Bloons TD 6 – Pros and Cons of Every Single Hero

Bloons TD 6 – Pros and Cons of Every Single Hero 1 -
Bloons TD 6 – Pros and Cons of Every Single Hero 1 -
This is a guide on how to mix two linked sets together on dbd


Before we start

To do this glitch you will need to have another survivor other than the one you want to mix linked sets with and that other survivor will also need to have a linked set. With the other survivor you need to do the glitch in 
but instead of only doing the glitch with one piece of the outfit you need to do it with two. The two pieces you will be glitching are the ones that you don’t want to change, for example if you want Cheryl’s Lisa head on top of the Cibil Body then you would Glitch the Torso and Legs of the other survivor. 

Set up

First you have to cap your fps at 20/15/10. To do this right click the windows button in the bottom left and click on run and then type in the %appdata% and when that folder opens up back out of the Roaming folder back into User/AppData and then go into the Local Folder and then locate the DeadByDaylight folder and in there go into Saved and then Config and then WindowsNoEditor. 
Dead by Daylight How to mix linked sets. 
In that folder open up the GameUserSettings. Once in there find the text that says FrameRateLimit=0.000000 and just add a 2 in front of the zeros. This will cap your fps at 20. If you want to cap your FPS to something lower just change the zero to whatever you’re capping it to (e.g 10 = FrameRateLimit=10.000000), This also works for uncapping FPS if you want to raise it to 120 or something. 
Dead by Daylight How to mix linked sets. 

Step 1

Begin with whatever survivor you want to mix sets with and have one of those sets equipped. 
Dead by Daylight How to mix linked sets. 

Step 2

Open the store. (your character won’t be unlinked but since i have done this glitch already mines is so just ignore that.) 
Dead by Daylight How to mix linked sets. 

Step 3

In the store switch to your other survivor and in the slot that you didn’t glitch equip any cosmetic that you already own. 

Step 4

In the store go back to the survivor you want to mix two linked sets with and there will be a difference, one of the pieces should now be unlinked. 

Step 5

Now go to the piece that is unlinked and click on the cosmetic you want to equip BUT DO NOT EQUIP IT just click on it and then swap to another section (Head/Torso/Legs). Now it should look how you want it to. (still don’t equip anything) 

Step 6

Once your survivor looks how you want it you need to go back to the section you want to glitch (Head/Torso/Legs) and now you need to switch to the survivor next to them using the arrows in the top right of the corner and quickly equip any piece of their clothing that is in the same section(Head/Torso/Legs). Now if you switch back to the survivor you are mixing two sets with they should look how you want them to, you can now exit the store and look at your glitched cosmetics. 
You can now close the game and uncap your FPS and then go and play a match with them if you want. 


Does this glitch still work? 
It is working as of 4.7.2 
Can you do this glitch for killers? 
I am unsure. 
If you have any questions make sure to leave them in the comments and i will put the answers in this section 

I don’t understand

If you aren’t understanding what i mean in this guide or if something that i have written doesn’t give clear instruction or you simply just want to watch a youtube video instead of reading here is a very good video on how to do the glitch, i did not make this video but it is one of the best ones i could find. 


Begging time

If this guide helped you out and you wanna like it and favourite it i won’t complain… 
Dead by Daylight How to mix linked sets. 

Written by LewsButBoolean

This is all for Dead by Daylight How to mix linked sets. hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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