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Avorion – Guide to rapid progression 5 - wpgameplay.com
Avorion – Guide to rapid progression 5 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Avorion – Guide to rapid progression

This guide is aimed to get you past the early stages of the game, and into mid-level content as quickly as possible so you can focus on the more fun and interactive parts of the game.

By using these methods, I have progressed through the game into the Trinium and Xanion tiers in under 9 hours on even the hardest difficulties.


Getting started

When you start out in Avorion, you start in a zone with a few stations, usually a resource depot, equipment dock, shipyard and repair dock, and possibly a few others as well, and you’re in your drone. Equipped to your drone is a standard mining laser to get you the basic of resources to start yourself off with.

The first thing you will want to do is accumulate iron. You can identify Iron by the glowing brown pieces on an asteroid. Aim for about 5k iron to get started with to build your ship.

Avorion - Guide to rapid progression

Your first ship

Now that you have a small stock of iron, you can start your first ship. Now, you’re getting started in the game, so looks do not really matter. It can be a space sausage, a box, a boxy porcupine, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that it’s functional.

In your first ship, you will want the basics. A crew quaters, thrusters, an engine at the rear, gyrostabilizers for all 3 directions (Pitch, Yaw and Roll), and intertia dampeners. I cannot stress enough with intertia dampeners. Being able to stop as fast as possible has saved my ship so many times. To provide your ship with power, pepper it with solar panels.

The trick with these is that more smaller panels will work better than one large one. They can also be put under anything, and don’t require direct access to sunlight (For now I guess), which is good if you want to cover them with hull plating for protection.

Once your ship is built and functional, you need a crew. Dock at the nearest station with it, and open the interaction menu (F), and select ‘hire crew’. Here you can select between untrained ‘crewmen’, or more specialised, like engineers, mechanics, gunners, etc, but at a higher hiring cost. Crewmen will only account for 1 workforce, but specialised workers will start at 1.5 workforce, and train over time, eventually producing 2.5 workforce, meaning that a high level specialist will do the work of 2.5 crewmen.

Once they’re hired, open the ship menu (P), and go into the crew page. Here you can assign where you want crewmen to work. Specialists will auto-assign to their respective fields. You can go over the needed positions for a boost in that field too, such as engineering and mechanics, up to 130% efficiency, which means an increase of speed and shield regen for engineers, and faster hull regeneration for mechanics.

With your ship built and crewed, go back into the build menu and add the mining lasers that you start with, then assign the appropriate workforce to them.

Quick upgrades and to boldly go…

With your ship built, crew hired, and lasers attached, it’s time for some quick upgrades before venturing off into the universe.

In the starter location there is usually a small amount of Titanium, unless you’re on multiplayer and they’ve already mined it all out. This is useful because it gives you generators, which are more powerful than solar panels, hull integrity field generators, which help for collisions, and energy storage. You can identify it similar to Iron, but glowing white instead of brown.

Avorion - Guide to rapid progression

The reason you don’t want to get it earlier on is efficiency of mining lasers. The drone has extremely poor lasers on it, and wouldn’t net enought Titanium to be worth it. The mining lasers you start with have a 20% efficiency on them. While still low, at the start of the game, speed is more important than efficiency.

Once you have some Titanium, add some energy storage, the integrity field generator, and if you’re having power issues, a small generator.

A tip: Before you leave, have a look at the equipment docks stock. Sometimes they will have a really nice mining laser for sale. If you don’t have enough credits, mine and sell some resources to the equipment dock.

Now that you’re all set up, it’s time to leave the nest. Look for a stargate that isn’t red(ish), and go through it. It might cost you credits, but you should have enough to start with.

Once through, you’ll meet the adventurer. Talk with him, ask him what’s going on and such, and after a brief conversation, he will give you a scanner upgrade. This is critical to this guide having that upgrade.

Open your ship interface, and go into the systems tab that looks like a microchip. Place the upgrade in one of the blank spots.

With that installed, you can see more locations on the map (M). Flashing green dots are usually owned by factions, and contain anything from structures, containers, asteroids, right through to wrecks in a faction owned scrapyard. The flashing yellow dots are hidden mass. They can contain pirate owned sectors, or just even hidden asteroid belts, wrecks, and other goodies. Start jumping to these and explore.

While in these sectors, keep an eye out for things like this:
Avorion - Guide to rapid progression

These are claimable asteroids. Move within 0.2km of them, interact with them with F, and claim them. Early on, you only want these as immediate revenue, so interact with them again after claiming them and sell them. My personal reccomendation is to sell them to whatever faction you get the most reputation from, but if it’s credits you’re in dire need of, go for the highest bidder.

Keep doing this, and exploring the sectors, building up your capital and reputation, whilst moving towards the center of the map.

Further upgrading and progressing further down the rabbit hole

As you’re exploring, you’re going to find more resources and wormholes. Keep a note of wormholes, they can lead to new areas, either the other side of the galaxy, or landing you closer to the center. You should also having a good stock of money if you’ve actively been claiming and selling asteroids as you go.

