Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Broken Fang Mission Guide

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Broken Fang Mission Guide 4 -
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Broken Fang Mission Guide 4 -

Guide for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Broken Fang Mission Guide

Guide that should help you complete all Broken Fang missions.



Hello everyone i’m making this guide to help people complete all Broken Fang missions.

This time tho you don’t need to complete all missions to get full coin upgrade, because if a mission has 3 stars then one star counts as one mission, only Story mission and Guardian missions count as one.

I’ll try to update this guide every week

Week 1: Start Your Engines

Premium Unleaded : Win rounds in Broken Fang Premier.


Broken Fang Premier is a new mode, it’s like normal competetive but you ban maps before a match

As the description says just win 20 rounds on any map in Broken Fang Premier you need to play at least 2 matches
Be aware that Broken Fang Premier is like a normal competitive if you leave you’re gonna get banned and winning and losing matches in this mode will affect your rank.

Manual Transmission: Win rounds in Competitive: Engage.


Just win 20 rounds on new map don’t worry if you lose this will not affect your rank because Engage is only available in scrimmage

Ma*s Production: Get 25 kills in Guardian: Engage.


Does not matter what weapon you use, but only save spot on the map is behind the red doors
or you can always throw smoke under you and wait for bots to come.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Broken Fang Mission Guide

Behind this door you should be save from bots.
Picture of doors taken from reddit user u/Mr_Magic_Matt

Under The Hood: The Phoenix have been spotted! Find out what they are planning.


I’m not going to spoil this one for you because it is the best mission so far in my opinion
The only problem is that you need to do it in coop if you don’t have anyone to play with ask on CS:GO discusion forum

Warming Up: Get AK47, M4A4, or M4A1-S kills in Casual: Ancient.


pretty self explanatory, if Ancient crashes for you try lowering your resolution, updating drivers.
For me Ancient was crashing and only thing that helped was not opening TAB

Clutch Control: Win rounds in Retakes.


Retakes is a new mode that was available on cmmunity servers for the past 5 years maybe even more you have 3 Terrorists vs 4 CT’s T protect bombside and CT have to Retake it and defuse the bomb.

Ice & Snow, Take It Slow: Get kills in Danger Zone: Frostbite.


This one is the most annoying mission so far why? Because you can’t choose Frostbite on Danger Zone you have to wait 10 minutes
for it to be available, anyway i recommend you to always take Zeus because it gives you advantage agains other players
You can always buy armor or shield with Zeus you can one shot enemy and also open cases with better guns

Week 2: Moon Shot

The Right Stuff: Earn MVPs in Broken Fang Premier.


Should complete this mission as you play, just plant/defuse bomb and try not to die

One Small Step: Win rounds in Competitive: Apollo


You need to play at least 2 matches do complete this, dont worry about your rank because apollo is only on scrimmage.

Houston We Have A Problem: Get kills with all 10 pistols in Guardian Apollo.


In this Guardian you play as Terrorist and You need to get one kill with every pistol in the game
You can make this mission easier for yourself by changing your pistols in equipment so that your friend will use
Revolver and you Deagle CZ and Tec-9 that will speed up this mission
This is a list of pistols

5.Dual Berrets
9.Desert Eagle
10.R8 Revolver

If you don’t change your equipment don’t worry bots will come with all pistols, you have to get a USP, P200 and
Five-Seven from bots

Low Earth Orbit: Get pistol kills in Retakes.


There are 2 pistol rounds in the Retake just use your pistol in every other round, make sure to take
cards with better pistols like Deagle or Five seven because after 3-4 rounds everyone have full armor

The Deagle Has Landed: Get Desert Eagle Kills in Casual: Hostage Group.


Deagle is a powerfull weapon even agains enemies with AK-47 and M4 you should have no problem completing this mission remember to not spam with Deagle beacause there is a couple of second spread cooldawn.

Week 3: Rangefinder

Dangerous At Any Range: Win rounds in Competitive: Ancient


As the description says you have to play at least 2 matches, don’t worry even if you lose this won’t affect your rank because Ancient is only on Scrimmage.

As i already said if Ancient crashes for you update your drivers change resolution and if other methods don’t help just don’t open TAB

Through The Looking Gla*s: Get 20 kills with any sniper rifle in Guardian: Train


Sniper Rifle’s are ofcourse: SSG 08, AWP and SCAR-20

First wave you can play with pistols or risk trying to get knife kills (if you lose a round you lose all your money)
Bots will only come from Catwalk and Ramp If bomb is close to connector tho, they may come from A through connector

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Broken Fang Mission Guide

Keep Your Distance: Get kills at a range of at least 15 meters in Deathmatch Defusal Group Delta


Don’t use any PM’s doing this mission stick to AK-47, M4A4 (maybe AUG and SG) and AWP,
Try staying away from enemy

Scope The Competition: Get kills with any sniper rifle in Arms Race.


You can only do 4 kills during one match because there are only 2 Sniper Rifles levels per match
But you can always play with a friend or simply ask an enemy to kill you with a knife that will make you lose a level and will give you your previous weapon

Week 4: Full-Time Job

Get A Head Start: Get headshot kills in Wingman: Inferno


Should come easly as you play, if you have a problem you can also ask your enemies for help
and agree to tie the match (I did that) but it can be more difficult to find players who would agree to that, then simply doing this mission on your own

Spend It All In One Place: Get 20 kills with the m249 in Guardian: Inferno


This one is pretty easy to achieve stay on bombside with your teammate and kill bots with knife during first wave
if you and your friend have at least 2 kills with knife during first wave you both can buy M249 bots will come from
The side where bomb is so if bomb lies near long, bots should only come from apartaments and long, it is easy to know from where bots will come because they throw there a smoke.
You should stay on site and your teammate should sit in pit, remember to buy another M249 in case you run out of ammo during fight

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Broken Fang Mission Guide

Short Term Investment: Deal grenade damage in Retakes.


You can use any grenade flash and smoke also count but they do only 1 damage if you throw it at someone
So you should only use nades or molotoves the latter is better option
Best option is to ask enemies for help, this type of missions are best to do when everyone is doing them.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me: Earn Money in Casual: Defusal Group Delta

$25 000
★★$50 000
★★★$100 000

This mission you just have to grind it took me around 3-4 Casual matches to this mission.
My advice is to only buy shotguns because they give you more money per kill, try to always defuse/plant bomb
Put on some potcast, music watch something on youtube, netflix or on something else.
Just don’t be afk or your teammates will kick you.

Week 5: Sleight Of Hand

Week 6: World Tour

Week 7: Improvise

Week 8: Welcome To The Jungle

Week 9: Keep Your Eyes Open

Week 10: Near Sighted

Week 11: One Track Mind

Week 12: Delirium

Week 13: Vertiglobals

Week 14: Turf War

Week 15: Spare No Expense

Week 16: Ancient Danger

Written by Toni Bambonaboni

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Broken Fang Mission Guide helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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