Among Us – How to play the game

Among Us – How to play the game 1 -
Among Us – How to play the game 1 -

Among Us – How to play the game


Are you new? A veteran who wants to review tips (Or bash me for my suggestions)? Well, then you’ve come to the right place.


A quick note

As pointed out by @Connor, this guide is 99% geared towards random online play and not friends. I would highly recommend you play with at least one friend.


Section 1: Before the game

You might be wondering why this is important, but here we will go over some essential basics about joining and hosting games.

Number one, never join a server with the name SXY GIRL or TNDHD or something like that. These are spam rooms or random chat rooms, and the host most likely has no intention of playing an actual game.

The second point also relates to the first; If you join someone’s game that looks reasonable enough, randomly named people cause chaos. Just leave.

The same can be said about the settings of said game. If the voting time 160 and the discussion time is 0, you should probably look elsewhere for a worthwhile match. There will be 99% of the time on these games, someone who is purposefully AFK (Away from keyboard) to confuse and damage the game, as you will have to wait for the full two and a half minutes for the game to resume. On top of that, the AFK guy will usually have a friend who will call as many meetings as possible.

However, I would like to give you a word of warning: DO NOT join and leave too many games, or else you will receive a timed bane from Online play, starting with 1 minute, then 5, then ten, etc. If needs must, you could bear it through a chaotic game to avoid the penalty.

Another thing you might want to look out for is AFK hosts. They will most likely be present on a 1 or 2 person game, and they will always be standing still. My suggestion is to type “Hi” into the chat and see if the host – you’ll know it’s the host because the game is named after the host’s in-game name – responds.


Section 2: Gameplay: The Crew

Be prepared for this: You will get the Crew position 85% of the time. Unless the game has 2 or 3 Imposters, you’ll be the Crew most of the time, so knowing your way around this job is essential.

Rule #1 of The Crew: DO NOT hit the emergency button UNLESS COMPLETELY VITAL. And never in the first 5 minutes of the game. As discussed in the previous section, you’ll be seen as a troller and either kicked while in-game or banned afterward.

Rule #2 of The Crew: DO NOT follow someone unless you are 95% sure they are The/An Imposter. If the person you are following reports you via meeting, followers are treated like Imposters and ejected. Unless you want to die, don’t follow.

Rule #3 of The Crew:

  1. Do your tasks.
  2. Do NOT always check cameras or patrol for bodies.
  3. Do your job, don’t be a slob.

Help fill the taskbar, contribute the possibility of a Task Win.

Rule #4 of The Crew: If your gut tells you someone is following you, they probably are. There are too many times I’ve died because I brushed off what my instincts said. However, as noted in Rule #2, DO NOT accuse someone unless you’re sure. This usually results in you being ejected after you eject the follower (Unless you were right). If you’re not sure, seek refuge with another person. Or 2. Or 3.

Rule #5 of The Crew: Do not get trapped in a small area without backup. If you have a task in Electrical (Skeld), go in when there are at least two others in there. The chances are that one of the two is a Crewmate and are just as afraid to get killed as you. And if you do get killed, you’ll have a friend to avenge you.

Rule #6 of The Crew: If someone accuses you and you have a way to prove your innocence (Empty Chute, Weapons, or Scan), say so immediately. Something like, “I have Scan/Garbages/Weapons, follow me after.” It is vital, however, that you HAVE you’re said job. If you don’t, you’ll be ejected at the very next meeting.

Rule #7 of The Crew: If you die, continue your jobs. Ghosts can still run tasks, working towards a possible Crew win. After you finish your jobs, you can just chat it up with the other Ghosts.

Rule #8 of The Crew: Don’t use foul language if accused. That’ll make sure of your (supposed) guilt. Be respectful.


Section 3: Gameplay: The Imposter

Here is where the fun begins.

The Imposter, you’ll need insight and quick wits to outsmart the Crew, as they outnumber you.

Rule #1 of The Imposter: Never, until the Endgame phase, ‘Self Report.’ This means reporting your victims. If you Self Report, you are HIGHLY SUS. Probably one of the most Innocent Killers is suspected Self Reporters.

