Brütal Legend – Sellout Achievement – The fastest way to farm fans (Pleasure Gardens)

Brütal Legend – Sellout Achievement – The fastest way to farm fans (Pleasure Gardens) 1 -
Brütal Legend – Sellout Achievement – The fastest way to farm fans (Pleasure Gardens) 1 -
This is not the most convenient way to farm but will be the fastest.
The map “Pleasure Gardens” has a total of 10 geyser which we will use to gain the most fans possible.


The Method and Setup



Multiplayer – Custom Game 

Faction Needed To Be Used:

Drowning Doom 


Pleasure Gardens 


Pleasure Gardens is the map with the most geysers (10). 
By creating a custom game without an ai you can fully take advantage of all 10 geysers without any effort and don’t need to worry about any enemy attacks. 
It is important that you select the “Drowning Doom” faction as the whole strategy revolves around the “Brood” unit. 
The setup can be done quicker, but to make everything be a bit more thoughtless I simply recommend to upgrade the stage to maximum asap. Then you start building “Brood” units asap. 
You can go and try to take over a fan booth by yourself with damaging solos etc. 
The first Broods you produce can be sent to the 2 enemy booths and they can shoot them down. 
For some reason they cant attack the neutral booths (the ones with the big flying worm things). 
Be careful so your Broods don’t destroy the enemy stage. 
For the rest of the booths you can double team and “mamakaze” with Broods to destroy the booths in conjunction with your solos. 
Once you have all geysers under your control you set you rally flag a bit from the stage, the round pool of water infront is a good spot. This is to prevent you from accidently boarding your stage. 
Now you simply ma*s produce Broods. Upgrade the first tier units aswell to instantly spend some more fans. Everything is fully setup now, you only need to “mamakaze” with the Broods and continue to build them. I took time and calculated and through this strategy you build 12 Broods per minute which means 960 fans/minute. Its about twice as fast as the “Feeding Arena Strategy”. 
You should be very close to +-0 fans, making this a very efficient and by far the fastest strategy I can think of. It does however require you to be engaged unlike the more commonly used strategy mentioned above. Remember that the fans are first truly spent when a unit is constructed so you can let the units stack up before “mamakaze:ing” so long as you always have units in the que. 





Final Comments

As an achievement hunter I try to be as efficient as possible and don’t use cheats or “console” to cheap things. 
I thought and tested some strategies and eventually realised that it was possible to not only use Pleasure Gardens and the 10 geysers, but also spend fans fast enough to be able to use the amount of fans produced. 
I don’t know exactly but it seems to be very close to +- 0 fans and with the setup time, the fans aquired when being able to fully benefit from the 10 geysers is around 2k which means that if its possible to use a little more than produced it won’t be fast enough to ever get to zero before being done. 
1. Broods/min equals 960 fans/min which means that 250 000 / 960 requires around 4,5 hours if we a*sume its done in one sitting and consider the setup time. 
After doing all other achievements a*suming you only do one Brutal difficulty campaign you should be around 100k when you start to go for this achievement if you saved it for last. 
15. 000 / 960 requires 2 hours and 45 minutes I would estimate with this setup. 

Written by ECE

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Brütal Legend – Sellout Achievement – The fastest way to farm fans (Pleasure Gardens). If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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