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Guide for Avorion – Alonfire’s Ship Building Guide

Hi I am Alonfire a really expierenced Ship Builder ( over 800 h in creative Mode) and I just want to share some Tipps and Tricks 🙂



If you are a Beginner:
Find a Ship with a nice desgin in the workshop and modify it in creativ mode.
95. of the ships in the Workshop look nice but are really badly designed in Terms of effiency.
Use my Tipps and advice from this guide.
The only ships I can recommend with no doubt are the ships of DerpSuper++.

Reworking Ships from the Workshop

When you downloaded the Ship use the Hide Blocks Function to Mark the Blocks that need to change with a color – for example red, if you want to change the Systems – convert those to framework. A really common Problem is that the majority of thrusters is placed exactly at the center of gravity, where they work the least efficient. Or the Armor is waaaaay to thick, like 2x2x2 armor Blocks which are never going to be destroyed.
You can replace big blocks like a 2x2x2 Edge 1 with Edge 1 and 2 with the 0.5×0.5×0.5 dimension.
This way you can reduce weight usually by a lot and gain a lot of Space inside of the ship for Systems. The downside is that the durability of those blocks is lower. But espcially on the back of the ship that is no problem. Keep in Mind that I don t recommend to build a ship with more than 10000 Blocks because the game is going to crash often.


Step 1: Building the Hull / determining the Shape of the Ship

Why start with the Hull and not with internals?
1.It makes it really hard to have a ship with a nice shape – ships are going to look really blocky and clumsy.
2.Thruster placement is the most important aspect for mobility! As far away from the center of gravity of the ship as possible! To ensure this you need to build them first,because it doesn t really matter where you place the other internals of the ship, because they are providing stats anyway. Just keep in mind that the bigger the block the more efficient it is in Terms of generatos, thrusters and so on.

Building the Hull / Armor the general Shape:

  • I recommend using Framework to get the shape down
    Avorion - Alonfire's Ship Building Guide
  • there are possiblitys to import scanned Models

Never use normal Hull – always use armor to build the hull!
If you are transitioning from Titanium to Naonite for example – convert only the Blocks of the Hull where the guns are placed to the next higher Tier(so you can place the higher Guns)

Why use Armor instead of normal Hull?
Shields are still overpowered so to have max mobility- get only enough HP to survive an ambush attack by shield piecing guns or Torpedos. Then skip/ escape or kill those Threads first!
Hull provide no benefits but wasting lots of valuable space and minimun protection against some weapons.
Armor is much more effienct for HP and provides protection against railgauns in the worst case that your shilds are failing.
NEVER BUILD Armor or HULL INSIDE OF THE SHIP! If your enemy piereced your shields and armor escape!!!!! If you design your ship like I recommended – you are near to death anyway.

How do you know someone is really advanced in Hull Building?
– nearly no pure Armor Plating is used ~5%
Avorion - Alonfire's Ship Building Guide
-the rest consists of Edge 1,2 or 3 ( Invest some Time into remembering the sides(triangle or square) of the edges and how to combine and fit them)
Avorion - Alonfire's Ship Building Guide
Edge 1
Avorion - Alonfire's Ship Building Guide
Edge 2
Avorion - Alonfire's Ship Building Guide
Edge 3
Avorion - Alonfire's Ship Building Guide

– I will recommend scale Sizes for Ships – If there is a spot espacially in Front of the Ship where most of the Dmg is taken – build thicker Armor then normal there

While building hull/armor remember with integrety fields the HP of the block gets multiplied by 10 – so the blockHP multiplied by 10 should never exeed the HP of the hole ship!!!! – because of relativ obvious reasons.

Step 2: Building the internal Systems

If you got the hull/shape down continue with thrusters:
Avorion - Alonfire's Ship Building Guide
Color Coded : red provides mostly Pitch/Roll , Yellow – Yaw , Blue – Brake and Yaw
then Gryophalanx:
Avorion - Alonfire's Ship Building Guide
Color Coded: blue – Roll , green – yaw , not extra gyro for pitch in this case

While building the Hull and thrusters keep in mind you need some openeings for torpedo launchers. Finish with internals like generators, shields, dampeners.
Avorion - Alonfire's Ship Building Guide

