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CODE VEIN – Characters and partners 12 -
CODE VEIN – Characters and partners 12 -

Guide for CODE VEIN – Characters and partners

How to hire associates at Code Vein
Companions in Code Vein can be used as blood bags — you can drink their blood when necessary. They can also heal, take blows, and fight. Given all these advantages, they may become incapacitated at some point, and you will have to revive them at checkpoints. There is a set of commands with which you can not directly control your companion. To change the satellite during the mission, you need to go to the nearest mistletoe (middle) – read our guide on mistletoe, teleport to your home base and then change your partner. Companions at Code Vein
Here is a list of the companions available on Code Vein, their hiring methods, and location.Mia Karnstein
You will find Mia in the Howling Pit, and she will be the third companion you met in this game. She owns ranged weapons and prefers to stay away from enemies responsible for ranged damage, so you should focus on melee weapons that you can destroy all enemies while she terrifies them from afar.

Usually, at the beginning of the battle, Mia turns on the bloodsucking ability, which temporarily increases the rate of draining attacks with your weapons. It makes your attacks from the back, parry, or recharge stronger, so use it wisely.

Blood Code: Artemis.

You will get it as your partner after defeating the enemy, the Ruthless Executioner (Invading Executioner) in the Howling Pit;
After the battle, return to your home base, and it will become available to you;
She uses a bayonet gun (Bayonet Rifle);
It can increase the drain rating of a weapon;
Mia may be most useful in the battle against Agent Wolf Berserker.


Mia Karnstein (Seiyu: Ai Kayano)

CODE VEIN - Characters and partners - Mia Karnstein (Seiyu: Ai Kayano)
Female revenge wandering the lands of Wayne. She is accompanied by her younger brother, the only family member whose protection she will do anything. In the battle, Mia uses a gun with a bayonet and a tail-shaped “Blood Veil,” called the Stinger. With all of this, she can attack from a distance.

Nikola Karnstein (Seiyu: Hiromi Igarashi)

The younger brother of Mia Karnstein, traveling through the lands of Wayne with his older sister. A kind and fearless vampire boy who adores his sister and will fight for her until the last.img 5fa63c66a1cad wpgameplay com

Karen (Seiyu: Yumi Hara)

One of the scientists who participated in the Q.U.E.E.N project, as well as Luis’s sister. She died during the Queen’s riot but was immediately resurrected as “Revenant.” She participated in Operation The Annihilation of the Queen, providing support for the monitoring and protecting the dead Vampires (Revenants).img 5fa63c789a511 wpgameplay com

Yakumo Shinonome (Seiyu: Kyosuke Torumi)

A former mercenary with a strong sense of duty and concern for others. Many revenants love him as an older brother. During the battle, he behaves calmly and professionally. He specializes in close combat and uses a large two-handed sword in combat and a dog-shaped “Blood Veil” called the Hounds.img 5fa63c8626e1f wpgameplay com

Louis (Seiyu: Kaito Ishikawa)

A young leader who continues his research to help Revenants with a thirst for blood. In search of the source of the origin of “Blood Tears,” a substance that is widespread and used as a substitute for human blood, he often goes to the very depths of Wayne. In battle, he uses fast short-range attacks with a one-handed sword, as well as a quick “Blood Veil” called “Ogre.” During attacks, he also uses “Tempered Blood (Gifts)” to strengthen himself and the player and help explore the world.img 5fa63e9dd4afb wpgameplay com

Io (Seiyu: Lynn)

A woman-revenant who does not remember anything about herself but who has rich knowledge about the abilities of “Vampires (Revenants),” as well as about Wayne. Her advice will guide the hero in the right direction. Her responsibilities also include restoring memories from Blood Crystals.img 5fa63c9dcaf83 wpgameplay com

Jack Rutherford (Seiyu: Yunichi Suwabe)

CODE VEIN - Characters and partners - Jack Rutherford (Seiyu: Yunichi Suwabe)
“Vampire (Revenant),” nicknamed “Vampire Hunter,” who is afraid of both allies and enemies. Like Yakumo, he is a former military and professional fighter. Has a deep connection with the main character. Like Louis, Jack uses a one-handed sword and a “Blood Veil” called “The Hounds” in battle but focuses more on his attacking style.

