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Bee Simulator – Bee Fact Locations 1 -
Bee Simulator – Bee Fact Locations 1 -

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What are the Bee Facts

Bee Facts is the information on the loading screen. You can also unlock them in the glossary with animals and other flowers.
Bee Facts come without a challenge or achievement. These shiny twisting coins are required if one wants to unlock all of the glossary's contents. Here's how you can find them.


Bee Fact #3, which is below the Tree Hive, can be overlooked. Once the tree has been cut down and you have moved to a new hive, it will be impossible to get it. Make sure you catch it as soon and as possible.
You can also collect the other characters after you have finished the main story. So I decided to list them based on their actual number, rather than in the order they can be obtained.


1 –
At the top of the 24A1417797979A structure.
2 –
This one can be found in the Boathouse Kitchen area, inside your fridge. You will find it by accident while flying with the fly. However, once you've finished the main story, the kitchen can be accessed from the back. To return inside the building, you can fly near the vent just as before.
3 –
Below the Tree Hive you will find the spiders' cave. During the rescue operation for the little Bees, you can get there. Dont miss it! Once the tree is gone it's impossible to go back.
4 –
You can get in through the ground around the Seals Area. Look for the one that has the little bird, and search this tunnel.
5 –
At the Music Stage above the drums.
6 –
Start at the New Hive. Take a left turn and fly alongside the structure. Continue flying until reaching the little pond with the boardwalk. Here you will see an Overhead Power Line. The Bee Fact tower is quite high. (There is also a radio tower nearby.)
7 –
Inside the barn you can fight the wasps. The windows on the two sides of the building are viewed from the view of donkeys. The Bee Fact is located in the barn, right next to that donkey.
8 –
Within the Magical Butterflies buildings, upon a giant butterfly model in central.

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