Among Us – Special Roleplay Personalities

Among Us – Special Roleplay Personalities 1 -
Among Us – Special Roleplay Personalities 1 -

Guide for Among Us – Special Roleplay Personalities

If you want to spice up, you’re Among Us games with some roleplay and unique characters. You might want to give this a try—unique behaviors and rules for every player.


Roleplaying as Unique Crewmates (by Magnus)


These roles/personalities were primarily made for people playing together, though you can give it a try in a public server after you have made sure in the chat that everyone is playing along.

Basically, with these special rules, every player has a different personality and way of playing the game. Some try to work together, while others idle by or even hinder the team. Some will start accusing others in the chat, while others try to assess the situation carefully. Since several roles are detrimental to finding out who the Impostors are, I recommend a really long kill cooldown or fewer Impostors than usual. Otherwise, the Impostors might have it too easy.

This is especially true for Black, who is to be included only if you want a real challenge. (Also, Brown, Lime/Light Green, and Dark Green Crewmates might make the game significantly harder.) Of course, these rules are not set in stone. Feel free to change them up (for example, you can play it with only the Role part and without the Chat part) or interpret them; however, you find it the most enjoyable. After all, all this stuff is to make the game a lot more fun for everyone.

Also, feel free to swap around the crewmate’s genders; however, it fits the players. For roles which are advised to follow players around, you can still do tasks, make sure to follow the person between them a little, and also after you are finished with all the tasks, of course. Feel free to suggest changes or give feedback if you gave this a try, and I hope you have a fun RP game! 🙂

EDIT: Due to many people asking, I have opened a small Discord server. Feel free to join for some fun matches with these rules now and then! ^^

EDIT 2: Some minor changes to Black and Brown; and added the link to the Russian translation.

The Crewmates 1-8


Yellow – The Scared One

img 5fa7b4fed5e65 wpgameplay com

The scaredy-cat of the bunch, poor Yellow, didn’t even want to go for the trip in the first place. He’d preferred to stay at home, if not for that damn Internet outage. There is only one guy or girl whom he trusts and tries to tag along with for the ride to make it out alive. (Or kill them all.)

  • Role: Has to follow one chosen player the whole game, or until that player dies. If that person dies, he goes crazy scared and runs around a lot in terror, especially if he sees another player, even if this greatly increases the time needed for doing tasks.
  • Chat: Generally, votes for whatever the chosen player votes for and does not really voice an opinion unless 100% certain. Prefers to stay quiet.


Red – The Furious One

img 5fa7b5006b6af wpgameplay com

He was fired from work and then went home to find his girlfriend cheating on him. Now, seething with rage, he went on the first ship he found to get away from that planet he hates, only to find himself in a crowded ship with strangers and murderers. He has a really BAD DAY, and you don’t want to get in his way.

  • Role: Can only speak in ALLCAPS and has to adamantly speak against a chosen player from the third voting session or earlier.


White – The Quiet One

img 5fa7b501f298c wpgameplay com

A girl of few words, she likes drawing the beautiful auroras on her home planet or taking care of her dog Caramel. She would visit her parents on the nearby moon when suddenly she got into this deadly situation. She keeps to herself, but when the other crewmates ask her, an answer can be forced out of her.

  • Role: Can only say “Yes” and “No,” nothing else.
  • Chat: Same as Rule.


Dark Blue/Blue – The Investigative One

img 5fa7b50386eec wpgameplay com

Since he is already a detective, after getting stranded in the spaceship, Blue took it upon himself to find out who the Impostors are. As such, he is very observant and keeps a constant eye on the team, watching out for any suspicious behavior. Cyan’s brother usually trusts him from the start, as the two have had a good relationship before.

  • Role: Spends a lot of time in Admin and Security rooms, or checking Vitals, basically, looking at the rest of the team a LOT.
  • Chat: Asks around everyone what they did, where they were, who did they see, to find any clues as to who the Impostors might be. Tries to defend Cyan unless he is certain of him being an Impostor.


Light Blue/Cyan/Teal – The Desperate One

img 5fa7b5051a2b5 wpgameplay com

Cyan is seemingly very friendly, but deep down, he’s a melancholic, lonely guy. Though he loves his older brother Dark Blue and tried to be as successful by following in his steps, things didn’t work out. He and Blue were just really different. So what Cyan does ever since is copying his fellows instead, imitating them, and being included. In this ship, he does the same to stay alive and under the Impostors’ radar. Of course, his overly clinging nature can sometimes make him quite the suspicious crewmate in his fellow’s eyes.

  • Role: Follows around a chosen player (except Dark Blue) from the start. After every voting or emergency session, choose a different player to follow. (Of course, you should still do tasks, but each time you are done with one, you should try and catch up with him/her before starting the next task.)
  • Chat: Usually agrees with the majority and votes for whoever is the most voted, unless he is certain of them being wrong.


Orange – The Calm One

img 5fa7b506993d4 wpgameplay com

Orange is great at keeping her cool. She likes to pop in some lo-fi music, get some coffee or hot chocolate and see what the other passengers are up to. She prefers to hear everyone out and think carefully before voting or making an accusation. She also tries to prevent random kills, like the two Green passengers who are bent on destroying each other. Also, she likes to stick together with others during task completion and confirm that whoever she followed is safe.

