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Avorion – Bosses & Progression 3 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Avorion – Bosses & Progression

This guide is intended for Version 0.16.6 and details how to get the Xsotan Artifacts (XSTN-I through VIII) necessary to progress to the Galactic Centre, as well as what lays beyond. This information has been shifted to other guides, expanded on in hints and tips ingame, and otherwise made obsolete.

I will update this guide later to detail the effects of each respective Artifact, along with the new post-release bosses.
Maybe some new media as well.

Operation: Exodus (XSTN-I)

Originally posted by Avorion Wiki:

As most quests, the start of these can be found in hidden mass systems. Equip a scanner upgrade with deep scan range and visit the yellow blips on the map.

The start beacons can be found in hidden mass systems at a distance of more than 200 from the core. They’re easy to spot on the sector map – they blink. (zoom out to spot them) The beacons are numbered, e.g. #35 X=65 and #37 Y=97 – find beacons until you have X and Y of the same number. Go to that location (can be found via mission menu-> show on map). You’ll find a beacon in that sector with new coordinates. Follow them. Repeat that until you’ve reached the final sector (somewhere near the very edge of the map). Talk to the communication beacon until it says it’ll drop some Xsotan technology. Look around for the glowy purple thingy, and go pick it up.

Due to the heavy travel requirements, it’s not recommended you begin this chain until at least Naonite Tier and/or you have an Exceptional Quantum Drive Upgrade. Large Trinium and Xanion material derelicts can be found along its route and at the endpoint of Operation: Exodus itself.

It should be noted that in Co-op/Alliance Play, allied players can now switch to your Sector upon finding the endpoint of Operation: Exodus and activate the dialog Communications Beacon to receive an XSTN-I of their own without having to complete the entire journey themselves.

Research Station (XSTN-II)

Research three Legendary Equipment Modules at any Research Station to receive this Artifact.

Pirate Captain Swoks (XSTN-III)

Avorion - Bosses & Progression - Pirate Captain Swoks (XSTN-III)

Found within the radius of 430-380 (the Red Band in the picture above) of the Galaxy within empty sectors, it will take several (~8) jumps through empty sectors to find them. Recommended for Early Naonite-tier Ships of ~4-5 Equipment Slots in Size and at least 40,000 Shields

Combat Update 0.16, Swoks is accompanied by 2-4 Torpedo Boats, which immediately begin firing upon you. Therefore it is recommended you quickly skip through his dialog and immediately engage the Torpedo Boats before their combined firepower frags you.

There is an achievement for clicking the third dialog option repeatedly. (Listen here, you little…)

Traveling Equipment Salesman (XSTN-IV)

At random intervals in any sector, a Traveling Salesman of some description will spawn and announce they are open for business. One of these Salesmen has a chance of being an Equipment Merchant. This Salesman is also mentioned in the dialog from time to time by Loaders, Merchants, and other Civilian Ships.

The Traveling Equipment Salesman will sell the XSTN-IV Artifact for 1,500,000 Credits.

Artifact Delivery Quest (XSTN-V)

Refer to avorion.gamepedia.com – https://avorion.gamepedia.com/The_Four, this series of Minibosses are Xanion-Tier Opponents, and their Quest usually appears in Bulletin Boards closer to the Galactic Core Barrier.


Avorion - Bosses & Progression - The AI (XSTN-VI)

Found in Empty Sectors between the range of 280-340 (The Yellow/Green Band), The AI is a late Naonite-tier Boss that splits into multiple pieces the lower health it is.

Originally posted by Avorion Wiki:

The AI is special in that when it takes damage, it will split, where every smaller part will keep shooting at you. To defeat it, you need to keep killing its split off parts until every bit of it is destroyed. As a caution to avoid being overwhelmed by its attacks, it may also be preferable to avoid splitting The AI into too many individual parts. The AI parts do not seem to use all of its available plasma turrets, especially when the center of The AI is connected. In essence, if the player splits The AI into two large pieces, one piece will use almost all of its turrets while the other will barely shoot. Also, if a piece of The AI has a shield generator when it breaks off, that piece may have a fully restored shield. As such, a possible tactic is to keep The AI largely intact during the battle while slowly destroying its extremities bit by bit.


