CounterAttack – Easy 1M Achievement

CounterAttack – Easy 1M Achievement 1 -
CounterAttack – Easy 1M Achievement 1 -

Anyone who is struggling to reach 1 Million kills will find the easy solution here.


First, you'll want the Garage. Next, the Level editor.
By right clicking on the small rectangle, you can create one spawn of basic enemy enemies. You can use settings similar.

  • Type: Basic Drone
  • Amount: 100,000
  • Spawn Timer: 0.03
  • Power Up Chance – 1%
  • Movement: (Default Continue Off Screen)

This little guy will make 100,000 enemies that you can kill all by itself. We want 1,000,000 so copy it around 10 times and spread them out a bit. All of them should fit within a Plasmafield as they move across a screen.
Once those are done, you are done. Save the level. Don't click "Save & Play". Those kills won't count.

Ship Construction

Select Ayumi(in Single Player Mode has a pa*sive which unlocks attachments during a stage. We're going a abuse it.)

  • Quantium Converter(takes Orange Power-Ups, and converts them into Green)
  • Copilot Computers (Use Green Power-Ups Automatically)
  • Plasma Expert (1 Plasma)
  • Quantium Magnet – (Grab Powerups from further Away)


  • Plasma Field (Bread and Cheese to cut through our small fries.)
  • Module Weapon – (We now have the +1 Module)

Corrupted Chance is a good extra module for Battle Pods / Pods Adj.
Other weapons can be any that doesn't outweigh the Plasma Field.


Put your Plasma Field active so that you are in the path of the enemies and enjoy the easy AFK farm to get kills and unlocks. This can give you level specific items. If you don't want to use Quantium Stuff, it will work even faster with boosters such Corrupted Chance.


Written by Meowcifer

And here is the end of the post, i hope you enjoy CounterAttack – Easy 1M Achievement . If you believe we mistake something or we forget to add some content on the post let us know via Comment. The original post can be found here

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