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Guide for Avorion – Space Station Classification

Another classifying guide! This time, we’ll be looking into space stations, as these can be an overwhelming project most people want nothing to do with until much later in the game. Once you get there, you might need some help naming it and properly gain from it.


Introduction into Space Stations

To start, a space station is a conventionally large, rather immobile building within the vacuum of space. They can serve various roles to a player, mainly manufactories and stations like Habitats and Trading Posts, which can serve to bring NPC traders to your sectors.

Here’s a shortlist of things you’ll need to know to read my tables properly:

  • Name Self Explanatory. It’s the name of the Space Station.
  • Product: What it produces. If it has multiple types, it will be labeled according to how they are listed in-game
  • Needs: What it needs. If multiple types, they will be labeled as well.
  • Uses: What you can use it for, and where it can be sold. (i.e., if it can be used for Rubber, it can be sold at a Rubber Factory) If it is used in a factory that has multiple types, it will be listed what type it can be used for


Asteroid Mines

Asteroid mines are a special kind of station that can only be founded when you’ve discovered a rather large, unique asteroid. After you’ve found one, they can either be transformed into a mine or sold to a nearby empire. Transforming them can cost you between 6-14 million credits, but they produce elements without the need for other products.

Coal MineCoalN/ASteel
Ore MineOreN/ASteel (first type), Glass
Lead MineWaterN/AAmmunition S M L
Copper MineCopperN/AEnergy Inverter, Targeting Card, Processor, Tesla Coil
Aluminum MineAluminumN/AServo, Steel Tube, Tools, High-Pressure Tube, Laser Head, Ammunition S M L, Gun
Zinc MineZincN/ASolar Cell, Conductor, Medical Supplies
Silicium MineSiliciumN/ASolar Cell, Transformator, Semi-Conductor
Ice MineWaterN/APaper, Fungus, Vegetable, Corn, Potato, Wheat, Fruit, Rice, Wood, Fish, Tea, Plant, Cattle, Sheep, Chemicals, Distillery, Medical Supplies, Coffee, Cocoa, Spices, Paint, Brewery
Noble Metal Mine (1st)Gold, PlatinumN/ASolar Cell, Jewelry, Conductor, Processor, Fusion Core (Au), Semi-Conductor (Au), Wire (Au), Tools (Pt), Energy Tube (Pt)
Noble Metal Mine (2nd, 3rd, and 5th)Silver, GoldN/ASolar Cell (Au), Jewelry (Au), Processor (Au), Conductor (Au), Fusion Core (Au), Semi-Conductor (Au), Wire (Au), Transformator (Ag), Tools (Ag), Metal Plate (Ag)
Noble Metal Mine (4th)Silver, PlatinumN/ATools, Solar Cell (Pt), Jewelry (Pt), Conductor (Pt), Energy Tube (Pt), Processor (Pt), Transformator (Ag), Metal Plate (Ag)
Oil RigRaw OilN/AOil Refinery


Basic Factories

These are the first stations you will see when building a station and are usually the best choice when building your first one. They are rather cheap (for a station), and they create materials from thin space.

Plankton CollectorPlanktonN/AFertilizerOne of the less profitable ones. Best to save until you want to work up to a coffee/spice farm (which will require Fertilizer)
Mineral ExtractorMineralN/AFertilizer (Both Types), FungusAlso less profitable. Wait for further tech factories unless there is a factory nearby in need of minerals.
Water CollectorWaterN/APaper, Fungus, Vegetable, Corn, Potato, Wheat, Fruit, Rice, Wood, Fish, Tea, Plant, Cattle, Sheep, Chemicals, Distillery, Medical Supplies, Coffee, Cocoa, Spices, Paint, BreweryVery profitable, and in usual demand
Crystal FarmCrystalN/AGlass, NanobotsSpecific and less profitable
Scrap Metal TraderScrap MetalN/ASteel (Second Type)However, useless unless a Steel Factory is made; Steel is used in many other factories.
Gas Collectors(Dependent on Station) Hydrogen, Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluorine, Neon, ChlorineN/AFuel (N & F), Fish (O), Cattle (O), Sheep (O), Chemicals (H, N, & O), Medical Supplies (Cl), Fusion Core (H), Explosive Charge (F), Plasma Cell (He & Ne), Energy Tube (Ne)More abundant elements, such as Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen, are more useful than the rest.
Solar Power PlantEnergy CellN/ASolar Cell, Fertilizer (Both), Rubber, Fuel, Book, Food Bar, Vegetable, Corn, Potato, Wheat, Fruit, Rice, Wood, Tea, Plant, Plastic, Sheep (Both), Oil, Chemicals, Distillery, Explosive Charge, Microchip, Energy Generator, Power Unit, Ammunition (S Type), Laser Modulator, Energy Container, Tools, Transformator, Plasma Cell, Luxury Food, Energy Tube, Gauss Rail, Laser Head, Conductor, Coffee, Cocoa, Spices, Semi-Conductor, Ammunition (Second Type), Targeting System, Antigrav UnitOne of the most important stations that can be built, and offers an extensive range of profit


