Apex Legends – Little Tips for Apex

Apex Legends – Little Tips for Apex 3 - wpgameplay.com
Apex Legends – Little Tips for Apex 3 - wpgameplay.com

Apex Legends – Little Tips for Apex


This is a small guide from someone who has been with Apex since the beginning! This is geared towards newer players who want to learn stuff that I wish I knew when I started. It’ll cover general gameplay and weapon tips. I hope this helps!



Apex Legends – Little Tips for Apex 1 - wpgameplay.com
Apex Legends – Little Tips for Apex 1 – wpgameplay.com

1) You move faster when your weapon is holstered.

2) Never stand still, else you’ll die quickly. In a fight, especially close quarters, keep sliding around your opponent.

3) Position matters more than how kitted out your guns are. Obey the commands of the great


4) There are three modes of moving, walking, running, and crouching.

Crouching makes no noise at all, while running is easy to hear. Why am I telling you this? Because walking is viable! It’s not loud, and don’t feel the need to crouch everywhere if you

think enemies are around.

5) You can hang unto ledges via climbing them, then stopping at the top.

You can also wall jump! Just press space while climbing for a split second. This video explains it

better than I can.

While the hanging isn’t super useful, the wall jump is a great thing to know.



Apex Legends – Little Tips for Apex 2 - wpgameplay.com
Apex Legends – Little Tips for Apex 2 – wpgameplay.com

1) Aim for the shoulders, not the head. You’ll land more headshots more reliably as people move. Of course, there is a damage multiplier if you hit a headshot. Helmets reduce this multiplier.

2) YOU DO NOT TAKE ANY DAMAGE FROM YOUR TEAMMATES GRENADES. For instance, if your teammate throws a thermite grenade, it creates a firewall. You can run through it, no problem! Or an Arc Star blast. Work with teammates to make yourself untouchable.

3) Arc Stars are sticky grenades that will slow ANYONE DAMAGED down in their blast. So even if you miss it, it still can be useful!

4) Carry at least one type of grenade with you. They can save you. There are three types.

Frag Grenades are best to throw into rooms or buildings.

Arc Stars are best thrown directly at people.

Thermite creates a firewall. This wall is a line from left to right from your screen. IT CAN GO THROUGH DOORS.

5) You can block doors opening by standing in front of them. Use this to buy time. You can break down doors with two melee hits. USE THERMITE if you see an enemy blocking a doorway.

6) Carry at least 2 Batteries, 2 Medpacks, 12 Energy Cells, and 4 Syringes. Late game you’ll burn out of cells fast.

7) Types of Ammo have different small effects.

Heavy Ammo slows down people they shoot and can move doors!

Light Ammo doesn’t have any unique properties.

Energy Ammo has the fastest travel rate and lowest bullet drop.



Apex Legends – Little Tips for Apex 3 - wpgameplay.com
Apex Legends – Little Tips for Apex 3 – wpgameplay.com

1) Some weapons have an alternative fire mode. They are…

R-301 (Light Ammo Assault Rifle): Swaps to single fire mode. Use to converse Ammo at long ranges if you know you won’t hit every shot.

Scout (Light Ammo ‘Rifle’): If you find a Double Tap Mod, it transforms the Scout from a single fire to Dual Burst fire. If you hit both shots, it will equate to about 60 damage.

Flatline (Heavy Ammo Assault Rifle): Swaps to single fire mode. Works the same as the 301.

Prowler (Heavy Ammo SMG): This SMG swaps from a 5 round burst to full Auto. The Burst has a higher DPS, while Auto is more consistent. Use Burst if you think you can aim, while Auto for longer ranges.

Triple Take (Energy Sniper Rifle): The two modes are charge and no charge. The gun shoots out three projectiles. When it’s on charge mode, it’ll take time to combine the three shots into one powerful one. Enemies can HEAR this. When it’s off, it’ll fire the three projectiles like a shotgun in a straight line. You can still fire the weapon if it’s not done charging. Use no charge for close range to cover the area while charge mode to do long-range.

Peacekeeper (Care Package Shotgun): You will only find these in packages, not on the ground or in buildings. They operate much like the Triple Take, a charge mode, and no charge.

EVA-8 (Shotgun) This shotgun can be modified with Double Tap, much like the Scout, to fire two shots in a burst rather than a single fire. However, I argue that Single Fire is generally better as the clip of an EVA is 6. Use Dual Burst to do max damage when you are super up close, but use typically Single Fire mode for everything else.

Havoc (Energy Assault Rifle): This has two modes, a charge shot and full Auto. The charge shot sucks. Do not use it! It’s okay with a 2-4x ACOG scope, but don’t use frequently. Use full Auto unless it’s super long range. Makes a cool sound, though!

Now that we are done with firing modes let us go over general weapons tips you should know.

Kraber (Care Package Sniper): Best sniper in the game. If you hit a headshot, the person is dead. They have a unique sound.

If you hear this, take cover.

Mastiff (Shotgun): This shotgun shoots its pellets in a straight line. To reduce significantly spread, aim down the sights. Hipfire with this lady won’t work well.

Alternator (Light Ammo SMG): Unlike the Mastiff, the hipfire is fantastic. Try to use this with you moving and hipfiring. Remember the hipfire.

Mozambique (Shotgun) and P2020 (Light Ammo Pistol): These two guns are the worst in the game. However, if you find a particular mod for them…they become a Doomsday machine. What you need is the Hammerpoint Hopup . What it does is that it does damage against HP (not shields), does much more damage. A single shot from the P2020 modded does 30 out of 100 HP. Mozambique modded does 100 HP damage. Most people don’t use this as finding the mod can be difficult. It’s a great option, though!



Apex Legends – Little Tips for Apex 4 - wpgameplay.com
Apex Legends – Little Tips for Apex 4 – wpgameplay.com

These are excellent terms/words to know for the game.

Cell: Energy Cell, heals 25 shields.

Bat: Battery: heals full shields

Pheonix: This black battery heals full shields and health! They are pretty slow to use.

Low: if someone says this, it means the person they were firing at is almost dead. Most times, they are lying. Never, ever expect them to below! If they are….wow. That like never happens!

TTV: If you see a TTV on the end of a username, especially a Wraith, beware. They won’t be the most excellent and will usually leave after they get knocked down.

Ring: The Ring is the damaging effect that pushes everyone together, basically the Storm from Fortnite. Some use Storm, some use Ring. Just know they are the same thing.

Tower/Balloon: Towers/Ballons are the weird zip lines hanging in the air by a giant balloon. Ziplining on one and reaching the top makes you able to glide where you want to go. It allows you to ‘rejump’ like from the start.

Jumpmaster: The one who will launch the squad



Apex Legends – Little Tips for Apex 5 - wpgameplay.com
Apex Legends – Little Tips for Apex 5 – wpgameplay.com

Professionals have standards

Be Polite

Says so in the title 😀

Don’t leave when you are down.

Don’t leave when you’re dead, and your banner is still able to be picked up.

Don’t spam.

Don’t grab things people have called dibs on.

Don’t hoard, share!

Be Efficient

When your teammate kills someone, do not loot who they killed until they have done so.

When your shield is down, sometimes it’s better to pick one off the ground instead of repairs.

When your teammate is dead, grab their banner.

When your ULT is ready, tell your team.

When your teammate is too far away from the team, wait for them, usually.

Have a Plan to Ping Everything You meet


By Volkgang


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