Avorion – How to get unlimited turrets

Avorion – How to get unlimited turrets 2 - wpgameplay.com
Avorion – How to get unlimited turrets 2 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Avorion – How to get unlimited turrets

This guide shows how to use a bug for cheating.
This can be very unfair in multiplayer, and I hope no one will overuse it.



– I don’t know if this works on a server.
– Maybe this trick is already known and forbidden on some servers
– I’m sorry for my English; I’m not a native speaker
– eventually, this will decrease the fun factor of the game if you use it too often

Well, everybody has a lack of high-level turrets. What if I told you that you could get unlimited copies of each turret?

If the block your turrets are standing on gets destroyed, you get an additional copy of the turret when you collect it.
You have to build a ship without shield generators.
Place the turrets you want to double on one block that is easy to destroy.
Now build a second ship and shoot on the block the turrets are standing on.
After you destroyed the block, collect the turrets.
You will see that you got twice as much as you placed.
Sometimes there are some turrets which you cant collect. You have to wait longer to collect them.
Repair the first ship and place the turrets again.
Repeat for an unlimited supply of turrets.
You can sell the turrets for credits. (Use gravitation-lasers for selling, they are costly)

I feel bad while typing this because I think about all those guys who will have a large disadvantage because other players on the server are using this bug.

By Pobblebonk

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Avorion – How to get unlimited turrets. If there is anything you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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