Avorion - Guide to rapid progression

If you have been gathering Titanium, now would be a good time to upgrade your whole ship to it. Open the build menu, and on the right hand side, a box with an arrow in it, you can upgrade the entire ships material, or even size, with the click of a button. Upgrading your ship completely to Titanium will help for when you reach Naonite.

Start keeping an eye out at equipment docks for Titanium mining lasers as well. They will mine faster than their iron counterparts, but also give the ability to mine Naonite, but can only be placed on Titanium tier or higher blocks.

Once you have the new lasers, keep moving closer to the center, either through the wormhole highway, or through the gate system, while still searching for more asteroids to sell.

Tip: The closer you get to the center, the more you will gain from selling asteroids. This is why you should always be moving towards the center.

SHIELDS!!.. and other new gear.

As you keep getting closer to the center, you’re going to run into this little guy:

Avorion - Guide to rapid progression

That is Naonite, and can be mined with Titanium tier and above lasers. I would reccomend mining as much of this as you can as fast as possible, because at this point, your ship isn’t strong enough to handle most of the pirates, but that’s ok, you have speed.

Naonite gives increased power generation, speed and such than Titanium, but it also adds new blocks: Shield generators and hyperspace cores. The shield generator is a no brainer, it adds shields to protect the hull, and it is a must have, so add it as quickly as you can. The hyperspace core will help with your exploration, as it increases the distance you can jump. Remember, as your ship gains additions, and gets bigger, it needs more crew!

Once you have shields installed, you can ditch the mining equipment and replace them with salvaging lasers. Feel free to add guns as well. Keep looking out for higher tier equipment as well. At this stage, you should be equiping Naonite salvagers at least, and if you find Trinium salvagers, definately get them.

To make more money, keep exploring and selling those asteroids, but this time, should you have enough shields, you can even kill pirates. Killing pirates in faction controlled systems, they will pay for your the task, plus you can salvage the wrecks for materials, and collect more turrets and such to arm yourself with.

It’s time to keep moving.

I’m blue! Hangars and fighters.

Avorion - Guide to rapid progression - I'm blue! Hangars and fighters.

Trinium!!! This is where the fun begins. Officially, you’re at mid tier of the game. The only resource higher than this before you breach the barrier is Xanion (Yellow). What makes this special is that it adds hangars. Having carriers is so much easier than being in close, as your fighters can kill what you want from a safe distance, making it easier to gain credits and more resources.

To get started, add a hangar to your ship. The larget the hangar, the bigger the fighters you can have, and more of them. The first number next to the hangar is the maximum size of fighter your ship can store, the second in the total storage space in your ship. You’ll then want to add assembly arrays to your ship so you can build your own fighters.

With your hangar installed, and arrays online, it’s time to shop. Look around for fighter factories and equipment docks, and view their stock on fighters. Look at their stats to make sure that you have the space for them as they can vary in size (1 to 8). Once you have them, you can convert one of them into a blueprint by dragging and dropping it into the blank space on the left of their squadron in the ships menu. Using the assemblers, and some stocked resources, you can replicate the fighters for increased firepower. Just remember to hire some pilots, crewmen won’t fly.

Now you should be able to farm resources and credits.

Efficiency, income and farming.

Now you’re at a point the training wheels can come off. You have shields, so you’re not going to melt in combat, you have fighters so you can kill from good distances, you’re making credits and gathering resources easier, so it’s time to get more efficient in your activities.

Start searching around for turret factories. Most factions usually have 3-4 around the place. Each factory has its own variables in their turrets. Some could have better range, others better damage, others high fire rate. What you’re going to keep your eyes out for is salvaging turrets. Note down their efficiency mostly, along with other stats and traits, like damage, range, independent targetting, energy usage, energy increase and so on. You want to find a factory giving the highest efficiency, while avoiding energy usage and energy increase attributes. If you can get independent targetting, even better, but not essential.

Once you have located a good place to build turrets, it’s now time to go and purchase the materials needed to build them. Insert a trading system into your ship, and at the top right of screen after your next jump, you should see a money bag icon. Click it, and it will show you what you can buy and sell in the system. This makes it easier to locate the parts you need for your turrets. Keep in mind, you may need to travel around, and even to previous sectors for the parts needed, but it will be worth it.

Once you have the parts, and built your turrets, strap them on, and locate a scrapyard. Buy a licence, and start harvesting. This will give you a quick burst of resources that you can use to either sell for credits, build your fleet, build new fighters, build stations and so on.

Since the turrets are Trinium tier, you can harvest Xanion with them too. This means you can have all the mid-tier resources to experiment with, and learn more of the game at your own pace from here.

[WIP] To be added

As I’m still playing the game myself, I will be returning to this and adding more detail as I go. There are more than likely things that I could explain better, things that I have missed, other tips and such, and will revisit as I go.

The main purpose of this guide is more to get through early game stuff as fast as possible and into the less grindy and less vulnerable stages of the game.

By Colonial Burton

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Avorion – Guide to rapid progression helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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