Boneraiser Minions – Sorcerer Hollow Guide

Boneraiser Minions – Sorcerer Hollow Guide 1 -
Boneraiser Minions – Sorcerer Hollow Guide 1 -

How to beat Sorcerer Hollow

Before the Run

I recommend unlocking the "Ensorcellous Memories", or cla*s metas, as soon as you can to make it easier to store spell scrolls.
I recommend unlocking the cla*s metas "Entrailum Enchantmentus", Spellum Invigoratum", Spellum Spediatum and "Wraithen Husky" as soon as you can, to make the run a lot easier. These metas can give you good bonuses to hoard your scrolls (. We're going this way for most of the run.

The Run

Contrary, what one might expect from the Sorcerer Hollow, the best strategy for the cla*s is to hoard your magic and not to use it. The Sorcerer Hollow may become one of most agile and tastier cla*ses in the game simply by using the cla*s metas.
You will want to take the Warlock Minion (and any evolutions it is offered) during the run. I prefer to take at least one or two more minions (. Maximizing them as soon and as possible is my goal. The minions you pick that aren't the Warlock should be chosen with damage/close-quarters combat in mind, and should be able to help you clear out intermediate waves throughout the run. It is possible for them to be combined into the Fister giant. However, you should also consider leveling their ranks up to rank 3, and taking any daemon mutations that are offered.
The doppelganger works well with the cla*s meta but isn't very impressive. Sometimes, I will accept one at the end of a run if it's offered, but other times, I just prefer to find more Warlocks.


You will typically want to take relics increasing the Sorcerer Hollow’s tankiness.
Enboned Heart Ward Amulet Ward Taint and Virginal Bow are all solid relics. They can help you increase your health and keep it healthy. You can take them early to ensure you have the best chance of surviving into the endgame. Bottled Fairy, which is useful for obvious reasons, can be used in this regard (.
-Aromatic Muskhroom is useful in using dashing strategies to avoid injury, but is not really required if it's not available.
Deamon Hole and -Repulsive Face are solid options to help when you're stuck in a crowd.
All other relics are more or less personal preference/situationally good if you can find a use for them, but as long as you are able to get a couple of the relics listed above, you should be smooth sailing
NOTE: Sorcery Wand is an option if your goal is to focus on spell casting. It is entirely up to you.


The Sorcerer can get a lot from hoarding spells, rather than actually using them. I prefer to hoard spells that might come in handy in an emergency and only use them when necessary. The best spells to use for this purpose are:
-Snowblow is a free "oh no" button that should slow down the process long enough to allow your minions time to clean up any mess you've created.
-Heart Wrangler spawns heals that are quick to replenish large amounts. However, it is worth considering hoarding this ability and letting the increased health regen you will receive for holding onto it from a cla*s meta heal.
-Drain Boner will be more useful if you are able to use it immediately after receiving it to increase both your max HP as well as overall tankiness.
-Devil's Ball of Doom is my favorite offensive-minded spell. It can clear a path for you and allow you to try to kite any enemies in.
Avoid using spells unless absolutely necessary. Your cla*s metas can give you benefits by allowing you to keep them.


The Sorcerer Hole (has the lowest game completion percentage out of all cla*ses. But, I think it can be very easy to run if you follow this guide. I hope you all enjoy the Sorcerer Hole style of play. You will be able to beat it quickly and move on with cla*ses you may prefer.
Thank you for your support and happy Boneraising


Written by Dag

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