Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CSGO – COMPLETE radio command Guide

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CSGO – COMPLETE radio command Guide 1 -
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CSGO – COMPLETE radio command Guide 1 -
Previously, we’ve learned how to make our operator moan in CS:GO…

Today, I will attempt to teach you how to use ALL the custom voiced radio commands in this long and very boring guide~



First, Enable Developer Console

These commands make use of the console, which is disabled by default. 
To enable the console, press ESC and select Yes on Enable Developer Console (~) in the Game Settings, as shown in the picture. 
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CSGO - COMPLETE radio command Guide 

How to use radio commands

To use one of these radio commands, simply paste the line with the command you wish to say into the console and press enter. 
If you wish to bind a radio command to a hotkey, it’s a bit more complicated: start by typing bind, followed by the key you want to bind the radio command to. Additionally, the text at the end of each command in quotes must be replaced with a single word (it won’t work if it has any spaces,) AND the entire command following the keybind you chose must be encapsulated in quotes~ it can be a bit confusing at first! 
For example, instead of typing this: 
playerradio Radio.LocBombA “A bomb site” 
type this instead: 
bind q “playerradio Radio.LocBombA A_site” 
^this will bind the radio command Radio.LocBombA to the q key on your keyboard, and it will display the text A_Sitein addition to the radio command’s audio. 
In addition to being able to customize they key you set the bind to, you can also customize the text that is displayed by changing the last word in the quotes, as long as it is only 1 word with no spaces! 

Request Move

playerradio Radio.StickTogether “Stick together” 
playerradio Radio.FollowMe “Follow me” 
playerradio Radio.SpreadOut “Spread out” 
playerradio Radio.TeamFallBack “Fall back” 
playerradio Radio.GoGoGo “Go Go Go!” 
playerradio Radio.LocHostage “Get the hostage” 
playerradio WaitingForHumanToDefuseBomb “Defuse Now” 

Request Prepare

playerradio Radio.EcoRound “We should eco” 
playerradio Radio.SpendRound “We should spend” 
playerradio Radio.NeedLeader “Who will lead?” 
playerradio Radio.NeedPlan “What’s the plan?” 
playerradio Radio.NeedDrop “Can I have a weapon?” 



May not work with default agents!


playerradio Radio.LocBombA “A bomb site” 
playerradio Radio.LocBombB “B bomb site” 
playerradio Radio.LocBack “Back” 
playerradio Radio.LocCatwalk “Catwalk” 
playerradio Radio.LocConnector “Connector” 
playerradio Radio.LocEnemySpawn “Enemy spawn” 
playerradio Radio.LocDoor “Door” 
playerradio Radio.LocDoubleDoors “Double door” 
playerradio Radio.LocHostageEscapeZone “Hostage escape zone” 
playerradio Radio.LocFront “Front” 
playerradio Radio.LocHostage “Hostage” 
playerradio Radio.LocHut “Hut” 
playerradio Radio.LocLong “Long” 
playerradio Radio.LocMid “Mid” 
playerradio Radio.LocOverpa*s “Overpa*s” 
playerradio Radio.LocPalace “Palace” 
playerradio Radio.LocPlatform “platform” 
playerradio Radio.LocRamp “ramp” 
playerradio Radio.LocSnipersNest “snipersnest” 
playerradio Radio.LocStairs “Stairs” 
playerradio Radio.LocOurSpawn “Our spawn” 


playerradio Agree “Yes” 
playerradio Disagree “No” 
playerradio Radio.Compliment “Good job” 
playerradio Radio.Sorry “I’m sorry” 
playerradio ScaredEmote “I’m scared” 
playerradio Radio.Thanks “Thanks” 
playerradio Radio.RoundLost “We lost the round” 
playerradio TeamLeadWon “We’re winning” 
playerradio TeamLeadLost “We lost the lead” 
playerradio WonRound “We won” 

Combat Status

playerradio Radio.ImAttacking “Attacking” 
playerradio CoveringFriend “Covering” 
playerradio PinnedDown “I’m pinned” 
playerradio InCombat “Taking fire” 
playerradio FriendlyFire “Taking friendly fire” 
playerradio LastManStanding “Last unit alive” 

Enemy Killed

playerradio KilledMyEnemy “I killed them” 
playerradio Radio.MyHeadshot “I got a head shot” 
playerradio Radio.IKilledSniper “I killed a sniper” 
playerradio SniperKilled “We killed a sniper” 
playerradio Radio.SawHeadshot “I saw your headshot” 

Enemy Seen

playerradio Radio.EnemySpotted “I saw them” 
playerradio SniperWarning “Saw a sniper” 
playerradio SpottedBomber “Saw the bomb carrier” 
playerradio ThreeEnemiesLeft “Three left” 
playerradio TwoEnemiesLeft “Two left” 
playerradio OneEnemyLeft “One left” 
playerradio Clear “None left” 

Bomb Status

playerradio GoingToGuardLooseBomb “Guarding the bomb” 
playerradio BombsiteClear “Bombsite clear” 
playerradio SpottedLooseBomb “Bomb has been dropped” 
playerradio Radio.PickedUpC4 “Bomb has been picked up” 
playerradio Radio.PlantingAtA “Planting at A” 
playerradio Radio.PlantingAtB “Planting at B” 
playerradio Radio.WePlanted “Planted” 
playerradio WhereIsTheBomb “Where is bomb?” 
playerradio TheyPickedUpTheBomb “They got bomb” 
playerradio GuardingLooseBomb “Guarding Loose Bomb” 

Request Defend

playerradio Radio.NeedQuiet “Be quiet!” 
playerradio Radio.CoverMe “Cover me” 
playerradio help “I need help” 
playerradio Radio.HoldPosition “Hold your position” 


playerradio Radio.NeedDecoy “Need a Decoy” 
playerradio Radio.NeedSmoke “Need a Smoke” 
playerradio Radio.NeedFire “Need a Fire” 
playerradio Radio.NeedGrenade “Need a Grenade” 
playerradio Radio.NeedFlash “Need a Flashbang” 
playerradio Radio.Decoy “Decoy out” 
playerradio Radio.Smoke “Smoke out” 
playerradio Radio.Molotov Fire “Molotov out” 
playerradio Radio.FireInTheHole “Grenade out” 
playerradio Radio.Flashbang “Flashbang out” 


playerradio DeathCry “*dies*” 
playerradio AgreeWithPlan “OK” 
playerradio WonRoundQuickly “Good Job” 
playerradio RequestReport “Report In” 
playerradio HeardNoise “I heard something” 
playerradio killedFriend “Teamkill” 
playerradio EscortingHostages “Escorting Hostages” 

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