Baldur’s Gate 3 – Things you want to know before you play – Basic interactions

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Things you want to know before you play – Basic interactions



Basic controls you really want to know before you play (that are not obvious).
Version 1.6 / No spoilers.


Basic controls and interactions

Highlight interactable objects by holding the alt key. Beware though that many containers and hidden interactbles are generally not highlighted.

Highlight creatures and characters by pressing the tilde key (the key left of 1).
– Enemies are red ; threats you can talk to are yellow ; friendlies are green.

Show dangers in your path by holding down shift and moving your mouse pointer over the terrain. This will show possible paths and reveal :

  • where creatures/people might see you if you move in stealth ;
  • areas that can damage you like fire and acid : the path line is red in those spots ;
  • if a specific spot is dark (black circle), dim (half circle) or lighted, so you know where to hide in stealth (in dark spots, you will not need to roll a Stealth check).

Cancel a selected action of any kind by right-clicking.

Inspecting : right-clicking offers options (for things under your mouse pointer). This includes inspecting a creature to evaluate its capacities. It is also helpful for lockpicking.
– Note that just mousing over a creature gives you basic combat information, such as if your character would have an Advantage or Disadvantage during an attack, etc.

Camera rotation : by default, you can use the Middle Mouse Button or use the keys Delete / End. We recommend you change this to something useful like q and e.

Before doing a Long Rest, consider that you can do a Short Rest before. This is done with a button near the minimap (top-right). Almost all classes regain some features after a Short Rest and you heal an amount of HP (rolls your HP dice modified by your Constitution modifier bonus).

Moving characters separately out of combat : there are two methods …
– A character in stealth can move away without being followed by the rest of the party.
– You can drag a portrait (bottom left) to detach the character from the party movements.

Switch characters easily by pressing F1 F2 F3 F4.
– Even when in dialogue, you can switch character. This can open up various possibilities …

Changing party members : talking to a companion allows you to ask them to stay at the camp (note that, inside the camp, you may need to talk to them more than once to see this option). You should then be able to ask another companion to join the active party. We will do more tests and try to find a better method.

You can set weapons/arrows on fire or apply other substances using the Dip bonus action.

Do not show your back to the enemy : hold Ctrl (in combat) to freely choose where your character is facing. Attacking from the rear gives an important bonus…

Dual wielding light weapons can be done with any class in 5e. You simply need two light weapons (which often work with both Dex and Str), but an offhand (extra) attack cost a Bonus Action. The combat UI, on the left, has a toggle switch “One handed <> Dual wield” (the second will always trigger the Bonus Action offhand attack when you click to attack). An icon should also appear in your hotbar to optionally use or not the offhand attack (recommended method).

Disengage manoeuver to avoid Attacks of opportunity : currently in the game, the Jump bonus action is also the Disengage manoeuver (usually an Action in the pen-and-paper version).

Destroy objects, even chests, by holding the Ctrl key while you attack the object. Note this can destroy the contents (! at least in Early Access), so it is not recommended.

You can move objects (mouse drag) and place them in a way that allows you to climb upwards. You can also place containers inside your inventory !
– Tip : some floor traps can be blocked by placing an object over them (like in DOS 1-2).

Elemental effects, like cold, electricity and fire, will often have extra impact if they hit puddles of water, blood, oil, etc.

Selling items : you *must* cilck the balance icon at the bottom for the vendor to give you gold, otherwise you are giving your stuff away for free! It is recommended to always Quicksave before trading/bartering.

Quickly mark items as “Wares” (stuff to sell/vendor) by shift+clicking the items.
– There is no quick sell button at the moment. A trick is to put junk items in a container and then sell the whole container (tested successfully). You can filter, in the vendor window, to show only the “wares”.
– You can send items to your camp directly from your inventory (right-click them…).

Actions you can do in combat are highlighted : for example, if you have used your Bonus Action on a given turn, all manoeuvers or usable items that require a Bonus Action will be dimmed.

A tutorial guide is accessible in-game by pressing L (default for journal) and clicking the third icon for tutorial. Most topics have nice short videos, but a few, in Early Access, are short placeholders.

Combat log : it is at the bottom right and must be opened (it is really easy to miss). You can then also expand its height.

If you’re experiencing crashes or framerate issuesLarian Studios recommends “launching the game in DX11 mode” (patch note: Oct. 8, 2020).

Keybindings : F5 is Quicksave. I did not list all the keys, as you simply need to open the settings to see them (a gamer should check the keybindings whenever they open a new game).


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