Among Us – How to be a better player

Among Us – How to be a better player 13 -
Among Us – How to be a better player 13 -

Among Us – How to be a better player


Gameplay points are described based on my own experience in the game. Helps players perform better in their role.



Hello, and welcome to my guide on how to be a better player in Among of Us. As you may know, Among Us is a popular party game which aims to pit players against each other as two teams: Crewmates and Impostor(s). This game revolves heavily around deception and betrayal. In this guide, I try to provide points that can help you improve your play, considering that you analyze the situation and take the best course of action. I also gathered many pictures from the Internet (mostly Reddit ) to make the guide more attractive and fun.

So without further ado, let’s dive in:

Among Us – How to be a better player 1 -
Among Us – How to be a better player 1 –


A general section (regardless of being a crewmate or an impostor)

1. Take note of choosing the best server locations based on the continent in which you live. This helps to minimize your ping.

2. Choose gameplay terms based on your taste. I mean, be careful not to mistakenly choose unwanted maps or servers with two or three impostors when you intend to play with only one. This way, you stop wasting time disconnecting from servers, missing out on the fun.

3. Online players can be either hosts or clients. Hosts are those players who create a server (which you can see on the list, and you can join, provided that the server is not full.) They also can change game parameters for the game they host. On the other hand, clients are players who join the host game and abide by the game parameters. If you choose to connect to other hosts, check the screen’s left part, and review the game parameters. If you don’t like the parameters, ask the game host to change if possible, or more importantly, you can leave the server. If you intend to leave the server, DO SO BEFORE THE GAME BEGINS. Be a good player, and DO NOT ruin other players’s game.

Among Us – How to be a better player 2 -
Among Us – How to be a better player 2 –


4. Do not use the chat button to find a date or to insult other players. Also, Do Not bend the rules in public servers, for example, by using discord. Use private servers for discord communication. Also, DO NOT use offensive names

5. You can get familiar with the maps and game mechanics by playing in “Freeplay” mode, located on the main menu.

6. We all know that being an Impostor is fun, but being a crewmate is nice and pretty much fun too. Please Do NOT leave the server if you see that you are a crewmate. Do not ruin the game, and it’s fun. It is a chance-based opportunity so accept your role. If you want to increase the chance of becoming an Impostor, try hosting/joining a game with two / three Impostors or games with a decreased number of crewmates (between 4 – 9 players). This way, you can increase your chance of becoming an Impostor. In a default ten-player match with 1 Impostor, your chance of becoming the killer is only 10%.

Among Us – How to be a better player 3 -
Among Us – How to be a better player 3 –


Crewmate section

Crewmates are the astronauts on their space mission. Their task is to either:

1. fill out the task progress bar by doing various tasks on the map.

2. successfully detect and vote out the Impostor (s), leading to their ejection.

Here are some points that can improve your play as a crewmate.


1. When the game starts, a good idea is to check your tasks and their locations. Doing tasks leads to the progress bar getting filled, which puts pressure on the Impostor (s). This may lead to the Impostor rushing their actions, so there will be a good chance that crewmates catch them red-handed.

2.Do does not use the emergency meeting button only to chat with other players without any proper reason. Players may vote against you for wasting their time.

Among Us – How to be a better player 4 -
Among Us – How to be a better player 4 –


3. If you managed to complete all your tasks, you may want to stick to one or more crewmates for the sake of protection, as killing in front of other crew is a very bad idea as an impostor. This grouping can be risky as the crewmates you follow may think that you are the Impostor trying to kill them when the time is right. This may tip the scales against you. You can also run around aimlessly while avoiding contact with other crewmembers. Checking other crewmates’ behavior and checking security cameras are some other options for you.

Among Us – How to be a better player 5 -
Among Us – How to be a better player 5 –


4. If the Impostor manages to dispose of you before you can complete all your tasks, there is still a chance to help your team and win the game by completing the remaining tasks using your ghost. The best practice is not to leave the game when your team needs you the most.

Among Us – How to be a better player 6 -
Among Us – How to be a better player 6 –


5. Remember, due to the nature of the game, everybody is suspicious. This necessarily doesn’t mean that you (as a crewmate ) should frame other crewmates while you don’t have proper evidence of their guilt. Ejecting non-impostors only leads to the Impostor having fewer obstacles for reaching their goal. Your best bet is to try to watch other crewmates and deduce whether they are guilty or not (which can be hard).

