Cover Fire – Time Hack – Get Tickets or Crates faster

Cover Fire – Time Hack – Get Tickets or Crates faster 1 -
Cover Fire – Time Hack – Get Tickets or Crates faster 1 -

Do not wait hours to purchase your next tickets.
This little trick, which has been around for years, is useful for games that depend on the time settings of your computer.
Attention: This could corrupt your save or interrupt your current delivery time for crate deliveries. But i had no problems so far. I accept no responsibility for any loss.

Time is changing

You have already played all your tickets to the single player, skirmish, and event.
Or you can wait for it to arrive. Remember how long it takes for the container to arrive.
Don't quit the game.
Click on the lower-right corner of your screen to set your windows time.
Click Date/Time Settings.
"Set time automatically" can be disabled
Click on "Change", below "Set the date/time manually".


You can now alter your time to adjust the time until your crates arrive.
It is best that you are only 5 minutes late for your arrival. This will normally take approximately 4h.
It was evident in this game at the bottom.
Click "Change" for a way to change the time in your life.
Start the game.
Continue this for as long and often as you like.
Attention: If your time is altered for a greater amount, it could mean that your crate delivery will leap out of bounds and you won’t catch it again. Reset your time to "Set the time automatically" and you can start the game. It might be messed-up for a few hours.


If you run short of tickets for one of the three game options, you can try again to find a replacement ticket.
Here, you can jump longer than with the crates.
You can change your 12h time in the future.
Start game, wait to see if you have enough tickets, then exit.
Revert to "Set time automatically" then start playing your rounds.
You can also change the time so it will take more than 10 tries. This is a fast-filling feature.
You can go forth 5h for skirmishes or events if your tickets have been filled. If your tickets are not full, you can go back and play them.
Attention: To ensure that the game does not get messed with, use "Set time automatically" to play the game modes.

Conclusion & Disclaimer

This is a serious hack.
This is not something that I would recommend.
I disclaim all liability for this save game guide.
or the money loss the devs incur.
If they program it that easy, then they accept to lose their money that way.
Have fun.
You can leave a comment with something stupid, because this is a boring guide.


Written by BerzerkWrath

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