Low Tech Factories

These factories are relatively easy to maintain. However, they do introduce basic production needs. Because of this, basic factories, other low tech factories, and/or trade routes are needed to maintain them.

Carbon ExtractorCarbon(Dependent on Station) Corn, Wheat, Potato, RiceSteel (First Type), High Capacity Lens, Chemicals, High-Pressure Tube, Body Armour
Solar FactorySolar CellCink, Sillicium, Platinum, Gold, Energy CellSolar Panel
Fabric FactoryFabricSheepCloth
Meat FactoryMeatCattleFood, Protein
Dairy FactoryDairy, LeatherCattleProtein (Dairy)
Fertilizer FactoryFertilizerMineral, Energy Cell, Plankton (First Type), Chemicals (Second Type), Solvent (Second Type)Coffee, Cocoa, Spices
Rubber FactoryRubberOil, Energy CellVehicle
Fuel FactoryFuelEnergy Cells, Oil, Fluorine, NitrogenDrone, Rocket
Paper FactoryPaperWood, WaterBook
Book FactoryBookPaper, Energy CellN/A (Sells to Consumer Stations)
Steel FactorySteelCoal, Carbon (First Type) Ore (First Type), Scrap Metal (Second Type)Turbine, Explosive Charge, Rocket, Gun, High-Pressure Tube, Ammunition (S Type), Tools, Ammunition (Both Types), Servo, Transformator, Plasma Cell, Energy Tube, Electro Magnet, Steel Tube, Conductor, Metal Plate, Semi-Conductor, Wire, Fusion Generator, Drill, Force Generator, Tesla Coil
High Capacity Lens FactoryHigh Capacity LensGlass, Carbon, Plastic, DiamondN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Food Bar FactoryFood BarEnergy Cell, Wheat, Corn, RiceN/A (Sells to Consumer Stations)
Fungus FarmFungusBiogas, Water, MineralWine, Brewery
Vegetable Farms (Including Specific Low Tech Farms)Vegetable, Corn, Potato, Wheat, Fruit, Rice, Wood, Tea, PlantEnergy Cell, WaterCarbon (Corn, Wheat, Potato, or Rice), Paper (Wood), Food Bar (Wheat, Corn, Rice), Cattle (Wheat or Corn), Sheep (Wheat or Corn), Distillery (Wheat), Wine (Fruit), Food (Wheat, Corn, Vegetable), Luxury Food (Wheat, Fruit), Brewery (Wheat), N/A (Tea, Plant) (Sells to Consumer Stations)
Fish FarmFishWater, Energy Cell, OxygenN/A (Sells to Consumer Stations)
Glass ManufacturerGlassOre, CrystalDisplay, Laser Head
Jewelry ManufacturerJewelryPlatinum (First Type), Gem (First Type), Gold (Second Type), Diamond (Second Type)N/A (Sells to Consumer Stations)
Plastic ManufacturerPlasticOil, Energy CellExplosive Charge, Gun, Servo, Transformator, Energy Tube, Wire, Force Generator, Tesla Coil
Cattle RanchCattle, Biogas (Second Type)Oxygen, Water, Wheat (First Type), Corn (Second Type)Dairy, Meat
Sheep RanchSheep, BiogasWater, Energy Cell, Oxygen, Wheat (First Type), Corn (Second Type)Fabric
Oil RefineryOilRaw Oil, Energy CellPlastic, Rubber, Fuel, Paint
Chemicals FactoryChemicals, Adhesive, Coolant, Solvent, AcidWater, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Biogas, Carbon, Energy CellFertilizer (Second Type: Chemicals, Solvent), Fungus (Biogas), Medical Supplies (Chemicals), Turbine (Coolant), Explosive Charge (Chemicals, Acid, Adhesive), High-Pressure Tube (Adhesive), Ammunition S (Adhesive), Ammunition (First Type: Chemicals), Plasma Cell (Biogas), Warhead (Chemicals), Paint (Chemicals, Solvent, Acid), Ammunition (Second Type: Adhesive), War Robot (Coolant), Mining Robot (Coolant), Body Armour (Coolant)
DistilleryLiquorEnergy Cell, Wheat, WaterN/A (Sells to Consumer Stations)