Rule #2 of The Imposter: Never kill in a high traffic area. I’m talking Cafeteria, Drop Ship, Main Hallway, and Admin/Office. Chances are someone will:

A), Discover the body, ask around, and find out that someone saw you leave and connect the dots. Game over.

B), Walk-in on you, killing the person. Game over.

The easiest way to avoid this is to kill in low traffic rooms or halls or a single-door room. The latter brings us to Rule 3.

Rule #3 of The Imposter: ALWAYS use the vents when applicable. The vents provide an excellent way to escape the crime zone unnoticed and allow the Imposter to quickly move around the play area, but they have a downside; only the Imposter can use them, meaning that if you get caught using one, you’re toast.

Rule #4 of The Imposter: Use the Sabotage button as much a possible. This way, you can separate the Crew, bring them across the map, or simply have a way to kill one in secret.

Rule #5 of The Imposter: Always have an alibi. When you kill a person, vent somewhere and connect with the rest of the Crew. When someone discovers the body (and the WILL discover it), you have a testimony to say that you were with the rest of the Crew. Then, if nobody brings up an accusation in a little bit, suggest that someone not with the rest might be it. Don’t accuse, say “(Color) wasn’t with us. Sus”.

Rule #6 of The Imposter: Pretend to do jobs, but not short ones. Veterans may be watching you for the Task Bar at the top to go up. When you walk away from a quick job or the second half of a longer one, the taskbar is expected to go up because you’ve completed a task. When they see it doesn’t, you’ll be at risk.

Rule #7 of The Imposter: Don’t accuse. This puts you at risk. Simply go along with what people are saying. And stick to what people know about you. Talk a lot? Continue talking. Quiet? Keep quiet.

Rule #8 of The Imposter: NEVER say you can prove your innocence. This is an outright lie (which, ironically, will NOT work out in favor of you). Imposters CANNOT do jobs. Even if you have an innocence-proving job on your Fake Tasks list, you will NOT be able to run it.

Rule #9 of The Imposter: It is best NOT to throw your partner under the bus if you’ve been caught doing something naughty. Don’t be a jerk. Let him finish the game for you. Follow him and assist him by sabotaging for him. As an Imposter ghost, you can still sabotage.


Section 4: The Endgame – The Crew

In the Crew Endgame, you’ll have to be quick and witty. To me, the Crew Endgame starts when there are four people left, including the Imposter. This means you have 3 Crew left. If the Imposter can get it down to 1, the Crew loses. However, there is a slimmer of hope here; the game gets HARDER for the Imposter and more stressful for the Crew.

Method 1 to winning as The Crew: When the Endgame starts, call a meeting. Ask everyone who has tasks left. Explain to everyone to follow whoever says they do. With that many people sticking together, the Imposter is unable to kill without getting caught. They may use the Sabotage, where you need to split up. If so, do it as quickly as possible. Preferably, stick in your group and hurry to each area. If you must, split up but remember who was with who. EG: Yellow and Black go together, and you (Green) and Red go together. If only Yellow shows back up and finds Black’s body, clearly Yellow is the Imposter.

Method 2 to winning as The Crew: When the Endgame starts, continue as normal until you find a body or see some behavior. Call a meeting or report. Ask everyone to lay all their facts on the table, who is sus of who, who saw what or why they’re sus. Once you’ve gathered enough information, make an educated guess. If you reported a body, you’ve got only one shot. If you called a meeting, you’d be OK for another try.


Section 5: The Endgame – The Imposter

As the Imposter, the Endgame occurs when you’ve killed innocent enough to bring the player count down to 4, including you. Here is where it gets harder. If you kill somebody or act sus, most likely, the paranoid Crew will vote YOU. Here’s how to win as the Imposter.

Method 1 to winning as the Imposter: When the Endgame occurs, trigger sabotage like Reactor Meltdown or Oxygen Depletion. This will force the Crew to abandon their jobs and rush to fix the problem. When this happens, try to single out a person and kill him. Then retreat and regroup.

Method 2 to winning as the Imposter: As crazy as this might sound, you could get the Crew to do your job for you. The Crew is paranoid. They’ve almost lost all their members. They could die at any time. Kill somebody when somebody else is in sight and report the body yourself. EG: Green kills Yellow in front of Red. Green reports the body and quickly claims that you walked in on Yellow killing Red. This sounds crazy, but it’s worked for me before. And since, if an innocent gets ejected, you win, you can make all kinds of absurd lies and accusations. “I’ve got scan to prove it!” “I saw Yellow killing Red. I SWEAR!” Etc.


