CODE VEIN – Boss Attribute Strengths/Weaknesses

CODE VEIN – Boss Attribute Strengths/Weaknesses 1 -
CODE VEIN – Boss Attribute Strengths/Weaknesses 1 -

CODE VEIN – Boss Attribute Strengths/Weaknesses

Boss’ elemental weaknesses and strengths.



This is an adaptation of goremus guide, which is in Japanese.
All credits belong to him/her.

Strengths and Weaknesses



Butterfly of DeliriumFire
Invading ExecutionerThunder
Insatiable DespotBlood
Argent Wolf BerserkerALL
The Queen’s KnightBlood
Successor of the RibcageThunder
Successor of the BreathFireIce
Gilded HunterBlood, Fire
Successor of the ClawIceFire
Successor of the ThroatIceThunder
Blade BearerFireIce
Juzo MidoBlood
Queen’s Knight RebornBlood
Skull KingALL
The Virgin BornALL

Tough mobs

Brute Monk (Yeti)FireIce
Female KnightBlood, Fire

Defensive Equipment

Overall best defensive Blood Veils: GXL Defender and Silver Garb.

vs Yeti: Winter Mantle
Reason: Ice damage is most prevalent.

vs Cannoneer & Blade Bearer: Silver Garb
Reason: Covers Slash, Fire, and Ice damage types.

vs Juzo Mido: Night Fang
Reason: Has high Slash defense, as well as Inhibit resistance.

vs Successor of the Claw: Silver Garb
Reason: Has a good balance between Slash and Fire defense.

vs The Virgin Born: Noble Silver
Reason: Has the highest Crush defense, as well as high Light Gift strength. This boss is resistant to all elements, so buff up and smack it with physical damage.


・The last boss’ lightning-like attack actually deals crushing damage;

・Even by combining a high-physical-defense Blood Veil with Iron Will and Juggernaut you will still receive damage from physical attacks. Adding Shifting Hollow and Vanishing Hollow will allow you to dodge consecutive strikes with ease.

Detailed resistances including Slash/Crush/Pierce: link.

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