Among Us – How to be a better player 7 -
Among Us – How to be a better player 7 –


6.If you witnessed the Impostor killing a crewmate, DO NOT PANIC. The Impostor goes into cool down for some time, thus will be unable to attack you. You can either report the body near you or go to the emergency button and initiate an emergency meeting. *Cooldown time is a game parameter determined by the host. You should be aware of the time amount before the game. Please refer to point number 3 in the general section of this guide.*


Impostor section

Impostor is an Alien in disguise hell-bent on disposing of the crewmembers. It is more fun yet harder to play as an impostor.

Impostor tasks are to

1. prevent their cover from being blown.

2. Kill or vote out the crewmates

Here are some points on how to perform better as an impostor.


1.Do does not rush the killings as the game starts. Your best bet is to pretend to be a crewmate, doing tasks, running around the map, and picking out victims one at a time when the time is right. Though take note that you haven’t got all the time in the world as crewmembers may actively engage in completing tasks, narrowing your time frame.


1. Timing is very important.

2. It is better to be familiar with the map. **Please refer to point 5 in the General section of this guide.**

2. Do not constantly chase crewmates. Also, do not stand for so much time either. Try to move in a balanced manner.

Among Us – How to be a better player 8 -
Among Us – How to be a better player 8 –


3. As an impostor, you should be aware of game parameters, namely killing distance and killing cooldown time. The last thing You need is an unwanted surprise by unintended game parameters. **Please refer to point 3 in the General section of this guide.**

4. Useful options for an impostor are “Venting” and “Sabotage.” “Venting” means that you can use vents to hide or move under the surface and relocate, hopefully without being seen when entering and exiting the vents. You can use this mechanic to kill and/or relocate. Also, you can sabotage doors, trapping your victim in a room, then exit the vent, kill them and enter the vent to relocate to another section of the map. *, BE EXTRA CAREFUL when venting in / out. If somebody sees you, you either have to take them out; otherwise, it is instant-cover-blown.*

** Use sabotaging to your benefit. for example, you can sabotage the reactor or Oxygen supply to force the crewmembers to move out of their positions. You can sabotage lights to greatly decrease their eyesight, making them an easy target. **

Among Us – How to be a better player 9 -
Among Us – How to be a better player 9 –


5. Remember, impostors can only fake doing tasks, so it is a bad idea to stand in a room with other crewmates, pretending to do tasks. Why?? because they may have their eyes on the progress bar, and they can see that you didn’t contribute to the progress bar. This is a rather good way for them to narrow down the search for suspects.

6. You can kill and self-report. This means that you report the crewmate you killed. You can kill and self-report to make an alibi for yourself, but be mindful as other crewmates will become suspicious if you do this over and over.

7.during discussions, try to keep your cool and try not to make constant allegations on other people, as this can be seen as an act of desperation to clear one’s name. You can act dumb and lie about your location and intentions.

Among Us – How to be a better player 10 -
Among Us – How to be a better player 10 –


8. You can lie, retort back or say whatever you see fit during discussions. You may Sit back and let other people fight each other. Do not hesitate to vote against other people when things don’t look good for them. Try to sound as convincing as possible but do not sound desperate.

Among Us – How to be a better player 11 -
Among Us – How to be a better player 11 –


9. If you keep an eye on crewmembers, you can see Suspicious actions and behaviors from them from time to time. You can use this info when a discussion hits up, hoping for a successful framing of that poor guy.

Among Us – How to be a better player 12 -
Among Us – How to be a better player 12 –


10. If you decide to vent in/out, you should know that others know where the vents go. So if you vent on skelt after killing in electrical, remember if someone finds the body, don’t say you were in the med bay (or security?)

[ Credit to Echo no aim ]



The guide comes to a closing here:)

I should say Thanks to:

1.the Reddit users for posting funny images about the game

2. Innersloth for creating this beautiful and fun game.

3.You, for reading through the guide.

I hope this guide helps you become a better player Among Us. If you enjoyed my guide, please consider rating it up. THUMBS UP. >:D

If you want to add points to the guide, Do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to add points and will give you credit for that.

Also, if you see a typo/grammar error, feel free to inform me to correct it.

Enjoy 🙂



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