Advanced Factories

Advanced Factories, for the time being, are quite….. advanced. They require a lot of different resources, pulling from lower-tech factories and some from other advanced factories. The rewards for such stations are quite high, as much of what they make can produce huge income.

Electro Magnet FactoryElectro MagnetSteel, Copper, Conductor, TransformatorElectromagnetic Charge, Gauss Rail, Force Generator, Anti-Grav Generator
Electromagnetic Charge FactoryElectromagnetic ChargeEnergy Container, Electro Magnet, Energy Tube, TransformatorN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Gun FactoryGunSteel, Ammunition, Aluminium, PlasticWar Robot
Plasma Cell FactoryPlasma CellEnergy Cell, Steel, Bio Gas, Helium, NeonLaser Compressor, Power Unit, Drone, Display, Fusion Core, Teleporter, Accelerator
Medical Supplies FactoryMedical SuppliesWater, Chemicals, Fabric, Cink, ChlorineN/A (Sells to Consumer Stations)
Processor FactoryProcessorMicrochip, Semi-Conductor, Copper, Platinum, GoldTargeting Card, Antigrav Unit, Computation Mainframe, Mining Robot, Drill, Satellite, War Robot, Targeting System
Nanobot FactoryNanobotCrystal, Semi-ConductorForce Generator, Mining Robot, War Robot, Body Armour
Laser Compressor FactoryLaser CompressorPlasma Cell, Transformator, Energy Tube, WireN/A (Sells to Consumer Stations)
Laser Head FactoryLaser HeadGlass, Conductor, Aluminium, Energy CellDrill
Protein FactoryProteinMeat, DairyN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Turbine FactoryTurbineServo, Steel, Coolant, Power UnitAccelerator
Energy Tube FactoryEnergy TubeEnergy Cell, Plastic, Steel, Platinum, Neon, Steel TubeEnergy Inverter, Gauss Rail, Electromagnetic Charge, Fusion Core, Laser Modulator, Laser Compressor, Accelerator
Drone FactoryDroneConductor, Chemicals, Metal PlateRocket
Warhead FactoryWarheadFuel, Plasma Cell, Metal PlateN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Metal Plate FactoryMetal PlateSteel, SilverDrone, Warhead, Teleporter, Vehicle, Body Armour
Explosive Charge FactoryExplosive ChargeFluorine, Steel, Energy Cell, Plastic, Chemicals, Acid, AdhesiveN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Fusion Core FactoryFusion CoreHydrogen, Gold, Plasma Cell, Transformator, Energy TubeFusion Generator
Power Unit FactoryPower UnitTransformator, Energy Cell, Plasma CellTurbine, Antigrav Unit, Fusion Generator, Teleporter, Computation Mainframe, Vehicle, Mining Robot, War Robot
Ammunition FactoryAmmunitionSteel, Chemicals, PaintGun
Rocket FactoryRocketWarhead, Fuel, Steel, MicrochipN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Ammunition S FactoryAmmunition S, M, LLead, Aluminum, Steel, Adhesive, Energy CellN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Tools FactoryToolsSteel, Platinum, Silver, Aluminum, Energy CellN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Servo FactoryServoSteel, Aluminum, Conductor, PlasticTurbine, Laser Modulator, Anti-Grav Generator
Steel Tube FactorySteel TubeSteel, AluminumEnergy Tube, High-Pressure Tube, Satellite
Conductor FactoryConductorZinc, Steel, Platinum, Gold, Energy CellElectromagnet, Energy Inverter, Servo, Energy Generator, Laser Head, Warhead, Targeting System, Teleporter, Accelerator
Clothes FactoryClothesFabricN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Solar Panel FactorySolar PanelSolar Cell, TransformatorSatellite
Energy Inverter FactoryEnergy InverterEnergy Tube, Conductor, TransformatorN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Energy Generator FactoryEnergy GeneratorEnergy Cell, Microchip, ConductorForce Generator, Anti-Grav Generator, Vehicle
Display FactoryDisplayGlass, Microchip, Semi-Conductor, Plasma CellSatellite, Computation Mainframe, Vehicle, Mining Robot, War Robot
Targeting Card FactoryTargeting CardMicrochip, Copper, ProcessorTargeting System
Transformator FactoryTransformatorSteel, Plastic, Silicium, Silver, Energy CellElectro Magnet, Energy Inverter, Fusion Core, Electromagnetic Charge, Gauss Rail, Laser Compressor, Power Unit, Energy Container, Solar Panel, Laser Modulator, Teleporter,
Gauss Rail FactoryGauss RailEnergy Cell, Electro Magnet, Energy Tube, High-Pressure Tube, TransformatorAccelerator
High-Pressure Tube FactoryHigh-Pressure TubeSteel, Aluminum, Carbon, Adhesive, Steel TubeAccelerator, Gauss Rail
Energy Container FactoryEnergy ContainerEnergy Cell, Microchip, ConductorSatellite, Electromagnetic Charge
Microchip FactoryMicrochipWire, Semi-Conductor, Energy CellTargeting Card, Energy Generator, Display, Processor, Rocket
Plasma Cell FactoryPlasma CellEnergy Cell, Steel, Bio Gas, Neon, HeliumFusion Core, Laser Compressor, Drone, Power Unit, Fusion Generator, Teleporter, Accelerator


