Armada 2526 Gold Edition – Unusual System Features List

Armada 2526 Gold Edition – Unusual System Features List 1 -
Armada 2526 Gold Edition – Unusual System Features List 1 -
While you are encouraged to survey the systems to determine where to place your colonies, getting information on what effects the features will have is not always easy – sometimes you can find them in the tips and hints area, you also usually (always?) get some info when you first survey the planets, although not always the exact effect even then, but if you miss it or forget by the time your Ark is ready to send out, there doesn’t seem to be a way in game to find out the details leaving you with guesswork as to the best place to colonize.

Note a lot of the base information for this guide came from a post by Iceman on the Matrix Games forums for this game, I just condensed it a bit. Will try to fill in some of the gaps (particular the effects on tourism and whatever religion does) if I remember as I play more.


Unusual System Features


ColonizeAlien ComputerResearch – Skunkworks +60%
ColonizeAlien Hoard$10000 (or $30000 dependant on which patch the steam version has)
SystemAlien Space StationResearch – Weapons +30%, 1 Orbital Laser
ColonizeAlien VirusXeno Plague technology
ColonizeAlien Virus NanoAgent Gray technology
SurveyAmazing WildlifeTourism Bonus +?
SurveyBiodiversityResearch – Bio +40%
ColonizeCursedNo tourism, Happiness -3, Growth x0.7
SystemDeep CavernsProtection against Bombardment
SurveyDefense Grid RemnantResearch – Shield +40%
SurveyEasy TerraformingBio Incubator +1 happiness, +1% growth, (Small) Terraformer +2 happiness, +2% growth
SurveyEasy Terraforming – VenusianBio Incubator +1 happiness, +1% growth, (Small) Terraformer +2 happiness, +2% growth
ColonizeExceptional GemsTrade Item
SystemExtreme WeatherCan damage buildings, Tourism penalty -?
SurveyFertile SoilGrowth x1.3
ColonizeFragile EcosystemDoubles happiness penalty of pollution
ColonizeGhostsTourism -?, Growth x0.7
SystemGravitic AnomalyCannot build teleports, or be teleported to
SurveyInactive Defense Grid10 Heavy Missiles, Research – Shield +40%
SurveyInactive Defense Grid Int3 Intermediate Missiles, Research – Shield +30%
SurveyInactive Defense Grid Light10 Light Missiles, Research – Shield +20%
SystemMajestic HeavensTourism +?
SystemNatural AntimatterTrade Item, bonus to missile damage with Light/Heavy Anti-Matter Warheads tech
SystemNatural WondersTourism +?, Happiness +1, Religion ?
SystemNavigation HazardsCan slow movement, small risk of ships being destroyed
ColonizeNeutronium HoardTrade Item, build Neutronium ships
SurveyPast CivilizationTrade Item, Tourism +?
ColonizePollution ResistancePollution happiness effect halved (round up I think)
SystemPrimitivesCan damage buildings, Growth x0.7, Tourism -?
ColonizePsychic PlantsResearch – Psychic +40%
SurveyRare MineralsTrade Item
ColonizeSerenityTourism +?, Happiness +5, Religion ?
SystemSolar FlaresCan damage buildings, can prevent movement
SystemTachyon StormsBlocks scanners into and out of the sytem


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