ASTRONEER – Making Squasholine Without Lifting a Finger (mostly)

ASTRONEER – Making Squasholine Without Lifting a Finger (mostly) 1 -
ASTRONEER – Making Squasholine Without Lifting a Finger (mostly) 1 -

Galvan Maps – Pickled Man


Wizardry: The Five Ordeals - Pickled Man of Galvan Maps - B1 - BB8FE28
07.00: ** Via Garten** While the wooden sign shows signs that it is older, the carving seems to be relatively recent. "We Drink Tonight!" Bring Ale Bring beer to get in the door.
00.04 Cherry Picker Out-of-Order – Power Failure Beyond the sliding iron fence, you can see what looks small. An charged battery is required to operate the elevator.
x,x. A large number of mugs are displayed on the shelves. They appear to be made out of fine ceramic, although they have lost their color from daily use.
x,x The mural depicts the sleeping of a beared male. A snake eats the tail of its own tail to form a circle that covers his head.
x,x Pilsner Saintout Lambic Large empty containers are lined up.
x,x = One-way street. This is the home.
13,12: A blind Biwa saxophonist entertains nobody. "The faces the fallen have regret for having fallen to the ocean's bottoms.
10,15 You might search it.
05:15: The door has become a decrepit ruin and the text on its plate is barely legible. Cellar
00,07 – An old woman sat down on a floor and said: "The pickled man makes certain to get a soak." It is the key that will lead to eternal life.


Wizardry: The Five Ordeals - Pickled Man of Galvan Maps - B2 - 43B3F4B
,12 Ice House – This was once where ice was stored for summer banquets.
13,01 – A striking, white metal bull statue rests on a plate. *Receive Statue of an Ox
15,12: Rust-coloured cat statue atop square platform. *Receive a statue of RED CAT


Wizardry: The Five Ordeals - Pickled Man of Galvan Maps - B3 - 01B1287
08,02 – The Brine Baths
10.02: Is that a bath? Clear liquid fills the large hollow. It doesn't seem to be hot nor does it smell. After the statues were placed inside, each one began to show signs and symptoms of breathing. Charging complete
Fight for the thunder balls
On use: Kills character.

08:02: In the room, a terrifying man awaits. His legs are suffering from some form flesh decay, as he can see through the holes in the rags. "Go further, and see the bodies. Their flesh became my legs. The baths contain acid. The'miracle-water' is a myth! You must face the trap that burns. "Until the curse 'G' is gone."
08,05 – You feel dizzy and have trouble staying upright. As your bodies touch the ground, your souls begin to ascend upwards. *Exit*
08,08 Galvan's lord once belonged to that bastard.
09:11: Red and Green herbs emerge from pots placed on the floor. A large locker further back seems to call out to the adventurers, just begging for your attention. Wait… Who is waiting within?
12,04 Could the iron plates at its sides have some connection the fire?
12, 11: Biohazard fight, receive broken battery
If you get stuck at that point: By taking an ox and cat statue to F3's acid bath at 10:02, activate the battery


Wizardry: The Five Ordeals - Pickled Man of Galvan Maps - B4 - 8E9277D
05:00: The Harem of G appears on the door. This door can only be opened by a haremkey, which can also be obtained after you have explored F4
Elevator Hall 06.05.
It appears the place used belonged to alchemists. There are also many other things scattered about. The alchemist seems keen to spot something. A note of some nature? "Beads! The equipment will not work if the beads are not pharmacists."
12,06: In central space, you will see a towering, transparent, pillar. It is filled with liquid and a man with an eyepatch appears to be floating within it. "I'm the pickled man." "Friends. I must inform you of the great Alchemist known as "G". My lord, my mentor, my friend. When madness took him, it was only fair that I was the one to help him escape its grip. "I have been guiding adventurers for 200+ years in this fluid to that end. Beyond this, to the left, is a hidden pa*sage to his home, now his lair. Go forth to defeat the cursed beast. "Leave, then. "Leave, then." Slay 'G.' and return his blade to the realms of men. Remind Galvan about your lord’s skill. But don't be caught in his acidic spew!


Wizardry: The Five Ordeals - Pickled Man of Galvan Maps - B5 - 572AD3F
Wizardry: The Five Ordeals - Pickled Man of Galvan Maps - B5 - 2A800F5
06,06 G is an alchemist who has achieved great fame. He bound the corpses of his victims. He reduced his land and made rivers of blood. All this was done in the name if wisdom. If you're looking to run, it's now.
01,02 G' has mutilated him. With ten arms, 10 blades, and a scarifice hanging off each, G' is enclosed in a steel case. You have until now to run if you wish.
x.x: An unsettling voice speaks from somewhere. Beware of his breath. His breath can melt skin and bones, and armor will be melted. Your torment won't end. You can run if it is your desire.
Pharmacists can drop the Molecular Model Kit here. F4 gives you a hint about this.

Activate SP on the Molecular Model Kit in order to obtain this information for a puzzle later.
You come upon 4 gems. Each one can hold beads.
4 obsidian beads
3 jasper beads
2 ruby bead
1 crystal beads

01,11: Boss fights G'
Difficult fight. The breath attack will fill you with poison crystals which are difficult to remove. You must ensure that you have enough inventory space after the fight for your Axe.
several useful spells can be used in this fight: Seventh Boon (to teleport). Spell Screen, Spellscreen Silence, Suffocation. Total Terror. Hopefully your weapons won't break.
14,8 : An unknown force blocks you from your path. These are the boundaries 'G'.
Return Axe at boss fight at 01:11 area to enter room


Wizardry: The Five Ordeals - Pickled Man of Galvan Maps - B6 - 3528479
This appears like a ruin. Some kind soul left a note on an old text. "Ancestors helped us find this labyrinth. Count the space and count all the doors. "
This is half of what you need to know about the bead machines
The SP is part of the Molecular Model Tool. This is the second clue to the bead machines.
You come upon 4 gems. Each one can hold beads.
4 obsidian beads
3 jasper beads
2 ruby bead
1 crystal bead

9,3 : A strange device rests upon top of the desk. The holes at one end appear to be for inserting beads. However, who knows what they are for at the bottom?
If you need a*sistance with this puzzle:
Make sure you have at minimum one molecular model set
One for each poisoned guest member and one is ideal for the castle
This floor contains fourteen rooms
There are 14 beads available to insert
Count how many doors are in each room
For each room that has 4 doors, add one obsidian necklace. For each room having 3 doors, add a jasper orb, etc.
The final code will be
5 obsidian
4 crystal
4 jasper
1 ruby


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