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Among Us – My Pet Peeves 1 -
Among Us – My Pet Peeves 1 -

Guide for Among Us – My Pet Peeves

This isn’t a guide per se but here we go.


Names That End In “I”

Ok, so here’s what I have against names that end in “I”. I guess it’s just not original, the first time I saw one of those I was like, “oh damn that’s kind of clever” but now I’m like, “wow, another one of these… great”. These are some just to name a few I’ve seen:


just plain old “I”




And so forth, I suppose another reason is that in my experience, these dudes are always the ones skipping games. This brings me to my next one.

Skipping Games

Let’s face it, you can’t play an hours worth of Among Us without seeing one of these people.

So, for those of you who don’t know what this means, it means people leaving the game right after they see that they’re not Impostor (or in rare cases the opposite).

Not only is this really rude to the rest of the people playing, but it’s kind of stupid. All that time server surfing when you could just be playing the goll dang game, man! It’s not even that bad being Crewmate, you get to hone your intelligence and problem solving skills!

1.5 Speed Or Higher

This one I feel like a lot of people are going to disagree with. But for me, it’s just a preference. I guess it would be easier to maneuver around, but I think it’s a little unrealistic. But hey, you do you.

People Who come Into Games and Immediately Leave

Is it so hard to wait a couple minutes while people join? I guess it is because I have found this A LOT. I really don’t have anything else to say but this; just talk to some people, they can be pretty fun!


You knew this one was bound to be on here XD. I think that there’s only a couple reasons people hack on… any game really.

They suck at the game. In that case I say, just play something else, bro!

They are fun suckers. Their main goal is to annoy and irritate the other people in the game.

They think It’ll make them cool. In this case I say, you know damn well it’s not.

They just really want to be Impostor, in which case I say, go back to section 4 and read that last sentence there, pal.

Impostors Ratting on Impostors

Now this is just a ♥♥♥♥ move, guy. I mean this other Impostor is minding their own business, trying to butcher people in space, and you just decide to ruin their day. You’re mean :(, and I don’t even know why they do that, I guess just to be an a*s.

Outside Communication

This is supposed to be obvious but I’ll say it anyway, that’s considered cheating. Let me break it down. You’re a Crewmate, congrats, so you go down to do your tasks like a good boy/girl, and aw fiddlesticks you’re dead. Who killed you? Why orange of course, so you ringy ding your old pal who’s playing and you’re all like, “Hey bro, orange just killed me!” and your friend is like, “Aw fiddlesticks.” So this dude goes right on down to Cafe/Office and just pounds that button. Everyone one is yelling, “WHERERERERERE” or “WHOHOHOHOHOHO” and they say, “Golly, guys it’s orange, black told me.” And orange is like, “Wtf bro, black is dead!” and they’re like, “They told me on the phone!!!” Now the game isn’t fun for anyone else, congrats! You guys are now unstoppable unless there’s more than one Impostor and you may as well be hacking :D.


Guessing is one of the many forms of being completely stupid in Among Us. Why? I’ll tell you why! Because think of this scenario as real life, you’re actually gonna throw a possibly innocent bystander out of a spaceship? Of course instead of dying they aren’t having as much fun as before. It’s like being on jury duty and flipping a coin to determine whether they are innocent or not. It’s like- you get it. All I’m saying is that even if you get it right, you’re not “figuring it out”.

People Going Along With the Guessing

Red: It’s white!
Cyan: Ok!
White: wHAT??
Brown: You got it!
White: I DiNT Do ANYThing!
White is voted out.

White was not the Impostor.
1 Impostor Remains

Great job guys now red’s going to win because there are only 3 people left.
I’m just saying that’s it’s pretty easy to ask for and to give proof.

Getting Randomly Angry

I’m not saying you’re not entitled to your feelings, I’m just saying that IT IS THE IMPOSTOR’S JOB TO MURDER YOU XD.

Actually, the same goes for when the Impostor gets mad for being found out, IT IS THEIR JOB TO FIND YOU OUT.

Calling a Meeting and Leaving

Just… come on, man. That wasn’t necessary.

People Who Use Among Us as Tinder

Let me remind yall that this is a party game. I just feel like I can’t go into a game and not find some dude hittin’ on some dude, just play the game, get their Discord or SnapChat or something, then do that. I say, “I love you (enter color here)” and they freak out and call me a “simp” I’m saying that as in, “you’re a really cool person” or something like that.

People Who Say “Start”

This is another one of those where I feel a lot of people will disagree, but let me explain.
I usually host a game so I don’t have to deal with people swearing at me, and so I often get people who come in and say “start” and I don’t because of one simple reason; I set it to 10 people so imma wait for 10 people!! Because if I don’t then I know I’ll regret it because one or two people skip games and leave so now I’m stuck with only about 5 people. So no, I will not start! XD

Impossible Impostor Settings

What I mean by this is like setting the game to have kill cooldown all the way up, Impostor vision all the way down and so on. The reason I don’t like this is because it makes being the Crewmate too easy, which is much more common than not.

Getting Kicked For No Reason

I don’t have a rant this time, but a story instead.

I decide to go into a random server and I think I find a pretty good one. I’m a polite person (sometimes) and ask how their day was… and I’m kicked… what the hell man XD. Jeez, sorry I asked. This guy must’ve had a really bad day I guess.

Ok, Now for the rant.
It’s just rude to kick people if you don’t have a solid reason, and no, “I didn’t like them.” is not a solid reason. People deserve to be in the game just as much as you do (exception of hackers).

People Not Doing Tasks As A Crewmate or A Ghost

This is not only screwing yourself, but your entire team. I see these dudes named “Detective” and such and they always either go straight to security or admin. Either these people have way too much confidence in them self or they are just lazy and bored of tasks. Either takes away a possible way for the Crewmates to win.

As for the ghosts? I have no idea, I guess they’re just lazy as well.

Saying “Where or Who”

It’s not so much as the “where” or “who” but rather the fact that people need to say it just to get the info, it should be automatic, “In ___, and I saw ___. But I guess that’s the way it is. I also find it kind of funny when literally everyone screams at me asking, “WHERE.” That’s nine messages saying the exact same thing, and most of the time I say where it is before they say, “Where” XD.

Immediately Saying It Is Self Report

I’ve had this happen several times when a body is found and right when we get into the meeting I see someone calling it a self report. Wtf. That’s it. That’s all I got for this one. It’s too much man.

Calling People Names After Round

There are three reasons I see this happening.

Being killed by Impostor and Impostor winning.

Being voted out but not being the Impostor.

Being Impostor and winning so they can brag.

As for the first one, all I can say is, once you know who it is it seems obvious but it isn’t, so chill.
As for the second one, all I can say is, sucks dude, chill.
As for the third one, all I can say is, congrats, you’re a poor sport, chill.

Saying A Color Repeatedly

If you’re alive and doing this, please, by all means, give us some proof 🙂

If you’re a ghost and doing this, please, by all means, stfu, we get it.

Saying Someone Vented

If you actually saw someone vent, of course man, it’s some undeniable evidence. But for some odd reason, I find myself being told I vented when I’m not even the Impostor. So I guess all I can encourage is to say you saw someone vent but didn’t see who if your not 100% sure. But again, undeniable evidence if you’re 100%.


Well, that’s all I got. Please, if you agree or disagree with anything I said, definitely leave a comment for me. Or if you have anymore pet peeves I haven’t said let me know. I really hope you enjoyed my rants. Have an awesome day/night!

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