CODE VEIN – Fixing Code Vein Save Files

CODE VEIN – Fixing Code Vein Save Files 1 -
CODE VEIN – Fixing Code Vein Save Files 1 -

Guide for CODE VEIN – Fixing Code Vein Save Files

Sometimes Code Vein can’t seem to find my saved games, or the files are corrupted. This has not only to happen to me but to some friends as well. After some digging, experimenting, and ultimately recovering my saved games, I put together this “short video” to serve as a tutorial and a small brain-dump on how the save files work. I hope it can help you as well!



Hello, I am making this quick guide to spread some light on the nature of Code Vein save files. I mainly made this to help anyone who might’ve lost their save game from the game misbehaving, a computer crash, or maybe a solar flare.

This is after Steam’s “Check Integrity of Local Game Cache” fails to help you.

To give a quick recap of the video:

There are two main fixes, in sections Fix Method #1 and #2. There are some common prerequisites for these, which is in the Save File Locations section.

Save File Locations and what they are

Your Code Vein Saved games are located here %LocalAppData%\CodeVein\Saved\SaveGames

You can copy and paste that into your browser, or if that doesn’t work for you, you can manually browse it.

C:\Users\”Your Windows Account Name”\AppData\Local\CodeVein\Saved\SaveGames

In here, you’ll have a folder that is seemingly randomly numbered. It is your numeric steam ID. Under this folder, you have a minimum of 2 files in a healthy installation.
“CommonData_Slot0v008” and “GameData_Slot*v001”

As far as I can tell, The Common Data acts as an index file of where your saved files are, and I’m guessing also contains your New game compatible characters. This filename is always the same.
GameData is the meat and bones with all your progress, unlocks, items, and so forth. The * number (before the V) is the “slot” location, and the “01”1 is always there. This file will not work without the common data file.

You can also access the last steam synced copy of the GameData file on your steam cloud as well if enabled.

Before modifying or deleting any files, I highly encourage you to make a new folder on your desktop and make copies of the existing save files. That way, if something goes wrong, you don’t lose the original file(s) you were trying to recover.

Fix Method #1

This method is the easiest but didn’t work in all situations. For whatever reason, the game won’t look into the steam ID folder. I solved this one by copying the two files into the SaveGames folder before the SteamIDnumber folder. When I relaunched the game, it found the files and just worked.

Once your game is loaded, save your game as a mistle, and exit the game. Take the two files under SaveGames and move them into the SteamIDnumber folder. Verify your game works again, and this method is complete. Please note it is important to move the files BACK into the SteamIDnumber folder. Otherwise, the game may load the wrong files at a later date.

Fix Method #2

This is when it really goes sideways. You’ve either already tried Method 1, and it doesn’t work, or you don’t even have any data in those folders.

The only real file you need is the GameData file to get your stuff back. You can get that file from the steam to save downloaded earlier, or if it still exists in the AppData folder. In the video, I use the file from steam.

The first step is to make sure the save games folder is clear.

Launch Code Vein. It will see it’s your “First time” playing the game. Follow all the in-game prompts to get to the initial tutorial, and skip it. Once you’re in the city ruins and the save icon disappears, you can Alt+F4 the game.

At this point, the game made a new CommonData and GameData save the file. What’s important here is the GameData slot # in the file name. This is what you will rename your backup GameData to. Do that, and overwrite the new GameData file is made.

Relaunch Code Vein again. You should now have the option to Continue. Do this, and you should have you’re expected to save data back. Save and close the game properly, and you’re ready to rock and roll. You can clean up any copy files outside of the AppData folder you made earlier.

By Jigg007

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about CODE VEIN – Fixing Code Vein Save Files. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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