CODE VEIN – Story Endings Guide.

CODE VEIN – Story Endings Guide. 1 -
CODE VEIN – Story Endings Guide. 1 -

CODE VEIN – Story Endings Guide.

How to achieve each ending for the game.


“Heirs,” Ending.

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  • Do not restore the vestiges of ANY of the successors.
  • Walkthrough the door after the battle against a successor without speaking to their petrified body (which can only be spoken to if their vestiges were restored before defeating them)

“Heirs” is considered to be the bad ending of the game. To achieve this, walk past each successor and exit through the gate during their post-fight memories without restoring them.

“To Eternity” Ending.

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  • Restore both the vestiges and memory of at least one, but not all of, the successors.
  • Leave all but at least one of the successors in their petrified state.
  • To do this, walk away from the petrified successor and pass through the door after viewing the memory of each successor boss.


  • So, to achieve this ending, restore the memory of 1-3 of the four successors.

“To Eternity” is the neutral ending of the game. To obtain this ending, save at least one successor by restoring all their vestiges before fighting them, then restoring their memory after the battle.

An example is when you face the Successor of the Throat. Before facing her, you’ll need to restore all of the Harmonia vestiges to unlock the option to restore their memory.

“Dweller In The Dark” Ending.

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  • Restore all vestiges of the successors before their respective boss fights, then restore each successor’s memories by interacting with their petrified body during their memory. DO NOT go through the large door at the end of each successors’ memory.

“Dweller in the Dark” is often viewed as the true ending of the game. To achieve this ending, you’ll need to save all four successors by restoring their memories after each battle against the successor. By doing that, you’ll have to find their respective vestiges and repair them before heading into the boss fight. You’ll find an Eos vestige outside of the crypt for each Successor after their battle, while the remaining are found in Provisional Government Center.

To unlock an additional scene to this ending, you must find all of the Eos vestiges and restore them for Io. Be sure you’ve restored the Eos vestiges before facing the final boss.

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