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Apex Legends – Inventory Management 4 - wpgameplay.com
Apex Legends – Inventory Management 4 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Apex Legends – Inventory Management

How to understand what exactly you need to have in your inventory? Guide mostly for beginners.


Part I: The Problem

  • You’re unlucky enough not to have a backpack?
  • You are running out of ammo all the time?
  • Do you think grenades are useless?
  • “Do I need 3 medkits or 3 phoenix kits?”

If you’re on that list, then this guide is for you!

Part II: The Questions

The most important question you have to ask yourself when you are looking in your inventory is:
Is this stuff enough for 1 fight?

Also, some minor questions you should know answers to:

  • Grenades are useless?
  • How many grenades do I need?
  • How much ammo do I need?
  • Which weapon needs more ammo?
  • Health or armor?
  • Medkits/Shield batteries or a Phoenix Kit?


Part III: The Answers

Apex Legends - Inventory Management - <b>Part III: The Answers</b>

This is probably the perfect amount of stuff for 1 fight without a backpack.


If both of your guns are ARs, SMGs, or LMGs, then 120 for each is enough for a fight.
For SRs, Shotguns, and Pistols, 1 slot(60 ammo or 16 for a shotgun) is enough, and another gun could get 3 slots(160 ammo)
If you use one type of bullets for each weapon, nothing changes, still 240 ammo(4 slots) total.
Good at shooting? Then you can try to swap one ammo slot with a nade.


In a close or mid-range fight, you definitely don’t need more than that.
If your shield is level 3 or more, you might want to swap syringes or medkits with more shield cells.
Armor is more important than health unless you have a level 1 or less shield.
A battery or a medkit is more profitable than a Phoenix kit cause you can have 2 in one slot.
8 cells and 2 batteries + 1 slot medkits/syringes are enough for a fight!


“but 60 ammo will do more damage than a nade!!1”
No. If you haven’t killed an enemy with 240 bullets, then 60 more won’t help at all.

  • Arc star deal 70 damage around plus 90 damage to a player if you hit him. Damage TRIPLES against armor!
  • A Perfect Frag Grenade will do 100 damage, but mostly around 60-90.
  • Thermite nade deals 4 damage per tick(around 30 damage per second) when standing inside the flames and 25 more damage after exiting the flames

2 nades are good enough.

Part IV: What if?


Collect more ammo and nades, heals are the same amount, maybe more shield cells or one phoenix kit. Also, mobile respawned if you have one.


If you really need to carry attachments for a weapon, you might find drop nades, and ammo for a current weapon(if it isn’t using the same ammo as the future one). You may drop 1 slot of medkits/syringes.

Part V: More Questions!

Why for one fight?

Because after that fight, you can loot enemies that you have killed and resupply your inventory.

But what if more enemies will come?

If you can’t loot your enemies, then you’re probably can’t heal.

wHaT aBoUt LoNg RanGe fiGHtS?

I am not talking about this ammo and armor wasting ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

By AvondaleTheProma

This is all that we can say about Apex Legends – Inventory Management for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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