CODE VEIN – Cruz Silva, also known as the "Queen"

CODE VEIN – Cruz Silva, also known as the "Queen" 5 -
CODE VEIN – Cruz Silva, also known as the "Queen" 5 -

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Personal Details


History Edit

Cruz was once a human and is a former classmate and childhood friend of Louis. She is the girl that became the test subject of the Q.U.E.E.N. Project and is Gregorio Silva’s daughter.img 5fa63b4d18980 wpgameplay com

Q.U.E.E.N. Project

Able to withstand the unimaginable pain from the experiments she chose to endure in order to save mankind, partly due to her caretaker Karen and her close friend Louis, she then became a powerful incarnate who even brought destruction on top of the Great Collapse. Despite her frenzy, she has somehow lost her senses, but still tries to reach out hoping someone would hear her plea.
img 5fa63b56956b1 wpgameplay com

The Protagonist

The Protagonist is the one to “kill her”, although she is described as “the immortal among immortals”, and thus inherits her Blood Code and some of her abilities.img 5fa63b6097e47 wpgameplay com

Appearance Edit

Cruz has long, white hair, reaching her until her hips and held up at the back of her head by what seem to be hair ornaments, and red eyes, which appear a vibrant shade blue after her frenzy.

She has a tan complexion, matching that of her father’s and is seen wearing a blue surgical gown held up by black belt-like straps, dark grey stockings, white bandages on her lower arms and black gloves.

A scar is visible right above her heart.img 5fa63b7a1459c wpgameplay com

img 5fa63b876d908 wpgameplay com

Personality Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit
Cruz is a skilled fighter, able to take on multiple people by her own as is seen when she fights both Jack and the Protagonist. She is also effectively immortal; her body has to be divided into the relics to keep her form reforming.

She is also the owner of multiple Blood Codes, such as:
img 5fa63b91e3e1f wpgameplay com
Queen’s Claw
Queen’s Throat
Queen’s Breath
Queen’s Ribcage

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