ARK: Survival Evolved – EZ Ark server

ARK: Survival Evolved – EZ Ark server 9 -
ARK: Survival Evolved – EZ Ark server 9 -

Guide for ARK: Survival Evolved – EZ Ark server

A step by step guide on how to start using your own server (this will get you started as for changing settings you may need to google some answers)

The idea of this guide was make one script file that would set up the full ark server and make this process easy for anyone (Least amount of clicks as possible). Not an traditional guide in this sense

I also wanted to share how I run my server as I find it useful and thought others might as well.

Before you Start

Welcome to EZ ark server 
You will need to download this ZIP Folder: –!AmqyFhj1gx0lgadwTmJAqUW5OJq0Tw?e=UI39aD 
The Zip file contains: 

  • Ark server lancher .bat 
  • A list of commands you may find useful 
  • Steam CMD

Extract the folder: (Example: Extract to desktop for easy access) 
Before you Start: 
Make sure you have both ports open: 

  • 27015 
  • 7777

Note: Best to set a static IP as well so ports remain open 
I will not discuss how to open ports but you will need to do this by accessing your router setting. 

Step 1: Startup

Now double click on the file called (ark server launcher.bat) 
ARK: Survival Evolved - EZ Ark server 
The file will open a window like this that will prompt you for some information: 
Note: You may need admin rights on the PC 
ARK: Survival Evolved - EZ Ark server 
For first time setup or if game has had recent update Type: 

  • Y

Note: This is not case sensitive and the default value is N 

Step 2: Installing

After Clicking Y this window will appear and start the install process 
ARK: Survival Evolved - EZ Ark server 
There are 3 install phases: 

  • Checking for update 
  • Downloading update 
  • Verifying install

Note: this will take awhile and will self close: 

Step 3: Map selection

After install is complete the window will ask to select a map 
ARK: Survival Evolved - EZ Ark server 
Enter map number: 

  • Enter the number next to the map you want to play

Example: 1 (This will load the island map) 
Note: some maps require DLC to play 
Note: the default setting is 1 

Step 4: Naming Server

ARK: Survival Evolved - EZ Ark server - Step 4: Naming Server 
Enter server name: 

  • Enter your server name here


Step 5: Enable battle eye

ARK: Survival Evolved - EZ Ark server - Step 5: Enable battle eye 
Enter Y/N : 

  • N

Note: Default setting is Y 
After this setup is finished the window will close 

Step 6: Loading Server

The next window to open is your sever 
ARK: Survival Evolved - EZ Ark server 
the server is loading. 
Note: this may take a few mins 
Once this window looks like this: 
ARK: Survival Evolved - EZ Ark server 
The server is up and running and can now be joined. 
Note: Full startup time will vairy and number of cores is dependent on your PC 

Additional information

Known problem: 
Sometimes the steam download is interrupted and when this happens it causes the download to stop and close the window early. There is an easy way to fix this: 

  • Close all windows 
  • Restart the launcher 
  • And press Y to update server again

This will then search though the files and continue to install where the drop out happened. 
Thank you: 
This is just the way i start my server and i am sure there are many ways of doing this. 
I hope this fixed some of the problems people are having when it comes to setting up your 1st server I know I had some issues. 

Written by raywins

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about ARK: Survival Evolved – EZ Ark server. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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