BONEWORKS – A poor Hover Junkers guide

BONEWORKS – A poor Hover Junkers guide 1 -
BONEWORKS – A poor Hover Junkers guide 1 -

Guide for BONEWORKS – A poor Hover Junkers guide

The 1.6 update has been out for less than 48 hours, but I am going to try to make a guide on it.


The Module

The module for the Junk Desert is suppose to be in the offices in Streets, but I found the module next to the Wasp in the Tower. I don’t know if the location was changed with some hot fixes, and I am too lazy to find out.

The Dragon Balls

To gain access to the yellow key that will let you get the wasp for other levels, you must find all seven dragon balls and place them in their sockets. I forget which ball number is where, so get gud.

One ball is right next to the bunker where you must place all the balls

Three are just out side the bar:
One is under a body
One is on top of the tower
One is on the roof

One ball requires you to grab onto the slowest windmill and ride it before jumping to the ball

One is at the grave site past the bar

One is at the far right corner of the starting area

If you can’t find one from my perfect directions, not my problem.


Coming out of the crate, you should see a Stapler handgun and a clipboard. You need to take THIS Stapler, as the ones that you can take out of your ankle will not be accepted by the bin.

The Gravity Welder is directly in front of the runway, so just quickly crash into the plateau and grab it before jumping in the barbed wire.

A glow stick that you can take and through in the bin is right before the bin.

The Wasp is available next to the bin.

Flying (is hard)

The most time consuming part of this update is flying the wasp to the end of the level. To unlock the wasp, you must take the key that you got in the dragon ball bunker and take it near the end of the level.
To be able to summon the wasp so that you can fly to the end, you need to find a green key. I found the key before the hot fixes, but I found it in the hand of the robot under a rock, a bit past the bar.
Now that you can spawn the wasp, You need to fly it. It requires three batteries, which can be found all over the bar, but there is a large supply in a small hidey hole on the side of the bar. It is covered by some wood and has a “No dogs” sign pointing to it. Once you get in, there are lots of batteries to your left, and a VHS tape to your right called “Some Dogs Go To Hell” with a nice bloody paw print on it. Lovely.
The wasp has two controls. The one to the left only goes up and down and controls the speed. The joystick to the right controls turning. There is also a little screen that will tell you if you are stalling or not.
To get off the ground, you need to maximize speed so that you can gain altitude. You can gain lots of speed while on the ground by trying to go down while speeding up. I don’t know why, but using this you can easily cruse right along for the entire time. To keep the altitude you want without stalling, I suggest quickly grabbing the joystick and pulling it back, letting go, and then grabbing it again until you are at the desired height.

Where to go in the air

The first time off the ground you should probable get Gravity Welder. After that, You should start your likely multiple attempts to make it to the end. That gun on your ankle will help more than you may imagine.
Off the run way is the first area, the Welder’s rock and desert. You can easily go around the rock, but I suggest you go around it to the right because of
the second area, a split. The right side makes you go past the giant wood man than over a few rock piles, where as the left makes you over or under multiple rocks.
The third area is some sort of camp. Both sides of the last area’s fork lead to gates. You can crash through the upper part without breaking down.
The fourth area is the hardest, forcing you to descend enough to get into a cave but still having enough speed to navigate the many large crystals. Getting into the cave is one of two times that I suggest not having the right stick be fully at the top, and instead you should quickly pull it back over and over while angling down. Once in the cave, navigate the rocks before pulling up a steep slope into the
fifth area, the windmills. The windmills aren’t supper dangerous. I had to go through this area a lot, and got hit twice, total. However, you must keep the wasp at the right altitude to grab a hold of the rods coming of the strange cube above the exit. The rods allow you to pull yourself up to a grate/vent/thing. To open the grate, you must climb on it over to a button on the side facing the windmills. The button opens the grate your holding, and lets you climb up to a secret area (past the glow stick) with the wasp ball and the bin. There is a force field in front of it though, which is the use of the yellow key.

Written by A Cult Leader

This is all that we can say about BONEWORKS – A poor Hover Junkers guide for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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