Among Us – The Ultimatum Strategy (3 Impostor)

Among Us – The Ultimatum Strategy (3 Impostor) 2 -
Among Us – The Ultimatum Strategy (3 Impostor) 2 -

Among Us – The Ultimatum Strategy (3 Impostor)


Wanna get creative and shake up a 3-impostor match of Among Us? Consider this strategy…



Among Us – The Ultimatum Strategy (3 Impostor) 1 -
Among Us – The Ultimatum Strategy (3 Impostor) 1 –

I’ve come up with a creative strategy to use as an impostor in games of three impostors. As soon as you spawn in as Impostor, call an emergency meeting. Admit to the crewmates that you are one of the impostors, and give them a choice between voting you out now or making a deal…


How to use the Ultimatum

After two crewmates die or are ejected, you will surrender the identity of 1 other impostor. After 2 MORE crewmates are gone, you’ll surrender the 2nd Impostor. Also, tell them that you will stand in the cafeteria during this time and not kill or sabotage until the deal is complete. Be sure to use careful wording for this part, such as “During this deal, I will stand idle and not kill,” because this sounds like you’re saying that the deal to snitch on the others and not kill lasts the entire game. Still, it’s over after the 2nd Impostor is ejected, allowing you to kill/sabotage immediately after. In a hurried meeting full of confused crewmates, it’s unlikely that someone will catch this. Instead, they’ll think you just won’t kill the entire game, granting the crewmates an easy win after the 2nd Impostor is ejected, and they know to eject you next…and that is when you strike.


Problem #1 (Likely)

Here’s a likely problem to consider (which does happen a lot, so this is important). Often, the crewmates will figure out who one of the impostors are by the time two crewmates are dead or ejected, and they may vote out that Impostor AND you consecutively, effectively getting a double kill on the impostors.

Suppose you find yourself in this situation and can’t convince the crewmates otherwise. In that case, the only plan B you’ll have is to lie about who the 3rd Impostor is (they should believe you because, after all, snitching on the other impostors was part of the deal), so they’ll vote out a crewmate and make the 3rd and final Impostor’s job a little easier. In practice, this is actually what would happen to me most of the time.


Problem #2 (Unlikely)

Using this strategy, a perfect game of 10 crewmates and three impostors would lead to the 2nd imposter being voted out when three crewmates left (4 players counting you, the Impostor). Now, this would put you in a position to fail since, even if you kill one crewmate at this time, the other two know it’s you (since you told them!).

The only way to win at this point would be to kill, sabotage something (preferably O2 or reactor since it requires two people to split up), then pray that your cooldown is over before one of them reports the straggler’s body or calls the meeting, and if it is, one more kill wins the game.

But here’s the usual upside that makes this problem unlikely. We know that MOST matches of Among have at least one player who leaves because they didn’t get Impostor. So using this strategy exactly as I’ve described in the usual case of a 9/10 or less game will be an even easier win because a 9/10 will put you in a position to win at one more kill after you’ve surrendered the 2nd imposter.



Too Frickin’ Long, Didn’t Frickin’ Read!: As Impostor, offer to snitch on the other impostors after four crewmates are dead or ejected, granting you immunity until the other two impostors are gone, and then get the last kill before the crewmates can vote you out.


What about 2-Impostor matches? Well…

The Ultimatum is not designed for 2-impostor matches, but it’s technically possible. I’d suggest telling the crewmates that you’ll reveal the other Impostor after five crewmates are gone, but then lie, blaming a crewmate (Risky!). They’ll eject the crewmate, then inevitably you when they see you lied, but now this leaves the 2nd Impostor to win the game with one more kill. Oh, and the part where you don’t kill or sabotage? I’d suggest leaving that out unless the other Impostor is an absolute pro and can kill/eject five crewmates entirely on their own, so unless they’re CORPSE, help them out by getting kills. (But at this point, it’s practically a normal match…)

It’s a hell of a stretch, but it’s the only way I can think to apply The Ultimatum to 2-impostor matches. Feel free to make suggestions, and let’s see if we can make a 2-impostor version of The Ultimatum!



If you see any problems with the Ultimatum, would like to offer new ideas and expand on it, or just want to share your experience with it, please start the discussion on this forum and in-game!. I hope to get this strategy into the mainstream Among Us scene and maybe even see a famous streamer use it.

Thanks for reading! :3


By ESION and moot


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