Among Us – Basically tips if you are crew mate or impostor to win every game.

Among Us – Basically tips if you are crew mate or impostor to win every game.

Among Us - Basically tips if you are crew mate or impostor to win every game.


Starting out

In this walk through, I will be talking about the skeld. Now the starting basics for crew mate and impostor are movement. There are three different movement options: WASD, Arrow keys, and on the Number pad 8426. Now its obvious that if your a crew mate, you want to do your tasks and as impostor you want to kill, but its not that simple. If you follow these strategies, you can almost always win!


Now PLEASE listen to me and do not do this. Some people have found a way to get info without being allowed to, and that is called partying. If you do it, you have just cheated and ruined someones impostor round. Also do not say the name of the other impostor when you get caught, with that said let us start!



So as crew mate, do your tasks. I know that is obvious, but what do you do after. Now first of all, go to security to make sure nobody kills. Then when the next body is found, follow someone who is sus. I should also add the “Skip on 7” rule. If there is 7 people alive and 2 impostors are among them, say skip on 7! This is because if they aren’t the impostor, then the impostors just have to do a double kill and that is game. Now tell everyone who your following, that way if you die they know who it is. If you are called out to be sus, defend yourself, tell them your tasks and where you were. If you see someone do the kill, accuse them. This might just be me, but If you play “if not him then its me” then most likely you just got him. If you can, stay out of electrical, and show others visual tasks (These are med-bay scan, shooting astroids, prime shields, and storage empty chute). Now enough crew mate, lets talk impostor!


Now when a game starts, you have a 1/5 chance of being the impostor, so it would be smart to make the most of it. So I will divide the plays into different sections because there are many of them.


Keep your cool

When your the impostor, It can be very stressful. Just take your time, and try not to seem obvious. Don’t lose your cool if your accused (I will bring that up later) and play like a crewmate!



The most well known impostor feature, kill. When should you kill? If no one sees you or has seen you with that person or the cameras are blinking red, don’t kill. make it swift and make sure no one saw you. I have seen many people mess this up, and instead of venting, they leave the room! GO INTO THE VENTS OR YOU WILL BE CAUGHT! Anyways, after a kill, walk into admin and find an empty room. That is where you where at the time of the murder now.



Now this is where it can be tough. If you are caught, dont say NO IT WAS HIM, cause now you are pretty much dead. Rather, say “I was looking around to see if the impostor was nearby.” Now if you know your dead, tell everyone the other impostor is *Insert color of the crew-mate*. Make sure he is not a confimed inno though, because then it is just a waste.


Fake tasks

Three things here: Stand at the task until the bar goes up, Don’t fake visuals, and do the multi-tasks in order. Don’t fake a task you don’t know!



Lights. Just sabotage lights. This cuts out the way crewmates see, so you can get really fresh kills and no one will know! Sabotage doors of rooms of people you killed and sabotage the reactor on the other side of the map of a body.


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