An Impostor’s guide to Among Us

An Impostor’s guide to Among Us


Want to learn the tips and tricks to becoming an impostor? This guide is for you!


Gameplay Strats and Tips

Here are some gameplay tricks that I have learned through my time with Among Us

1. Confirmed crewmates should be terminated, as crewmates most likely will follow their lead.

2. Don’t use vents just to get around the map. Only use them when getting away from a body that you killed.

3. When you see a camera flashing red, DO NOT KILL IN FRONT OF IT. The red flashing light indicates that someone is watching through the cameras. Also don’t just stand in front of it waiting for someone to get off the cams so you can kill the guy in front of you. Just walk by if you can’t take the kill. (Last part recommended by MuddyMuzzy)

4. When killing someone, try making a sabotage to draw people away from the body. Try doing something that players have to travel away from the body to fix.

5. If someone spots you near a body or vent, do not say they did it. It convinces the crewmates that one of you is the impostor. Instead, make something up! Example: I was checking near the body for the impostor.

6. Sabotages are one of the best ways to get all crewmates in a single location.

7. This is VERY risky but if people are all crowded into each other, join the crowd and kill somebody. If this works, people will have no idea who in that crowd killed that person. This is not recommended as people probably will notice you. (Thank you to MrGames for the warning)

8. This is also risky if not more, but if you kill someone and people are coming, try to cover the body with your own. Only do this if it is the only option.

9. when sabotaging, if you do not head to the sabotage, you will immediately seem suspicious.

10. There are no doors to close in Mira HQ.

11. Avoid faking visual tasks. when crewmates do them, there is an indicator. More info on Faking Tasks.

12. Try to make an alibi for yourself. When killing somebody, Try to vent away to a place no one is at. then look for a group of people to stick by and make a sabotage away from the body. Those crewmates will cover for you when the body is discovered.

More updates to come!

List of Sabotages

Sabotages help the Impostor by diverting players’ attention, splitting players up, and grouping players together. I will show you a list of all the sabotages possible.

O2 – The Skeld, Mira HQ – This sabotage will suck out all the oxygen. Players will need to type a code on 2 different keyboards. If players do not fix this sabotage before the timer goes down, everybody dies and the impostors win.

Reactor/Seismic Stabilizers – The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus This will cause the reactor to overheat. The players need to go on 2 different hand scanners at the same time to fix this. If players do not fix this sabotage before the timer goes down, everybody dies and the impostors win. This is called seismic stabilizers in Polus.

Communications – The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus – This will make the crewmates unaware of what their tasks are until fixed. it also disables security cams, vitals from Polus, admin map, and Mira HQ’s door sensors which track who went where. The comms are fixed by rotating a knob until the wavelength matches the one on the left. On Mira HQ, It is required to use two separate pin pads to fix it.

Lights – Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus – This will lower the vision of the crewmates so they can only see in a very small circle around them. To fix this, crewmates will have to flip switches on a circuit breaker. The Impostor’s sight remains unaffected. This makes it easy for an unnoticed kill.

Doors – The Skeld, Polus – This shuts all doors in a chosen room for 10 seconds, locking people in or out. You can shut down all doors if you want, for doors while they are closed only disable non-door sabotages. In certain or all maps, the door can be unlocked from the outside by flipping switches.

Faking Tasks

This will show you all the tasks in the game, their type, and how crewmates do the so you can get a feeling how long you stand there, or if to stand there at all. This section used to be just visual tasks. Credit to Sneaky Spy for suggesting I use all tasks. This section is being updated so it does not have all the tasks yet. The update might take a few days.

Empty Garbage/Empty Chute – Visual, Long, Short – The Skeld – This is a two part task. Crewmates will hold down a lever in which you will see all the garbage fly out of the ship. They will then do it again somewhere else. They are scattered throughout the map. This is called Empty Chute in O2. In Mira HQ and Polus it is only short. In Skeld this is in O2, storage, and cafeteria. In Mira HQ it is in cafeteria. In Polus it is in O2.

Clear Asteroids – Visual, Short, Long – The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus – Crewmates will click or tap on asteroids. You will see a big gun outside the room firing. In The Skeld and Polus it is in the weapons room. In Mira HQ it is in the balcony. In The Skeld this is a visual and long task. In Mira HQ it is a long task. In Polus it is a visual and short task.

Submit Scan – Visual, Long, Short – The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus – Players will stand on top of a scanner. You will see an animation of a crewmate getting scanned. This is the most dangerous to fake as the other ones have a small chance of going unnoticed. In The Skeld and Mira HQ, It is a Visual and long task in medbay. In Polus, it is a Visual and short task in laboratory.

Prime Shields – Visual, Short – The Skeld, Mira HQ – Crewmates will need to click red hexagons until all turn white. The indication that this is finished is the lights outside growing brighter. In The Skeld, this is in the shields room and it is visual and short. In Mira HQ it is just short and is in admin.

Align Engine Output – Short – The Skeld – It will start with a engine facing upwards or downwards and a line in the middle of the screen. Crewmates have to align the engine’s line with the middle line with a switch they pull back and forth. It is a 2 part task and starts in the Upper/Lower engine and Ends in the Lower/Upper engine.

