Beasts of Bermuda – Guide For Itchy

Beasts of Bermuda – Guide For Itchy 1 -
Beasts of Bermuda – Guide For Itchy 1 -

Guide for Beasts of Bermuda – Guide For Itchy

Guide for Beast Of Bermuda’s Itchy!

Early Game

During the early game of itchy you want to stay clear of open water, and open land! You are too small and slow to escape anything that see’s you as their next meal, in the water you are easily out maneuvered and can’t rely on your handy dandy dart ability to escape any potential predators. 
As always consider seeking out a group in the group finder, or global chat! They offer safety, food, and a growth boost! 
Diet– Stay clear of fish if you can at this point if you can of course! Go for those gores, on the islands outside of the map, which I hope you are living at right?? Not many dangers live here and is a great spot for an early solo itchy! 

Mid Game

What is the Mid Game? Mid Game is when you have gotten 3/3 dart and 3/3 swim speed! Strong Lungs is optional, I usually go with it though! If a mosa grabs you the last thing you want to worry about is drowning! With the new talent tree as well, strong lungs is right of top of the combat tree, which of course you’ll need to go through to get slippery! 
Diet- Mid game itchy anything is fair game, fish, gores its what ever your heart desires! 

Late Game

Late Game AKA 1.0+ You can be more bold now and consider hunting smaller aquatic creatures, or even other itchy’s! See gameplay tips below! 

Tips You Need To Know To Succeed!

Tip 1- When hunting, dart is your OP ability, your mosa grab for reference! You are far faster then anything in the aquatic dimension! Excluding elasmo’s of course which give you a run for your money! Use this abiltiy when hunting or escaping You would be suprised of how many people I have seen die, because they lose their abilty to think, and don’t use their dart ability! 
Tip 2- Don’t be afraid of mosa’s/kronos! Of course this doesn’t mean go up to them and give them a high five! What I am saying is, if you play it smart, mosa’s and krono’s can’t touch you! IE- darting away! 
Tip 3- Be alert at all times! What do I mean by this, before you do something ALWAYS SEARCH FOR DANGER, such as a mosa awaiting you to enter the water! How do you do this? USE YOUR EARS!!! Anything you should be worried about IE Mosa’s and such make a ton of noise! If you know its there, either don’t go in the water, or if you can jump in too a spot deep enough for you to dart as soon as you hit the water! The mosa will not be able to grab you and you can escape easily! 
Tip 4- Group up with others! Not much needed to be said here! You grow faster, have more protection, and of course, can hunt way easier! 
Tip 5- Use your talent points wisely! See below! 

Talent Points!

Now, I’m not gonna say all the obv one’s that everyone wants but can’t get because you don’t have all day to spend growing something to 2.0! 
Now, at 1.2 you will have 25 total talent points! Here is what you should invest in, in order! 
1. 3/3 weather res, I have heard of some itchy’s not investing in this, I however always do just to be safe, but its your choice! You could also do 3/3 resilience for comfort boost, if you plan on being solo for a long time! 
2. 3/3 Aqua! 
3. 3/3 Dart! 
4. 3/3 strong lungs! 
5. sneaky 2/3 or 3/3, 3/3 is good for land, 2/3 is good enough for the water! I personally always go 3/3 though! 
6. 3/3 slippery! 
Getting all 6 of these max is in total a little bit more then 25 talent points, of course you could not do sneaky 3/3 and get 3/3 slippery easily, but if you plan on growing to a decent size IE 1.4 or so I would get sneaky! Of course, you could get slippery 3/3 first and then sneaky, which I personally don’t do because I usually never get grabbed by a mosa as, I, as you should as well am always alert and do what is safe! 
If you manage to get to a huge size, you will need to invest and strong bones, sharp teeth, persistence, and brawler! Health as well, basically all the combat ones, I would get strong bones first though so if things go awful you have a chance of being able to dart away! As, if you didn’t know, if you take a lot of injury damage IE from a krono or mosa dart/ grab, you won’t be able to dart away and are as good as dead! This helps prevent that awful situation! 


Hunting as a itchy is pretty simple, now I wouldn’t hunt anything on land at all honestly unless you can easily win IE hunting a juvie etc! Basically the water is where you want to be! 
Now, once you find something literally all you have to do is swarm it with your group, and dart at it! Once you dart at it, can can also right click to do pretty much 2 bites with one dart! 
Be alert at all times, if your hunting a krono and it stops moving and you hear it lunges up, be ready to dodge, if a mosa is pointing directly at you, dodge! If you are risky and confident you can wait for it to dart, dodge the mosa and get behind it and a*s ride it as long as you can! And when I say dodge I don’t mean swim around, I mean dart away lol, its really hard to dodge a dart w/ out darting your self! 
Basically, DODGE AND WEAVE, A*s ride
Tips- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, be alert of your stam and ability! You would be surprised of how many people forget about this in the heat of battle, get darted at, and surprise! You can’t dart away! They get injured, and are toast! IF YOUR FRIEND GETS GRABBED DART ASAP AT THE MOSA, THEY WILL BE FORCED TO DROP YOUR FRIEND AND THEY CAN GET AWAY AND GATHER THEMSELVES 
As a group basically just swarm the thing to death! 
Solo, first off, don’t hunt a 1.2 or so mosa by your self, .8 or below is doable but don’t be dumb! One grab and your done! Dart behind it, or through its body, all you need to do is stay clear of its mouth! Another tip, smaller Mosa’s lose air quickly, once they go up to get something, go to them and get a few tail hits in while its head above water! 
Remember if you can avoid something you know are nervous about, trust your gut and dart away! Something is never worth your life, no matter how good the rewards are! 

Written by Panda21

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