Candy Disaster – Trap tier rating

Candy Disaster – Trap tier rating 1 -
Candy Disaster – Trap tier rating 1 -

I've completed the game. Here is the trap-tier rating in my head according to my usage.

Tier rating

Candy Disaster - Trap tier rating - Tier rating - F203395
S:Theses traps all have good generality and easy to build combo effects. They are tier S. They all have unique effects such as forcible displacement. The Crossbow also can be considered into S because it has a wider scope of application at different stages that the other traps.
A: The traps in tier A are common traps with good capability and can perform well combined with other traps. Even though the traps in tier B are common, they have good capabilities and can be used together with other traps. Whipping Vine will only work on stage that lasts a long time It's powerful in the snowfield chapter.
B: Traps with single target effect , which occasionally work well with other traps.
C:These traps work well in special terrain or trap combos and need to be used in the appropriate scene, but they are not widely applicable. I place the Gold Snatcher last trap in level C to provide extra golds.
D:They don't work very well, occasionally useful.
E/F: Nearly useless. I hate totems so it is in F .


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