Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Custom Map: Relinquished

Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Custom Map: Relinquished 1 -
Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Custom Map: Relinquished 1 -
This guide will be about the custom map: Relinquished.
This is my favorite custom map ever played.
Splendid custom zombies, special and revamped mechanics, unique tactical work.
I hope you truly understand the brilliant logic behind the map.
Before to play, keep in mind that its different than standard zombies but isn’t that why we are all playing custom maps?


Map Story

In an unspecified time, humanity had disappeared from Earth. 
Limited resources caused them to travel away, to never be seen again. 
Only a small population remained, hoping that the supplies left would lead them to survival. 
Four men had left their homes in search of resources in an already abandoned land where resources should be abundant. 
The creatures that roamed the wasteland known as the Phantoms were thought to have been created by loneliness and sadness of the Earth. 

Map Explaination

This map is completely different compared to standard zombies maps. 
It includes splendid custom zombies, special & revamped mechanics and also requires unique tactical effort. 
You can collect materials and use them to craft your weapons, make expeditions, craft ammo and repair perks. 
It has a few easter eggs and a splendid unique & hard boss fight. 

There are 2 playable game modes:



[1] True Relinquished

This mode is the original map mode, therefore also the most optimized. 
Here you can collect materials and use them to build your weapons, make expeditions, build ammo and repair perks. 
All the steps of the easter egg will be available, so also the boss fight and the completion of the map. 
However in this mode the zombies will not drop powerups except for “double points”, also you will not find the mystery chest. 
What you will find on this mode: 
• Materials gathering system 
• Craft weapon system 
• Craft ammo system 
• Material storage 
• Expeditions ship: for collection blueprints, random weak weapon, ammo and points 
• Perks must be repaired before you can use them 
• Double points is the only one powerups you can find 

[2] Easy Relinquished

For those who do not like to collect materials, repair, build their own weapons and collect blueprints this is the mode for you. 
Here you will not be able to collect materials, spend them, make expeditions and you will be able to receive max ammo along with the other powerups from the zombies. 
However most of the easter egg steps are disabled, but you will still be able to face the boss and complete the map. 
You will also find the Mystery weapon Box. 
What you will find on this mode: 
• Mystery weapon Box. 
• All powerups drops from zombies. 

Features you will find in both modes

• Buildable PaP 
• Custom effects on PaP weapons 
• Hard boss fight 
• Custom weapons 
• Custom zombie model like “Phantoms” 
• Custom Perks 

Guide to “True Relinquished” with all the Easter Eggs

After you arrived to the dock with the ship and you get off it, you will find 2 small rituals that blocks you. 
Those are the ones that allow you to choose which map to play: True or Easy one. 
Of course, choose the True one. 
Enter the 1st close area, the shipment. 
You will find a green crystal in the middle. 
By clicking that, you will start the map. 
Of course as previously said, in this map you have to gather materials, so start by doing it. 
The materials mines that can be mines, will glow. 
You click on it and start to gather the material, activating it costs points. 
Here are the steps you have to do in order to complete the map: 
1) Find the Power and repair the switch to activate it using the required materials 
2) Find a way to open it and enter the HQ 
3) Find the screwdriver that is around somewhere in the map nearby the HQ area 
4) Enter the HQ and force the locker 
5)Activate the “actractor machine” 
6)Pick up the weird sphere created by it 
7)There are 4 material extractor blueprints inside the HQ, pick at least one 
8)Build at least 1 extractor (or all 4 if you are crazy enough) 
9)Pay materials to activate the chosen extractor and take it’s cristal that will appear nearby the extractor as soon as you activate it. 
10)Build at least 1 ritual altar (same material you created the extractor for) 
11)Do at least 1 ritual to enhance at least 1 crystal (same extractor material) 
12)Find the katana (it can comes random from the boat expeditions, or otherwise is guaranteed at the 10th expedition 
13)Find the access to the swamp area and cut the bamboo with the katana, to enter 
14)Place the Sphere into the PaP 
15)Bring the Earth integrity under 40% 
16)PaP a weapon with earth integrity under 40% and this weapon will be transformed into a weapon with a bonus but also a malus. 
You can be sure it has a malus because it will have a red glow. 
17)Find another spamp place and cut the bamboo with the katana to access it 
18)Place the enhanced crystal into the altar (the one you got from completing the ritual) 
19)You will see sigils (symbols) appearing in the wall of the cavern. 
You have to shoot them with a malus weapon. 
Its not random, is a pa*sword. 
You find the pa*sword hidden somewhere in the map (be sure to pick the correct one, because there are 4 of them, one of each material and crystal color) 
20)Complete the ritual and bring the new crystal into the HQ 
21)Place the crystal into the corresponding tombstone 
22)Shoot the empty hole in the tombstone with a malus weapon 
23)A secret portal will appear in the swamps. 
Enter in that secreat area and you will find the boss. (First Easter Egg) 
24)Defeat the boss. (Swearing will not make help in the fight) 
25)Go back to the ship (If you didnt ragequit) 
26)Escape the map (or can keep playing, which I suggest) 
27)Grats, you ended the map 