  • Role: Never votes instantly. Always ask both sides about what they did and where they were before voting. Tries to prove as many people clear as possible, especially if she saw them scanning or doing garbage.
  • Chat: Is always writing calmly and tries to prevent random accusations from flying about.


Light Green/Lime – The Random One

img 5fa7b508349ed wpgameplay com

Light Green is a wild and random guy, who got really bored with daily routines, and loves spreading uncertainty everywhere. He travels randomly from planet to planet, doing odd jobs or sometimes even swindling people. And now, finding himself on a ship with his hated ex-neighbor and a group of random passengers, he cannot wait to spice things up for all. Only 2 things are certain: He loves to confuse Impostors and fellow Crewmates, and he hates Dark Green.

  • Role: Can vote randomly and make up wild accusations about anyone, but only if he is not certain of the Impostor’s identity. Always wants Dark Green to die, regardless of being an Impostor or Crewmate.
  • Chat: Can write anything literally, and at some point in the game, he should start accusing Dark Green unless he found out who the Impostor is.


Dark Green/Green – The Mistrustful One

img 5fa7b509c24ec wpgameplay com

The former neighbor of Light Green, Dark Green, is a paranoid and uncertain crew member. He used to be friends with Light Green, but after his valuables kept disappearing more and more, culminating in losing his very own spaceship, he lost his trust for him or anyone for that matter. Since he sees everyone as a potential Impostor, he believes whoever starts voting or accusing is the most suspicious, especially Light Green.

  • Role: Always wants Light Green to die sooner or later, regardless of being an Impostor or Crewmate. Since he never trusts anyone, he prefers to vote for the first accuser/voter during voting sessions, except if he knows the Impostor for certain or if the accused is Light Green.
  • Chat: Always keeps second-guessing people, especially accusers. At some point in the game, he starts accusing Light Green unless he found out who the Impostor is.


The Crewmates 9-12


Pink – The Cheerful One

img 5fa7b50b584be wpgameplay com

Being the most happy-go-lucky of the passengers, Pink is cheerful and happy to help others. Though she was originally going to head home from the beach resort on a nearby planet, after getting trapped in this dangerous situation, she tries to keep everyone’s mood up, and she is the first to respond to emergencies or to team up with others to see if they can or do the garbage. This usually makes her a natural ally of Orange, but the others keep suspecting her because she keeps following them, even if with good intentions.

  • Role: Tries to follow people around so that she can keep them safe and do tasks in greater safety. (Of course, you should still do tasks, but each time you are done with one, you should try and catch up with people before starting the next task.)
  • Chat: Is always writing happily and sometimes says “sorry” to whoever is voted out.


Purple – The Royal One

img 5fa7b50cf2a91 wpgameplay com

Born as a princess of a royal family on a far-off planet, Purple is not used to traveling with the masses, as she usually traveled with her own spaceship gifted to her by her parents. However, due to a recent war breaking out, her parents ordered her to flee from the court to safety, in anonymity, to a more peaceful planet, until things calm down. Unluckily enough, she has entered a ship with Impostors lurking about. Due to her parenting, she can be snobby and full of herself, she is learning how to rule as well, and she even does the tasks she was assigned, if a bit slow.

  • Role: After completing a task, take a rest for 20-30 seconds. You are a princess, after all, not a worker. Also, she tries to avoid people if you can since she doesn’t want her incognito ruined.
  • Chat Acts as a ruler, trying to be the leader of the group. Whoever confirms that you are clear, you treat as a loyal Royal Guardian, but whoever accuses you is treated as a treasonous thug.


Brown – The Thinking One

img 5fa7b50e87027 wpgameplay com
(For those who like standing around or might have to go AFK at one point)

A great philosopher of his home planet, Brown is always traveling around in the universe, observing events, the people, or just contemplating things while stargazing. As it just happened, he boarded this ship and noted how everybody goes about doing their business. Some of the other crew members find him simply lazy, while others believe he is knowledgeable and listen to whatever he has to say.

  • Role: Stays still for about 10 seconds after completing a task or after a voting session is ended while thinks about Life and its mysteries. (You don’t have to do it at the start of the game.)
  • Chat: Speaks strangely. For example, it speaks in riddles, rhymes, overly long sentences, or backward sentences like Master Yoda.


Black – The Dark One

img 5fa7b51015e1f wpgameplay com
(For those who want a real challenge for the Crewmates, and for whoever is playing Black)

The dark suit of Black covers an even darker-hearted individual. He is an assassin, and a sadist, which is a terrible combination if you are his prey. He enjoys seeing the others die around him and admires the work of the Impostors, even wishing that he could join them at one point. Naturally, his psychotic demeanor freaks out most of the other crew members, and he is always suspected of being an Impostor.

  • Role: Try to actively help the Impostors, either by lying during votes, not pushing buttons during emergencies or simply by taking breaks between tasks and scarily following the others around instead. However, if you are certain of who the Impostor is, try to convince everyone to vote them out, as a revealed Impostor is clearly an amateur, not worthy of your admiration.
    Addition: If you died, you still have to do your tasks, as usual. Otherwise, task win would not be possible.
  • Chat: Speaks in a creepy, erratic way and laughs when people are killed. Votes for random people, unless he is certain of someone being the Impostor, the votes for the Impostor.

That’s about it. I hope I gave some fun ideas to people playing this game. Cause frankly. I really love it. Either way, have fun, and take care! 🙂

– Magnus

By Magnus

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Among Us – Special Roleplay Personalities helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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