MAD Science Mobile Energy Lab (XSTN-VII)

Avorion - Bosses & Progression - MAD Science Mobile Energy Lab (XSTN-VII)

Located in Hidden Mass Sectors within 240-150 (the Blue Band) of the Galaxy are several MAD Science Energy Research Satellites that can be destroyed for Energy Equipment Upgrades. Destroying 4 of these consecutively will spawn the Mobile Energy Lab.

The Mobile Energy Lab is a Lightning-Heavy Trinium-Xanion Tier Boss that scales with your own Omicron Rating.

Bottan the Smuggler (XSTN-VIII)

Refer to the avorion.gamepedia.com – https://avorion.gamepedia.com/Bottan_the_Smuggler for a conclusive guide on finding, Disable & Defeat this elusive smuggler and his pumped-up Hyperdrive.

Ultimately, Bottan’s ship is a low-end Titanium-tier ship, but the circumstances surrounding his appearance makes him impossible to defeat without first disabling his Hyperdrive.

The real limiter is your ship’s cargo capacity and your own personal finances, as the parts required to disable Bottan’s Hyperdrive tally up to approximately 500,000 Credits (Depending on trade & demand).

The Barrier (Requires I-VIII Artifacts)

Found in a Hidden Mass Sector bordering the circular divide between the Galactic Core and the rest of the Galaxy, you will find a series of eight asteroids.

Originally posted by Avorion Wiki:

To get past The Barrier, the player has to find a sector with a hidden mass signature very close to the barrier. The sector will contain nothing but 8 asteroids. These asteroids will, when active, serve as a gate to get past The Barrier. To activate them, the player must collect all 8 XSTN-K artifacts. Each asteroid is labeled from 1-8 in roman numerals (I, II, III, etc.), and each XSTN-K artifact is labeled in the same manner.

When the player has acquired all artifacts, they need to be placed it 8 different ships, and those 8 ships need to be placed behind their respective asteroid – the ship containing XSTN-I needs to be placed behind the asteroid labeled I, XSTN-II behind asteroid II, etc.. If the XSTN-K has been placed successfully, a small red light will be lit at the edge of the asteroid.

When all 8 XSTN-K artifacts are in place, all 8 asteroids will collectively shoot a red beam into the centre of the circle, that the 8 asteroids create, and the gate will open.

A Large Xsotan Fleet (similar to those randomly spawned closer to the Galactic Centre) will appear and engage you upon traversing The Barrier.

The Xsotan Wormhole Guardian

Once the Player has crossed The Barrier, they will have the option to begin communicating with Resistance Headquarters within the Hidden Energy Signatures dotted throughout Xsotan-occupied Space.

Doing so will net two quests;
avorion.gamepedia.com – https://avorion.gamepedia.com/Getting_Technical
avorion.gamepedia.com – https://avorion.gamepedia.com/One_Against_All_And_All_Against_One

The completion of both quests is recommended for taking on the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian, as it will not only allow you to disrupt their Wormholes but use them to spawn friendly NPC Ships to assist in the destruction of the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian.

The Xsotan Wormhole Guardian itself is a massive station-class Avorion level construction covered in turrets and will, at regular intervals, become invulnerable to spawn new waves of Xsotan Ships.

The Xsotan Wormhole Guardian is Invulnerable while smaller Xsotan Ships are around and becomes vulnerable for a period when they are destroyed. This invulnerability stepping ends when the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian’s shield is finally depleted, but it will continue to spawn ships at regular intervals.

If the player successfully recruited another Faction to join the fight during the quest “One Against All And All Against One” and has the Xsotan Wormhole Generator Artifact equipped, they may interact with the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian when it begins to spawn ships to subvert several wormholes and spawn Friendly Ships to act as distractions or assistance depending on their class.

This fight is known for getting atrociously laggy with the sheer volume of debris that will begin floating about at later stages.

The Xsotan Wormhole Guardian has a chance to drop a Legendary Turret and several Exotics.

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