Align Telescope – Short – Polus – On a telescope in the laboratory, players can see planets and stars. On the bottom-right corner, they will see a picture of what they are looking for. Then they find and look at the planet or star they are looking for.

Assemble Artifact – Short – Mira HQ – Players will see pieces of a purple crystal at the bottom of their screen. They have to put 5 pieces together like a puzzle. This is in the lab.

Buy Beverage – Short – Mira HQ – On the bottom-right corner there is a drawing of what the crewmate wants. In glass cases are a bunch of things like milk and soda. They press the correct combination (Example: A3) to get their drink. This is in cafeteria on the vending machines.

Calibrate Distributor – Short – The Skeld – Crewmates will see 3 circles with a connecting cable spinning around. They press a button to make it stop on the other connecting cable. This is repeated 2 more times.

Chart Course – Short – The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus – Players use their mouse or hands to move a tiny spaceship along dotted lines. If it goes off course it starts again from the last star. In The Skeld it is in navigation. In Mira HQ it is in admin. In Polus it is in the dropship.

Clean O2 Filter – Short – The Skeld, Mira HQ – Players drag leafs from the filter into a rectangular hole in the side. In The Skeld it is in O2. In Mira HQ it is in the greenhouse.

Divert Power – Short – The Skeld, Mira HQ This is a two step task. The first part is basically moving a switch from down to up. The second part requires players to click a wire once to turn it around and accept the power.On The Skeld the first part is in electrical. The second part is either in communications, lower engine, navigation, O2, reactor, security, shields, or upper engine. In Mira HQ the first part is in reactor. The second part is in admin, cafeteria, communications, greenhouse, laboratory, launchpad, medbay, or office.

Fill Canisters – Short – Polus – Players drag 2 canisters onto an O2 pump to fill them up. each one takes about 4 seconds. This takes place in O2.

Measure Weather – Short – Mira HQ – players hit begin and wait a small amount of time until the task says done. This is on the balcony.

Monitor Tree – Short – Polus – Players drag levers down and up to dotted lines. This is done in O2.

Process Data – Short – Mira HQ – Almost like download and upload data, the player hits download and it initiates a scene with the player going through the virtual forest. I timed it and it is about 12 seconds.

Record Temperature – Short – Polus – A crewmate will see two numbers. The temperature the device is reading, and the log. Players will press the up and down arrows to get the exact temperature as the reading in the log. This is in The outside of the office over the lava pit.

Repair Drill – Short – Polus – Players will go to a drill and click all 4 exclamation points until they disappear. With each click they get smaller. players should click 3 times on the exclamation points. This is in the laboratory.

Run Diagnostics – Short – Mira HQ – On the launchpad, there is a task where you press the spacebar on the screen. Wait and in 90 seconds the player will have to click the red line pointing to the ship. While players are waiting they can do other tasks.

Sort Samples – Short – Mira HQ – This takes place in the laboratory. The players will sort rock samples, plant fossils, and bone fossils. They put them in their designated box. there are 2 of each category, 6 in total.

Stabilize Steering – Short – The Skeld – There is 2 lines that cross in the middle and players have control of a crosshair. players will tap or click the middle where the two lines meet and once the crosshair is in the middle, the task is complete. This is in navigation on the middle console.

Store Artifacts – Short – Polus – In the specimen room, players drag artifacts to the correctly shaped hole. Kind of like that toy where kids put a triangle in the triangle hole and circle in the circle hole.

Unlock Manifolds – Short – The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus – Players have to push 10 numbered buttons in the correct order. this is the combinaton: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. simple.

Enter Id Code – Common – Mira HQ – At the front of the admin table, players will take out a card and punch the code on the card to the keypad.

Fix Wiring – Common – The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus – This is a 3 part task. Players will go around connecting wires to their color or shape (in a upcoming update). Attach blue to blue/triangle to triangle. In The Skeld, this is in admin, cafeteria, electrical, navigation, security, and/or storage. In Mira HQ, this is in greenhouse, hallway, laboratory, locker room, and/or storage. In Polus, this is in decontamination, electrical, laboratory (note that there are two locations. one in the bathroom, and the other next to decontamination), O2, and/or office. The electrical panels are labeled with a lightning bolt.

Insert Keys – Common – Polus – This will be in the dropship players spawn in. Players will go to the front, and take a car key looking thing, insert it in a keyhole, and turn it.

Faking Tasks – Part 2

Scan Boarding Pass – Common – Polus – Players will press a yellow arrow to flip a card with their picture on it, and a QR code. Players drag the card on top of the scanner and after a second the task is complete. This is in the office.

Swipe Card – Common – The Skeld, Polus – Players will have to drag a card from one side to the other at a perfect speed. This can take more than one try. If the players fail, It will start over saying “Too Fast” “Too Slow” or “Bad Read”. In The Skeld this is located in admin. In Polus this is located in the office.

Map – Skeld



Map – Mira HQ



Map – Polus




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