Advanced Factories (cont.)

Laser Modulator FactoryLaser ModulatorServo, Energy Cell, Transformator, Energy TubeN/A (Sells to Consumer Stations)
Wine FactoryWineFruit, FungusLuxury Food
Food FactoryFoodWheat, Meat, Corn, VegetableN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Luxury Food FactoryLuxury FoodEnergy Cell, Wheat, Fruit, Spices, WineN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Coffee FarmCoffeeEnergy Cell, Water, FertilizerN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Spices FarmSpicesEnergy Cell, Water, FertilizerLuxury Food
Cocoa FarmCocoaEnergy Cell, Water, FertilizerN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Paint ManufacturerPaintOil, Water, Chemicals, Solvent, AcidAmmunition
Semi-Conductor ManufacturerSemi-ConductorSteel, Silicium, Gold, Energy CellNanobot, Processor, Display, Microchip
Wire ManufacturerWirePlastic, Steel, GoldTargeting System, Anti-Grav Generator, Computation Mainframe
Ammunition FactoryAmmunition S, M, LLead, Aluminum, Steel, Adhesive, Energy CellN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
BreweryBeerWater, Wheat, FungusN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Computer Component FactoryDisplay, Targeting Card, ProcessorWire, Microchip, Semi-Conductor, Copper, Platinum, Gold(See “Targeting Card Factory,” “Display Factory,” and “Processor Factory” for uses)


High Tech Factories

Factories of this caliber are extraordinarily expensive to run but produce expensive science, mining, and military products that yield high profits.

Antigrav Unit FactoryAntigrav UnitPower Unit, Processor, Energy CellAntigrav Generator, Teleporter, Vehicle, Body Armour
Targeting System FactoryTargeting SystemTargeting Card, Processor, Energy Cell, Conductor, WireN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Force Generator FactoryForce GeneratorElectro Magnet, Steel, Plastic, Nanobot, Energy GeneratorN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Antigrav Generator FactoryAntigrav GeneratorElectro Magnet, Servo, Wire, Antigrav Unit, Energy GeneratorN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Fusion Generator FactoryFusion GeneratorFusion Core, Steel, Plasma Cell, Power UnitAccelerators
Satellite FactorySatelliteSolar Panel, Processor, Display, Energy Container, Steel TubeN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Drill FactoryDrillLaser Head, Processor, Steel, DiamondMining Robot
Teleporter FactoryTeleporterMetal Plate, Power Unit, Antigrav Unit, Plasma Cell, Conductor, TransformatorBody Armour, Mining Robot, War Robot
Computation Mainframe FactoryComputation MainframeProcessor, Power Unit, Microchip, Display, WireN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Vehicle FactoryVehicleRubber, Power Unit, Energy Generator, Metal Plate, Antigrav Unit, DisplayN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Mining Robot FactoryMining RobotPower Unit, Processor, Display, Nanobot, Drill, Coolant, TeleporterN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
War Robot FactoryWar RobotPower Unit, Processor, Display, Nanobot, Gun, Coolant, TeleporterN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Body Armour FactoryBody ArmourMetal Plate, Coolant, Teleporter, Antigrav Unit, Carbon, NanobotN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Accelerator FactoryNeutron, Proton, Electron AcceleratorsTurbine, Plasma Cell, Fusion Generator, Energy Tube, High-Pressure Tube, Conductor, Gauss RailN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)
Tesla Coil FactoryMilitary/Industrial CoilsSteel, Copper, Fusion Core, PlasticN/A (Sell to Consumer Stations)