Eva Roo (Seiyu: Saori Hayami)

A female revenant, who owes Jack his life, therefore always accompanies him. Like Mia, Eva uses a gun with a bayonet in battle and provides support in every way.img 5fa63cb8120b9 wpgameplay com

Rin Murasame (Seiyu: Yuki Takada)

A female revenant whose duties include the supply of weapons and their strengthening. Has the nickname “Yasya” (guard demon). An excellent warrior with high fighting and leadership qualities, but due to an incident in the past, was injured and lost the ability to participate in battles. Thanks to the protagonist’s ability to see the memories that he used on her, she decided to meet her past face to face.img 5fa63cc5eefaa wpgameplay com

Coco (Seiyu: Nanako Mori)

A revenant woman who works in a trade guild. If you have money, sell anything. Although a merchant, it has a good character and cannot just leave someone in trouble. Compared to other Vampires (Revenants), it is less prone to memory loss, but it seems that it has a past that it wants to return with all its might.img 5fa63cda7479b wpgameplay com

Davis (Seiyu: Signa Takahashi)

He is a member of the Cerberus unit whose duties include maintaining public peace and security and transferred to the base of Louis and the rest. Lost almost all of his memories, possibly due to the many battles in which he participated. In addition to completing assignments, Cerberus is engaged in searching for a woman whose name he had long forgotten but whose photograph he carries with him.img 5fa63eaa8db43 wpgameplay com

Gregorio Silva (Seiyu: Akio Otsuka)

“Vampire (Revenant),” as well as a former military man who, after the “Great Destruction” from the birth of the Revenants to the project “Q.U.E.E.N” (Queen), took over the command to save humanity. Having decided that the enraged Queen will become a threat to humanity, Silva decided to destroy her and revived herself as “Vampire (Revenant)” takes command.img 5fa63ced50e0d wpgameplay com

Cruz Silva (Seiyu: Lynn (JP)

A girl who was a test subject in the project “Q.U.E.E.N.” Daughter Gregorio Silva and classmate Luis. With a strong desire to help everyone, she endured difficult experiments, but due to pressure from lack of success, she got out of control, becoming the embodiment of destruction.img 5fa63cfa43dcc wpgameplay com

Juzo Mido (Seiyu: Sho Hayami)

CODE VEIN - Characters and partners - Juzo Mido (Seiyu: Sho Hayami)
Chief Vampire Research Specialist. Before the Great Destruction, he conducted experiments on orphans and sent them as mercenaries to fight around the world. For the sake of research, he even used himself as an experimental subject, turning himself into a “reinforced” vampire.

Oliver Collins

Oliver is a good-willed revenant that supports other starving and weak revenants. He is also the first companion the Protagonist meets. However, his purifier mask gets broken by a frenzied Revenant, and he ends up becoming part of the Lost.
img 5fa63d146c7c5 wpgameplay com
Oliver’s past is mostly unknown, but he has spent some time being forced to hunt for Blood Beads.

Flashes of Oliver’s past are shown during the collection of his Berserker vestige.

Emily Su

Emily Su is a childhood friend of Yakumo Shinonome and a Successor of the Claw. She has a romantic interest in Yakumo and wishes to do as well as she can. However, after the Great Collapse, she was separated from Yakumo.

Emily died as a human during the Great Collapse and became a revenant shortly after her death. However, as Yakumo was undergoing the revived procedure, she and her allies were forced to work with Mido as bodyguards. Throughout her time as a bodyguard, Mido ordered her comrades, including Yakumo, who are in the state of being resurrected, to be sacrificed to make a Successor of the Claw. However, Emily volunteered to become a Successor so Yakumo and her friends could live. Mido was intrigued and accepted her offer, and she later became the Successor of the Claw.

Along with Yakumo and the rest of her friends, Emily was placed in an orphanage before the Great Collapse. During their time together, they eventually joined the military, and during that time, the Great Collapse occurred.img 5fa63d1f393e2 wpgameplay com

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