Among Us – Secret Christmas Hats!

Among Us – Secret Christmas Hats! 4 -
Among Us – Secret Christmas Hats! 4 -

Guide for Among Us – Secret Christmas Hats!

This guide will tell you how to get free Christmas hats in Among Us!


Change PC’s Time

Step 1: Right click your time on the task bar an the bottom of your desktop and click “Adjust date/time”

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Disabling “Set Time Automatically” and “Set Time Zone Automatically”

Step 2: Uncheck “Set time automatically”, “Set Time Zone Automatically” and click the “Change” button below “Set the date and time manually”

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Change Date to Christmas

Step 3: Change the date to December 24 2018

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Launch Among Us

Step 4: Boot up Among Us and make a local game and enjoy your new cosmetics! (Highlighted in red)

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After you’re done

When you get your cosmetics be sure to turn your pc date back to the current date, you keep the cosmetics permanently now.

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