Avorion - Alonfire's Ship Building Guide

Avorion - Alonfire's Ship Building Guide
While building crew quaters remember there is requierement for minimun size so crew can fit into them.
Basic example for internal setup principle:
Avorion - Alonfire's Ship Building Guide

Integrity Fields-Do the Math!
An 1x1x1 Integertiy field generatos covers a 5x5x5 area.
So usually I have 1 or 2 big generators to cover the hole ship and maybe some small ones for detials.
Example: If your ship is 23 long,12 wide, 7 high
23/5 = 4.6 long
12/5 = 2.4 wide
7/5 = 1.4 high
To cover the hole ship.
If your integrity field generator is placed perfectly in the middle of the ship. Usually I don t like to run a long thin block threw the middle so I would use 2 generators on the left and right of the ship core which consists of shield or energy generators.
Avorion - Alonfire's Ship Building Guide

End Game – Ship Materials

Systems: Avorion or Xanion -Energy/Shield generators, inertia dampeners,Hyperroom core, Energy containers, Production

Armor – mainly Trinium, where most of the hits are taken Ogonite
Use Trinium Armor for your end game ship, because it is the lightest material.
If you are running it Problems, that you armor is damaged often or for the front part of the ship, where most hits are taken, consider using Ogonite. Do not use Ogonite in general, because it is far to heavy and just weighting you down.

Thrusters,Engines,Cargo,Integrity Field Generators and Hangars – Trinium has the highst efficieny

Use whatever Maerial for the Rest of the ship – it doesn t really matter because glas, Tropedo ramps,black box and so on- makes a really smal percentage of the ship

Computer Core:
like the Hull this Systems is wasted Space and consumes Energy too. Build real Systems like Generators instead. The only reason to use this, is if you need a small amount of Processing Power something like ~ 500 to reach the next Tier/ Upgrade Slot.

Ship Catagorys

Basic minimal Ship Stats:
10. m/s Break Thrust
1:2 Hull to Shield ratio

Requirements for Ship Categorys:

Starter Ship 2-3 Slots:

  • Build on a 0.1 Scale / Armor Thickness
  • Enough energy to Boost for 30 Secounds
  • 4 Rad in Pitch/Yaw/Roll (Why so much or how to achive this Gyro is super OP early)


Early Game 4-6 Slots:

  • 0.2 or 0.4 Scale / Armor Thickness
  • 2-3 Rad in Pitch/Yaw/Roll for 4 and 5 Slots
  • 1 Rad in Pitch/Yaw/Roll for 6 Slots
  • 30-60K Shields


Mid Game 7- 12 Slots:

  • 0.4 or 0.5 Scale / Armor Thickness
  • 0.5 – 0.8 Rad Pitch/Yaw/Roll
  • 100K Shields +


End Game 12-15 Slots:

  • 0.8 or 1 Scale / Armor Thickness
  • 0.3 Rad Pitch/Yaw/Roll
  • 3 Million HP / 7-8 Million Shields ( These Stats are for ships that are basically immortal)
  • 100 – 200 K Cargo space


Learn from Experts

Learn from other pro Ship Builders from the Workshop:
Download Ships – look how to build something round or place the edges to make interesting effects

If you are looking for a realtiv simple design and maximum efficiency, only 5% of the ships in the Workshop are even close in therms of that to my ships. Or take a look at the ships of DerpSuper++
But in Terms of creativity and raw designing skillz/ detials there are far better artists out there.
I don t like those because it is a lot of throuble in reparing and has no benefit, besides looking nice.
A few honorable mentions: Two-Hands ,warpSpeedNyanCat();, Black_Disciple, Winter Dragon, Arakiss, TESLA

Problem Solving/ Scaling

Problems because Blocks do not fit perfectly?
Some times you run into problems with uneven values ( Stuff does not fit without a small thin opening… or rounding Problems). Scale the Ship up by 2X or two times by 2X. Slove the problem and in the End scale it back down.
Using even values witch are diviable by two and are still even helps a lot so
Use mirrroring as much as possible it makes your ship symetric and cuts down your work exponentionally.

Remember while scaling up and down:

  • Ship Systems like energy/shield generators get more efficient, Crew quaters get more efficient
  • Gyro and Thrusters get exponentionally less efficient.
  • Armor get´s to thick pretty quickly


By Alonfire

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Avorion – Alonfire’s Ship Building Guide helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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