (reactor sabotage)

img 5fa7a117859fb wpgameplay com
Unlimited Data Stabs – Win while the communications relay is still down on each map.

img 5fa7a11909071 wpgameplay com
Electric Results – Win while the lights are out on each map.

img 5fa7a11a84b7a wpgameplay com
Killer Nimble, Crewmate Quick – Play a game with all players on max speed.

img 5fa7a11c07f88 wpgameplay com
No Distractions – Win without sabotage.

Diamond Achievements

Among Us - Achievement Guide for the Game Without Achievements - Diamond Achievements
Speedrun – Complete all your tasks before the first meeting.

img 5fa7a11f35af0 wpgameplay com
General – Complete 1000 tasks.

img 5fa7a120b9bdd wpgameplay com
No Fear – Kill a Crewmate in front of another Crewmate.

img 5fa7a1223de70 wpgameplay com
Style Stealer – Kill a Crewmate wearing the same hat as you.

img 5fa7a123bc97f wpgameplay com
1, 2, …5? – Screw up the numbers task 5 times in a row.

img 5fa7a12538790 wpgameplay com
Work, Work, Work – Win a game as Crewmate with the maximum amount of tasks.

img 5fa7a126abd39 wpgameplay com
Tunnel Vision – Win a game as Crewmate with the vision set to 0.5x or lower.

img 5fa7a1286776d wpgameplay com
Near-Sighted Killer – Win the game as Impostor with the vision set to 0.5x or lower.

img 5fa7a12a1a4a5 wpgameplay com
So Close, Yet So Far – Lose the round as Crewmates with only one unfinished task left.

img 5fa7a12b98f64 wpgameplay com
Clean Kill – (Polus or Mira HQ) Kill someone in decontamination.

img 5fa7a12d29fe8 wpgameplay com
They Didn’t Suspect a Thing – As Impostor, (with at least two impostors) Win a game without either/any of you getting voted off.

img 5fa7a12ea7aca wpgameplay com
Death Aficionado – Kill 1000 People.

img 5fa7a130539f5 wpgameplay com
The Skeld – All Set! – Complete all 29 different tasks on The Skeld map (Freeplay doesn’t count).

img 5fa7a131cc80a wpgameplay com
Mira HQ – All Set! – Complete all 27 different tasks on the Mira HQ map (Freeplay doesn’t count).

img 5fa7a13363ef0 wpgameplay com
Polus Outpost – All Set! – Complete all 34 different tasks on the Polus Outpost map (Freeplay doesn’t count).

img 5fa7a134ea0dc wpgameplay com
You Monster… – Kill a Crewmate that has a pet equipped. (DLC)

img 5fa7a1367bbf5 wpgameplay com
The Unsuspected – Win as an Impostor without getting voted by anyone.

img 5fa7a1380159e wpgameplay com
True Detective – Find out who the Impostor is in the first Emergency Meeting.

img 5fa7a13984973 wpgameplay com
Master Saboteur – Win as an Impostor by sabotaging the crew 10 times.

img 5fa7a13b27439 wpgameplay com
Triple the Threat, Triple the Win. – Win as a Crewmate in a match with 3 Impostors.

img 5fa7a13ca42ff wpgameplay com
Voting Was Never an Option – Kill everyone as an Imposter before anyone calls an Emergency Meeting.

img 5fa7a13ed0cd1 wpgameplay com
Cutting it Close – Fix sabotage when it marks 1 second to death.

img 5fa7a1405527e wpgameplay com
Vent Subway – Kill 25 people after coming out of a vent.

img 5fa7a141cfc43 wpgameplay com
Horror Movies – Watch someone die on cams.

img 5fa7a1435d789 wpgameplay com
Super Spotter – Call 25 Emergency Meetings.

img 5fa7a144d0f9a wpgameplay com
Nightguard – Get killed while looking at security cams.

img 5fa7a14676fde wpgameplay com
Konami – Execute the Konami Code (U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,B,A, Menu).

img 5fa7a14802f70 wpgameplay com
Carefree – Win the game without doing any tasks.

img 5fa7a149b7cf4 wpgameplay com
Where? – Every player says, “where?” in chat before voting starts during a dead body report.

img 5fa7a14b56e54 wpgameplay com
Killing Spree – Kill 5 people in one game.

img 5fa7a14ce6c4e wpgameplay com
The Bystander – Win without killing anyone.

img 5fa7a14e84199 wpgameplay com
RiskTaker – Stand next to a body for 5 seconds.

Taskmaster Achievements

Among Us - Achievement Guide for the Game Without Achievements - Taskmaster Achievements
Electrician – Do all tasks in the electrical.

img 5fa7a151cf4f2 wpgameplay com
Captain Creward – Do all tasks in navigation.

img 5fa7a15362f46 wpgameplay com
I am Admin – Do all tasks in the admin.

img 5fa7a154e2c1a wpgameplay com
Full Physical – Do all tasks in the medical bay.

img 5fa7a1566b2ba wpgameplay com
Lab Technician – Do all tasks in the laboratory.

img 5fa7a158244cb wpgameplay com
Engineer – Do all tasks in the reactor.

img 5fa7a159a3a0c wpgameplay com
Airship Drop – Do all tasks at the launchpad.

img 5fa7a15b25741 wpgameplay com
Reporter – Do all tasks in communications.

img 5fa7a15ca035f wpgameplay com
Defensive Crewman – Do all tasks in shields.

img 5fa7a15e201d7 wpgameplay com
Breath of Fresh Air – Do all tasks in O2.

img 5fa7a15f9c599 wpgameplay com
Gardner – Do all tasks in the greenhouse.

img 5fa7a16133496 wpgameplay com
Soldier of Fortune – Do all tasks in weapons.

img 5fa7a162aebf1 wpgameplay com
Water Expert – Do all tasks in the boiler.

img 5fa7a1644b9af wpgameplay com
Archeologist – Do all tasks in specimens.

img 5fa7a165d46d0 wpgameplay com
Lunch Crew – Do all tasks in the cafeteria.

img 5fa7a1675dd8f wpgameplay com
Professional Boxer – Do all tasks in storage.

img 5fa7a168e3989 wpgameplay com
Architect – Do all tasks on the balcony.

img 5fa7a16a6e9cc wpgameplay com
Preparer – Do all tasks in the dropship.

img 5fa7a16be772f wpgameplay com
Mechanic – Do all tasks in both engines.

img 5fa7a16d6cfbe wpgameplay com
Outdoorsman – Do all tasks on the exterior.

Secret Achievements

Changelog V 1.3

-Added 10 new Achievements

-Added 3 new Secret Achievements

-Corrected spelling errors


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