AI Space Stations

AI stations are stations that hold no real industrial purposes and are almost entirely ran by AI but can be traded with and attract NPC traders to your sectors. Player-owned stations also allow you to freely take resources from them, offer lower prices, and give 20% of profits from NPC trading.

StationPurposeTradable Items
ShipyardAllows the Player to Build Ships and Station FoundersSell: Energy Tube, Steel, Aluminium, Display, Metal Plate, Power Unit, Antigrav Unit, Fusion Core, Wire, Solar Cell, Solar Panel, Plastic
Buy: N/A
Resource DepotKeeps a large deposit of resources available for purchase. Resource price and the quantity depend on the distance to the center of the galaxy.Sell: Resources (Amount and Type dependent on location)
Buy: Resources (Any)
Repair DockAllows the player to repair their ship for a smaller price than instant repairs in the build menuSell: Energy Tube, Fuel, Steel, Aluminium, Display, Metal Plate, Power Unit, Antigrav Unit, Fusion Core, Wire, Solar Cell, Solar Panel, Plastic, Nanobot, Processor
Buy: N/A
Equipment DockAllows the player to buy turrets and upgrades and buys electronic and technological goodsSell: Fuel, Rocket, Tools, Laser Compressor, Display, Laser Head, Power Unit, Antigrav Unit, Fusion Core, Wire, Drill, Warhead, Plastic
Buy: N/A
Fighter FactoryBuilds custom fightersSell: Fighters, Upgrades, Turrets
Buy: Fighters
CasinoBuys luxury items and allows for simple gamblingSell: Beer, Wine, Liquor, Food, Luxury Food, Water, Medical Supplies
Buy: N/A
Turret FactoryAllows the player to create turretsSell: Conductor, High Capacity Lens, Steel Tube, Electro Magnet, Servo, Ammunition M, Steel, Electromagnetic Charge, Laser Modulator
Buy: N/A
Trading PostAllows the player to sell a variety of goodsSell: Various Goods
Buy: Various Goods
Research StationAllows the player to upgrade turrets and modules and buys science productsSell: Turbine, High Capacity Lens, Neutron Accelerator, Electron Accelerator, Proton Accelerator, Fusion Generator, Anti-Grav Generator, Force Generator, Teleporter, Drill, Satellite
Buy: N/A
Military OutpostGives combat missions and buys military productsSell: War Robot, Vehicle, Gun, Ammunition S, M, L, Body Armour, Medical Supplies, Food Bar, Explosive Charge, Targeting System
Buy: N/A
Smuggler’s MarketAllows the player to Sell Stolen Goods or unbrand themSell: Various Goods
Buy: Various Goods
HabitatConsumer Station that Buys consumer itemsSell: Beer, Wine, Liquor, Food, Tea, Luxury Food, Spices, Vegetables, Fruit, Cocoa, Coffee, Wood, Meat, Water
Buy: N/A
BiotopeConsumer Station that Buys organic materialsSell: Beer, Wine, Liquor, Food, Tea, Luxury Food, Spices, Vegetables, Fruit, Cocoa, Coffee, Wood, Meat, Water
Buy: N/A
Scrapyard (Unobtainable)Allows the player to buy a license to scrap whatever wrecks are in the areaSell: Ships
Buy: N/A


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I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Avorion – Space Station Classification. If there is anything you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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