Blood of Steel – GoryGary´s Survival Guide for Goons of War

Blood of Steel – GoryGary´s Survival Guide for Goons of War 4 -
Blood of Steel – GoryGary´s Survival Guide for Goons of War 4 -

Guide for Blood of Steel – GoryGary´s Survival Guide for Goons of War

Behind this pretty long title hides a Guide in (maybe) constant development, by noone else then… well not GoryGary… its FearandLoathin(g) [♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ number of letters restriction stole my G]. I will most likely share a couple of thoughts and tricks I´ve learned while playing the game, hour long drill ground sessions and well basicly spending to much time on this game during Corona (to the people born afer these incredibly boring event of Human History, it was a Pandemic and I was like at home all day.. yey :>).

The realization of… I cant block that Hit.

As the Title of this Section suggests, there was a moment I realized that this really big metal Baseball Bat is landing straight into my face. Which didnt bothered me at all, bc I am big strong dude with a two handed Sword… and it must have been a coincidence… well…no it wasnt. 
Its a simple realization, there are hits that some People(without a shield) can´t Block. There are even hits almost NO ONE without a shield can block. 
Example 1: Guan Yu´s top attack can´t be blocked by a one handed sword. 
Example 2: Fredericks top attack can´t even be blocked by most two handed swords f.e. Baldwin I or Mulan. 
Example 3: Kaihime while not being bothered being hit while powering up her top attack simply hits through even Godfreys mighty two handed sword wielded by the unending godly rage of crying death and destruction against all infidels. Well why is that ? Its because Weapons have a defence and attack level. 
Blood of Steel - GoryGary´s Survival Guide for Goons of War 
As u can see Godfrey has a defence lvl of 4 in his Weapon which leads to him being able to block f.e. Kaihime/Fredericks top attack while Baldwins lvl of 3 can´t. At least thats my explanation for it. 
Parrying btw always works, while being pretty difficult. Shields block everything but brake pretty fast against blunt dmg.. so your best bet is dodging, getting good at parrying or just attack speed the crap out of them. 
Another thing happening sometimes, is some sort of staggering when blocking a hard hit from f.e. a heavy attack or hitting Isabellas shield. Thats something to also take into account while fighting people. If you blocked that blow.. try to block the next hit too.. because your slower then them because of that stagger. 

The kind of accurate Life Chart thats not that accurate actually…

While thinking about buying Life Armour, I looked up some numbers and did some meth…aahhh.. math.. and I´ve found a pattern which goes REAAAAALLYYY deep into the core of this game… there are groups of Heros which have the same amount of Life. I swear its true… maybe u knew.. maybe u didn´t … but basicly this chart down here gives u a pretty much not that accurate depiction of how much life u gain by having a full set of yellow or green life armour… and if you´re really daring… even both! 
Blood of Steel - GoryGary´s Survival Guide for Goons of War 
The Chart is kind of off…I know.. Godfrey LvL 10 with both sets has 982.78 Life and not 987. Harald f.e has 1058 instead of 1065. Maybe I will edit it. Maybe I won´t. But the general Idea is still true. There are Groups of Heros where Life Armour can be beneficial. I use it atm.. pretty happy with it for the most part. 
Generally the higher your life basis the more beneficial Green Plates are getting. Yellow Plates are good for low life Heros, while the green ones are not. 
One thing I would like to mention: some heros have blue life which regenerates after some time out of battle. I dont know if its true, but if its based on a percentage; increasing your life can be even more beneficial. 
Blood of Steel - GoryGary´s Survival Guide for Goons of War 


Well feinting, if you dont know, is basicly starting an attack then pressing the block button to cancel it and restart an attack mostly from a different direction or even the same. 
Its really beneficial.. if overused makes for pretty weird duells and is with some practice a good thing to do. 
One thing I dont see many people do though is not canceling the attack by using the block button to feint a directional weapon hit, but instead using the guard breaks… preferably the kick to basicly feint the attack. 
It has the benefit of people often times trying to block the hit ofc but then getting kicked in the face… fun thing to do. 
While we are on the topic, different heros have ENTIRELY different punches and kicks. They are different in range, motion, some have a forward drive or are done from a preffered side( they kick left or right or just frontal)… varying speeds is something I don´t really know exists but it kind of seems like it. 
The best kick in the game award btw goes to Mulan because of roundhouse kick impossible range and the best punch goes to Spartacus for basicly being able to spam punches like Mike Tyson. 
Try them out, they are fun to do. 
(MAYBE I will add a video of what I am talking about, but dont wait for it) 

This is all that we can say about Blood of Steel – GoryGary´s Survival Guide for Goons of War for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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