Among Us – All information about map THE SKELD

Among Us - All information about map THE SKELD -
Among Us - All information about map THE SKELD -

Guide for Among Us – All information about map THE SKELD

This guide will help novice players learn basic info for experienced players to come up with some new tricks.



While surfing different guides, I found a list of things you need to know about a map. And decided that it would be cool to create a full list of info about map THE SKELD. Using this info, you will be able to catch impostors better and better pretend as an impostor. Let’s go!


Let’s start with the simplest – map of the area.
img 5fa80daa04a19 wpgameplay com
People spawn in the cafeteria around the table with a button for emergency meetings.

One step tasks

When you finish one of these tasks, the taskbar moves. Now moving to task themselves:

img 5fa80db48b935 wpgameplay com
Swipe card in the admin. Takes 2-3 seconds, but sometimes it takes longer because people fail to complete it on the first try. No animation

img 5fa80db6c73ba wpgameplay com
Start the reactor in the reactor. Takes around 16 seconds, but if you make a mistake, you should start over. No animation

img 5fa80dbb48167 wpgameplay com
Unlock Manifolds in the reactor. Takes around 7 seconds, but if you make a mistake, you should start over. No animation

img 5fa80dbe3f27c wpgameplay com
Clean the O2 filter. In O2. Takes around 6-8 seconds. No animation.

img 5fa80dc05d4df wpgameplay com

img 5fa80dc3b6ee4 wpgameplay com

Submit scan in medbay. Takes exactly 10 seconds. You can see an animation of the first picture.

img 5fa80dc5de2e8 wpgameplay com

img 5fa80dc928862 wpgameplay com

img 5fa80dcde3864 wpgameplay com

Prime shields. In shields. Takes 2-3 seconds. After you complete this task, shields on photo start glowing (if they weren’t glowing before that)

img 5fa80dd0837d1 wpgameplay com
Calibrate distributor in electrical. In the best-case scenario takes around 4 seconds but may take much more because this task is difficult. No animation

img 5fa80dd3624ee wpgameplay com

img 5fa80dd641e3c wpgameplay com

Clear asteroids. In weapons. Takes around 12 seconds. The animation is, these guns are shooting.

img 5fa80dd9847e0 wpgameplay com
Stabilize steering in navigation. Takes around 2 seconds, straightforward task. No animation

img 5fa80ddce939b wpgameplay com
Chart course. In navigation. Takes 4-6 seconds. No animation

Several steps tasks

Taskbar moves only when THE LAST STEP of the task is completed.

img 5fa80ddf0c13d wpgameplay com
Download (upload) data. The first step may be in their rooms: cafeteria, weapons, navigation, communications, electrical—second (and last) step in the admin room. Downloading and uploading take from 9 to 12 seconds. No animation

img 5fa80de0a83df wpgameplay com

img 5fa80de5a4eda wpgameplay com

Empty garbage/Empty chute. The first step in the cafeteria or O2. Second (and last) step in storage. Takes 2-4 seconds. The animation is in the first picture.

img 5fa80de7dce8a wpgameplay com

img 5fa80dea0adb9 wpgameplay com
Fuel engines. The first and third step in storage. The second step in the upper engine. Fourth (and last) step in the lower engine. Takes 4 seconds. No animation.

img 5fa80deca9bd2 wpgameplay com

img 5fa80dee5b943 wpgameplay com

img 5fa80defeff4e wpgameplay com
Divert power—first step in electrical. Second (and last) step in one of their rooms: security, o2, communications, upper and lower engines, navigation, shields, weapons (BUT NOT IN REACTOR). Takes 1-2 seconds. No animation

img 5fa80df21dba9 wpgameplay com
Align engine output. One step in the upper engine and the other one in the lower engine. Takes 2 seconds. No animation

img 5fa80df43348f wpgameplay com
Inspect sample in medbay. Each first and second step takes around 2 seconds, but you also have to wait 60 seconds between steps. No animation

img 5fa80df67b7a6 wpgameplay com

img 5fa80df8a73ff wpgameplay com
Fix wiring. Consists of 3 steps in these rooms: electrical, storage, admin, navigation, cafeteria, security. They always go in this order. For example, you will never fix the wiring in storage after fixing it in the admin. Takes around 5 seconds (but some people manage to do it faster). No animation

Monitoring panels

You can use these panels to monitor activity on the ship, and you are likely to found some clues. There are two such panels on this map.

[60cc572010902]Admin panel. In the admin room. With this, you can check how many people are there in each room.

img 5fa80dfae6d3b wpgameplay com

NOTE 1. Corpses count as people as well, so if someone is staying for too long is some room, they are probably dead

NOTE 2. Impostors hiding in vents count as people as well, so if someone disappears in one room and someone appears in another room at the same moment, you can be 99% sure that this is venting.

img 5fa80e054db72 wpgameplay com
Security cams. Insecurity. When someone (except ghosts) is using cams right now, all cams are blinking red. Here you can see which camera shows which area:

img 5fa80e0774146 wpgameplay com

img 5fa80e113a077 wpgameplay com

Vents system

Impostors can use vents to hide, hunt, or get to someplace faster. Here is the map of all vents in The Skeld
img 5fa80e1bb5626 wpgameplay com


To distract the crew from doing tasks or avert attention from their crimes, Impostors can use various sabotages
img 5fa80e2662f34 wpgameplay com
Close doors. Close all doors in a room for 10 seconds (cooldown is 17 seconds after closing or 7 seconds after opening again). You can close several doors simultaneously and use right after using others sabotages (while they are on cooldown)

img 5fa80e30e021b wpgameplay com

img 5fa80e33d340b wpgameplay com
Oxygen depleted. If not fixed and nobody reported in 30 seconds, the crew will lose. To fix, you have to enter 2 5-digit codes, one in admin, one in o2.

img 5fa80e361ea47 wpgameplay com
Reactor meltdown. If not fixed and nobody reported in 30 seconds, the crew will lose. To fix, you have to press and hold two hand readers in the reactor simultaneously. One hand reader is on top, and one is on the bottom of the reactor.

img 5fa80e385797a wpgameplay com
Lights out. Until fixed, the crew’s vision will be 5 times worse (you are nearly blind). To fix, you have to turn on switches. This panel is the same for everyone, so you may interfere with other people who fix this sabotage (or an impostor who is making worse on purpose).

img 5fa80e3a84061 wpgameplay com
Comms sabotaged. Until fixed, you can’t see your task list, taskbar, and use monitoring panels.

NOTE: During sabotages (except closed doors), you can’t call an emergency meeting


I hope this guide has helped you, or at least it was interesting to read and probably learn something new. If I have missed something or made a grammar or any other error, please let me know; we will finish this guide together.

If this guide has a good rating and many positive comments, I will make the same guide for other maps. And create another guide with interesting tactics, strategies, tips, and tricks.

Thank you for your attention!

By De’Maximilianster

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Among Us – All information about map THE SKELD. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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