Bonus Section: Helpful Tips

These helpful (or unhelpful, depending on what side you’re on) tips can often be used.

#1: When the lights are sabotaged, you can use the cameras to see like you usually would. The cameras are not affected by the lights and will give you feedback as if it was normal.

#2: Imposters can use the Admin desk to see where there are single Crewmen. Then you can hunt these down and kill them.

#3: Although the Sabotage Comms button may seem useless, it can be useful when old-timers are watching you (the Imposter) to see if the Task Bar goes up. The Comms will be sabotaged, and the Task Bar will be emptied temporarily. Wait a few seconds, then leave.

#4: You can usually spot an Imposter by seeing if they continuously return to the same jobs they already did. EG After talking about who killed Brown, the Crew returns to tasks. Yellow goes to an empty chute in Cafeteria, and a meeting is called. After that meeting is let out, Yellow goes to the empty chute.

#5: Prime Shields on the Skeld can also be used for proving innocence, as the battery looking things on the side will glow when the Crew member finishes the job.

#6: Credit goes to @zoinkedscooby for the tip. Sometimes, as a Crewmate, it is good to state which room you were in and which people you were with when a body was reported. Sometimes this will work. Other times you might be seen as sus. It’s just a judgment call on your part.

#7: Credit goes to @Connor for tips 7-9: Currently, Polus only offers this. The Vitals security panel can be helpful when coupled with detective skills.

#8: Credit @Connor: Veterans of the game will know the vent layouts, EG (Skeld) Office will lead to Cafeteria and the Hallway between nav, weapons, and shields. If you state the room in which you were in, the vets may make an educated guess as to where you might’ve vented out.

#9: Credit @Connor: Players, especially Imposters, should know when the cameras are active. There will be a light which flashes red when there is somebody watching Cameras.

#10: As the above tip states, you can use the ‘Active Camera’ indicator as a way to kill a Crewmate. You could use the (Skeld) Electrical or MedBay vents to scout if somebody is in the Camera room. Then use the Sabotage button to close the doors and kill, then vent out.

#11: Credit goes to @Demon Hunter for the tip: On Mira HQ, a security measure is the hallway sensor relating to the glass walkway. As an Imposter in the endgame phase, this can be used for accusations. Quoting @Demon Hunter here: “[Color] went in here with [dead Color] they self-reported,” when that person reports the body.”

#12: Credit goes to @wyattharrigan for the tip: Comms not only drains the taskbar, but it also turns off cameras. So if you want to make a kill, but there is that one guy who stays at Cameras all the time, sabotaging the cams might do the trick.

#13: Credit goes to @Skoran for the tip: Using the vents while someone is on cameras might be risky if they are watchful. EG If Yellow is in electrical and Green is on cams, but yellow (Imposter) vents to Medbay and runs out, Green could connect the dots. This is because there is no way to get to Medbay without passing a Camera from Electrical.

#14: Credit @Skoran: In the very late Endgame, it doesn’t matter if someone sees you kill another. This is because if the Crew equals the Imposter count, the game ends in favor of the Imposters EG 3 Crew are left. There are 2 Imposters. You or your partner can kill 1 of the Crew to win because there will be 2 Crew and 2 Imposters.

#15: In the very late Endgame Phase, you can use your Imposter Sabotage to win. EG There are two crews and 1 Imposter. The Imposter has a kill cooldown that is longer than an emergency cooldown. The Imposter used the Sabotage Reactor because meetings cannot be called during an emergency. Then the Imposter will certainly win because if the Crew does not go to deal with the Sabotage they will lose, but if they do, the Imposter will be waiting for them and needs to kill only 1 to win.

#16: Credit @404, relating to #15: If the Crew are slow enough doing reactor, you can close the Cafeteria doors to longer keep them from the emergency button.


Section 6: Thanks!

Thanks for reading this massive text wall! If I missed anything, please let me know in the comments. If I’ve misspelled anything, please let me know, and I will fix it. Thanks again for reading!



Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Among Us – How to play the game helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!


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