Among Us – Drinking game

Among Us – Drinking game 1 -
Among Us – Drinking game 1 -

Guide for Among Us – Drinking game

A fun drinking game to play with friends.


The Idea

A drinking game to play with friends. I’m bad at lying, so at least this way, everyone is.


Change the amount you drink based on how brave/crazy you feel. If you’re gonna pass out – don’t

What you need

Need 5-10 people. 8 or less is with one imposter, 9 or 10 is with 2 imposters.

A way to talk to these people.

Alcohol of some variety.

The Rules

Sabotage Lights, Oxygen, Reactor or Communications – 1 gulp
Use a vent – 1 sip
Get voted out – finish the drink
Lock a door – 1 sip
Throw your fellow impostor under the bus – finish drink at the end of the game.

Murdered – 1 gulp
Murdered by someone you trusted – 2 gulps
People watch your medical scan – 1 sip.
Vote a person – 1 sip
Vote out the wrong person – all alive crewmates finish the drink
Call emergency meeting – 1 gulp.
Look at cameras, door log, or vitals monitor – 1 sip.

Saying anything about the game – finish drink
Not having your tasks done by the end of the game – 1 gulp.

Drinks can be used to bet on people being guilty, “I bet it’s X, and I’ll take Y sips/gulps if I’m wrong.”

The first person to die gets to ban a word at the next meeting for the rest of that game. Anyone who says it has to take 1 gulp.

Drink your drinks discreetly to avoid people making assumptions.

Please leave any ideas or suggestions for balancing in the comments.

Enjoy and try not to pass out.

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