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Guide for Avorion – Research Guide

This guide will list any findings that I gather in the BETA build of Avorion towards Research Stations; I’m pretty sure they work the same way in non-beta as well, but this should help you figure out how to research things efficiently.


Researching Basics

So, researching is a key part of progressing in Avorion, and you should always do it when you get a chance. Both turrets and modules can be researched, as long as you have a minimum of 3. Note that these modules have to be within one tier of each other (So if your base module is a green, you can only use whites, greens, and blues.) and that the number of modules/turrets will affect the outcome. 3 Modules/turrets of the same quality have a 60% chance to upgrade, 4 of the same quality have an 80% chance, and at 5 modules/turrets of the same quality, you’re always guaranteed to get a module of the next tier.

Module and Weapon Stats

Module and Weapon stats and what it is are decided when you combine the items at a research station.

Let’s say you have a shield module that when your shield would go down, it will go back to 25%. You could combine this with more shield modules and achieve various outcomes. If you put 5 shield modules in to be researched, and only one has the 25% shield when you run out, you have a 20% chance of the resulting upgraded module to have the same thing. Likewise, you have an 80% chance that it will have the stats of the other modules. Because of this, it is HIGHLY recommended to combine similar modules, as it will ALWAYS result in you getting a specific stat if it successfully creates the next tier module. Note that modules can gain stats only from other similar modules, so you can’t have a shield module that increases your engine speed.

So using this, you can kind of “stat” weave items into what you want. You can even use a machine gun combined with a cannon to make a fast-firing cannon that doesn’t overheat, but there is a twist when doing these things.

The way research decides what it’s going to be is simple: Let’s say you take 2 Machine Guns, 2 Cannons, and a Laser, all of the same quality, and combine them. The stats are literally based on what you put in, so for example, in this instance, you have a 40% chance for the result to be a machine gun or a cannon, and then a 20% for it to be a laser. Damage and everything else works the same way; Your resulting weapon would have a 50% chance to have a high attack speed (laser isn’t included, since it has no attack speed) but also a 50% chance for a low attack speed since cannons are slow. You also have a 40% chance of it being low or high damage, and then a 20% chance it will be in the middle due to the laser having mid-level damage. You then have a 20% chance to have the resulting weapon consume energy peruse due to the laser, and then you have a 60% chance that the resulting weapon will NOT overheat. The material is also decided in the same way, so if you have a Xanion turret and then 4 Trinium turrets, the result has an 80% chance to be Trinium and a 20% chance to be Xanion.

As you can see, this means that stats can be highly randomized, and these SAME concepts apply to modules. But with proper management, you CAN mold a weapon into what you want it to be. Just note that some inconsistencies remain due to how some weapons work. For example, you can’t improve the Fire Rate of a Laser because no Fire Rate actually exists on the laser.

Upgrading Your Modules

The basic thing for you to do is a place in 3-5 modules and get a next tier module. But there are some things you can do to change the outcome.

The first thing you can do is make them all the same type of module or turret. This guarantees it will be the same type of turret or module.

The more advanced way of upgrading stuff is weird and involves using multiple tiers of items.

Let’s say you have a rare (blue) and 3 uncommon (green). You can combine these in the station, and you have a greater chance of getting a blue than if you did just 4 greens. However, it also gives a slight chance of being upgraded to a purple as well. If, instead, you do 3 greens and then use a white module, you have a slightly increased chance to get the next tier module, but you also have a chance for the item to downgrade.

Updates to this Guide

I will be posting updates to this guide as I learn more things, and I’m more than happy to include what you guys discover as well! Leave comments on things for me to look at, and I’ll make it the next thing to add to the guide. I hope this guide helps you make your super weapons and modules in Avorion!

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