If you dont leave the map after defeating boss

Surprise if you don’t escape immediately and want to keep shooting zombies. 
Once you defeated the boss, you have access to the following 4 custom perks: 
• SAFE SAVE:When you stand still for 5 seconds it sets a marker u then hold down on “interact button” and you can teleport to marker. You can have a maximum of 2 teleports per round. 
• HORRIFIC VISION: When you do a set amount of damage to zombies, a corrupted eye will appear, follows you damaging zombies. 
You can have a maximum of 2 eyes at the same time. 
• THORNS ARMOR:Each second you don’t receive damage you gain a stack. 
Stacks reduce damage received. When you reach max stacks you don’t receive damage 
• HEALING WAVE:You get a visible health bar, health regen and speed boost once you get hit. 

1st Easter Egg

After completing the steps from 10 to 22 you have access to craft a special custom Ray Gun MK2 that is based on the material altar you have built and the tombstone you activated. 
Pa*sage from 10 to 22 […Build one altar, insert the crystal, complete the ritual fight. 
Go to swamps and place the crystal in the altar, shoot the symbols (pa*swords), pick the crystal back, go to HQ, shoot the tombstone with a malus weapon…]
Now craft a Ray Gun MK2 and to PaP it into the swamps. 
(Raygun MK1, MK3 and Ancient Raygun will not work) 
There you go, you have the special weapon! 
There are 4 different ones: 
• URANIUZER ICYGRASP(freezes zombies upon shooting them) 
• URANIUZER SOLAR WRATH(shoots solar balls in the sky, then they explode and throw fireballs at zombies, aiming for them) 
• URANIUZER RADIOACTIVE(has bouncing bullets) 
• URANIUZER SHARPBOLT(has homing bullets) 

2nd Easter Egg

You have to find window with a golden Margwa statue inside it. 
(To help you, I could say its in one of the two pa*sages to access the swamps) 
Interacting with it, you spent an amount of point. 
It can either give nothing, or a secret custom weapon that is looking-alike “Nar-Ullaqua” from “Shadows of Evil” map. 
You can try as many times you want. 
Good luck to eventually get the weapon! 

3rd Easter Egg

All over the map, there are 20 golden little dragon heads, you have hit them. 
Once you collected them all, you go to the same place in the swamp, where you built the altar and shot the pa*sword symbols. 
On the right, you will find a forge, click on it and melt all the 20 dragon heads. 
Then you will receive a liquid gold jar. 
Bring the jar to the container area on the right side of the HQ, precisely next to the white container. 
On the ground you will find a place where to insert the jar. 
And then you will get a powerfull golden Katana. 

Written by Giulia

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Custom Map: Relinquished. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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