ASTRONEER – Making Squasholine Without Lifting a Finger (mostly)

ASTRONEER – Making Squasholine Without Lifting a Finger (mostly) 1 -
ASTRONEER – Making Squasholine Without Lifting a Finger (mostly) 1 -

Small automation tips and automation for Squasholine Production (09/2022 Event).



  • 1x Extra Large Platform C
  • 2x Auto Arm
  • 1x Medium Gas Canister
  • 1x Medium Storage Silo
  • 1x Delay Repeater
  • 1x Button Repeater


  • 2x Zinc
  • 2x Titanium
  • 2x Aluminum
  • 2x Graphite
  • 1x Silicone
  • 1x Gla*s
  • 2x Resin
  • 2x Iron



ASTRONEER - Making Squasholine Without Lifting a Finger (mostly) - Setup - CEE1766
Both Auto Arms can also be found at either end of the platform. Although it might seem redundant to have two, sometimes the squash gives 5 or 6 pieces. If you make it faster, it will be easier. To ensure that they only pick up the squash, place a piece on the Auto Arms.
Next, place Medium Storage Silo near the Medium Gas Canister. The Medium Gas Canister can be used to store the Squasholine. Additionally, the Medium Storage Silo acts as a buffer.
Both Auto Arms produce go to the Medium Storage Silo behind. This buffer will help if there are too many squash pieces.
Place two plants at the end of the platform.
The last step is to set-up the farm.
ASTRONEER - Making Squasholine Without Lifting a Finger (mostly) - Setup - CA61067
This is done by placing the Button Repeater right in the middle of where you will plant your squash seeds. You can also place the Delay Repeater inside the range of your Button Repeater. Then connect it to your Button Repeater. This creates loops where the Delay Repeater count ends activates the Button Repeater and the Button Repeater activates it again.
The Button Repeater's everything capabilities are key: it can activate the Delay Repeater to continue the cycle, it may harvest ripe vegetables, and it can even replant the seeds.


  • You will still be required to transport the entire Medium Gas Canister on the EXO Request Platform.
  • Some squash can produce Astronium. The squash pieces and seeds must be removed manually or using an Auto Arm.
  • Sometimes, the squash pieces will fly off and you'll have to move them into the Auto Arms range. (. I tried thinking of a way I could lock the farm up but I was too busy giggling when I saw this working).
  • You can set the Delay Repeater to either 1 (or 2), it doesn’t change much (. If it isn’t shortened, it will reduce the chances that a seed will be moved from the Button Repeater).
  • This may work with different fuel configurations if other plants behave like the event squash. I didn't test it.
  • 7 seeds works for me. (buffers are rarely empty (. Usually, a lot if squash pieces end in the Auto Arm range).

If the Button Repeater becomes nerfed, it will at most give us a small piece of the planter.


Written by R4dioS1lence

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