Among Us – Impostor role – Tips and strategies

Among Us – Impostor role – Tips and strategies 1 -
Among Us – Impostor role – Tips and strategies 1 -

Among Us – Impostor role – Tips and strategies


So, you want to be a good impostor, don’t you?

Well, good for you.

This guide contains basic and advanced tips for gameplay, meetings, and best kill spots.

This guide also contains three map guides for the three maps currently for some more map-specific tips not just for impostor but also for crewmates.

Note: This guide is still under development. It is lacking some sections and can have some false or missing info, as well as typos. I thought, however, that the guide is in a readable state.

I would like you to comment on some tips or ideas, so this guide becomes bigger than planned.


Update history:

26/10/2020- Release

26/10/2020- Added some multi-prat tasks that were missing and fixed a typo.


Suspicious activity

These are things you should try to avoid when playing as an impostor (and looking for as crewmate):

-Voting before the discussion has started

-Being less talkative than usual (a sign of not paying attention)

-Being more talkative than usual (you put yourself at attention, and it may look like you want to become their trusted leader, people will notice

-Skipping or encourage skipping vote at:

a) 5-6 people (2 impostors)

b) 3 people (1 impostor)

-Not voting for someone who has been overwhelmed with accusations

-Voting someone the moment they are accused of asking for further explanation

-Not voting for someone who ends up being an impostor

-Roaming around aimlessly early game or mid-game

-Returning to a room to do another task even though he already went in there once before.

-Wasting time during discussions

-Rare activation of door logs (MiraHQ)

-Common and pointless activation of door logs (MiraHQ)

-Playing Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare

-Long pauses between answering

-Not answering questions

-Found on top of the body

-Not noticing a body

-Constantly reporting bodies

-Often found near the scene of the crime

-Staying at an isolated, low traffic room that has a vent for too long

-Not doing tasks


Confirming actions

-Faking a visual task


Medbay Scan

Empty Garbage

Destroy asteroids

Prime Shields


Medbay Scan


Medbay Scan

Destroy Asteroids

Note: If visual tasks are off, you can still detect scanners by:

a) Looking at their movement

b) Paying attention to the amount of time they are standing on the scanner

c) Paying attention to the taskbar

d) HAving the scan task and trying to do it while someone else is scanning

-Running away from the body

-Not reporting a body

-Not fixing sabotage while right next to it

-Flicking off switches


Note: You can see the vent animation through walls

-Killing (obviously)

-Defending a clear impostor

-Doing a common task that no one else has

-Doing more short/common/long tasks than possible (look at the map guides for info on all tasks and what kind they are).


Impostor types and strats

The simple framer

1) Stay in a vent

2) Make sure it is 2-3 people there

3) When one of them is alone, come out, kill them, and come back in.


-Highly effective


-Useful at early and mid-game



-Can be risky

-Most opportunities of this come during sabotages

-Risky to attempt more than twice

-Can be the thing that catches you (for example, no one saw you at any time, and similar vent kills happened like three times)

The complex framer (usually works only in lobbies with smart people)

This should give you an idea of what I mean:


Shockingly effective


-Can only be used once

-Can get you killed next round


1) Will try to gain someone’s trust by:

a) Following them

b) Betraying your partner at the right time

c) FIxing sabotages

d) Encouraging crewmate tactics

e) Having ”suspects.”

f) Calling emergencies when ”highly suspicious” of someone

g) ”Doing tasks.”

2) Tries to assist his partner

3) Leaves only for killing

Killing recommended only during sabotages

4) Usually kills someone in plain sight and blames them at the final round or gives examples of suspicious activity someone has repeatedly done.


Types of kills

So, YOU want to become an impostor with multiple cards on your sleeve? Keep watching to find out!

-An advertisement by Arim headquarters. Made with Videomaker 3 pro

Drive-by kills

Drive-by murders are the way dirty humans catch our invaders! But don’t worry! Sometimes, a drive-by kill is necessary and super effective! We highly recommend you use these kinds of kills these ways:

Way 1

1) Go to an isolated room with a poor human!

2) Use your tongue or other weapons to kill them!

3) Sabotage to drive those dumb crewmates to one place!

Way 2

1) Sabotage

2) Kill a crewmate while going towards the sabotage

3) Good luck!

NOTE: You may be caught running away from the sabotaged location!

Stack kills

So, are those dirty crewmates in a large group like pigs and meikis? Kill one of them and watch as they accuse one of the other!

NOTE: Crewmates that walk-in may see you.

NOTE 2: You may be caught on top of the corpse. To avoid this, when you kill your victim, instantly move towards the location of the object those cheap workers are fixing (ex. Kill someone at comms and instantly press the ” down” button )!

NOTE 3: Double kills aren’t recommended.

Frame kills

So, you want to frame someone? Do the following steps, too succeed!

1) Stay in a vent.

2) Make sure it is 2-3 crewmates there.

3) When one of them is alone, come out, kill them, and come back in!

Congrats! You now are gonna killed ANOTHER innocent person! Woohoo!

Fleeing through vents

Something else you can do is to kill a crewmate and vent away!



Sabotages are the helping hand of impostors. They can allow you to get kills easily and distract crewmates (no, not that way, stop thinking about that damn dance).


O2 is a very helpful sabotage since it splits crewmates up and sends them to the other side of the map.


The reactor is the most useful sabotage at driving all crewmates at one location, especially at MiraHQ.


Lights are one of the strongest sabotages. While it gets fixed quickly with only one person, it decreases all crewmates’ vision, which pushes them all at that spot without noticing any nearby bodies. Killing while lights are out will make everyone unsure of who did it. If you are far away from the fixed location (I am talking right now about crewmates), just try to hide somewhere.


Comms is the most underrated sabotage in the game because:

1) It disables cameras, admin, vitals, and door logs.

2) It usually takes a long time to fix.

3) It disables the taskbar and hides task locations on the map, which means:

-Harder for crewmates to do tasks

-Safe for impostors to fake tasks

Reacting seismers:

Basically, O2 and Reactor combined

However, they have 60 seconds to fix it, so the urgency is down.


Can be used to trap and divide crewmates

A potential strat is to go in Medbay/Electrical/Security, lock the door of Medbay/Electrical/Security and vent to that location.

More specific map info in the map guides.


Visual, non-existent, and multi-step tasks

Visual tasks: These are tasks with some kind of visual that indicate that someone is a crewmate. Shouldn’t be faked.


Medbay Scan

Destroy asteroids

Prime Shields

Empty Garbage


Medbay Scan


Medbay Scan

Destroy Asteroids

Non-existent tasks: Tasks that don’t exist. If someone is pretending to do them, they are an impostor for sure.


Reactor: Accept Diverted Power

Multi-step tasks: These tasks take multiple parts to complete. These can be faked easily since they do not raise the taskbar.


Download data

Divert Power

Inspect Sample (Start)

Empty Chute/Garbage (1/2)

Fix wiring

Fuel can

Align engine input


Pick up the watering can

Divert power

Run diagnostics

Fix wiring


Download Data

Reboot wifi

Maze thingy

Fuel engines

Open waterways

Replace water jugs


Kill spots (early game)



Kill spots (mid-game)


What to do late game


Other tips


More guides

These are three guides for all three maps:





The end

That’s it for now.



Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Among Us – Impostor role – Tips and strategies helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!


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